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A Mediocre My Hero Series (MMHS): Waka Kishi's Kuesuto: IV

by Canadian_Fish

As they marched onward, they spotted a fruit tree in front of a castle.
"Ah, food!"
Sokudo went and ate one.
"You guys should eat these, they're great!"
Sokudo began picking a basket-full and picking the fruits.
They sat down to eat, and Sokudo looked at the knight.
"You never did tell us your name."
She looked mildly surprised at first, but then nodded.
"Oh, it is Amai."
Sokudo nodded.
After they ate, they grabbed some more, before a prince came from the gates.
"Are they really that good?"
Uh oh.
"Yes." Keriere said
Sokudo looked at Keriere
Are you serious?!
"What are you doing here in the badlands, anyways?"
"Questing to save the heroes."
"I haven't seen many adventurers around here, but if you'll give me a bit, I would like to join you."
Sokudo grinned.

A little later, the prince rode out on his horse, sword and satchel.
"I am Koichi, by the way."
"Aren't you-"
"The fire prince? Yes."
Sokudo was surprised.

~After a few days of endless traveling.

Sokudo saw the silent hero Aizawa in the distance while the others were eating at a tavern. Sokudo ran towards him.
"Are you the silent hero Aizawa?"
"Yes, I am."
Sokudo was in awe, when Aizawa's eye caught onto the All Might doll.
"That doll, may I see it?"
Sokudo pulled it out of his bag, when a voice rang out in his head
"Don't give him to me, boy!"
It was too late. Aizawa snatched the doll.
Sokudo tossed his satchel aside.
"Can you give that back please?"
Aizawa in turn mutated into a giant demon. Sokudo froze.
Sokudo forced himself to draw his sword and catch the light of the sun, glinting it in Aizawa's eyes.
"Imagine that. 133 years and no rust."
Sokudo lunged at the demon, slashing wildly. The demon evaded each attack, and Sokudo nearly dodged being crushed.
Sokudo held his own until the others ran out of the tavern and helped Sokudo. Amai fought head-on against the demon, Keriere jumped from tree to tree, slash in at it in between jumps. Kasai fought it with his dragon, and slashed at it, too. And Koichi somehow (but not surprisingly) had the magic skills to light his sword on fire and fight that way.
Sokudo joined in for the last hit.
"This one is for All Might!"
Everyone moved as he felt his sword get heavier again. But this time, he was able to hold it.
He rushed at the demon, slashing through it. He ran up a tree and used the weight of the sword to land the final blow.
There was an explosion of light and darkness, and Sokudo stood again, in front of Aizawa.
"I remember fighting the demons, and then now this."
They explained to him how he'd been possessed by a demon and they'd fought him, and then about their quest.
"A quest like that probably needs adult supervision, I'll join you."
And so Aizawa joined them.

~a few months later.
They had met a few more people along their travels, an earth magician, Eiko, two shapeshifters, Deans and Aka, and a nature magician, Hachi.

Over that span of time, Sokudo had connected to the All Might Doll, who was apparently the trapped spirit of All Might, who could only be freed by the defeat of evil. however, he could escape for periods of time, to help Sokudo in times of dire need, like during the fight with Aizawa. If he was needed, he would know it.
Sokudo was now All Might's disciple, too.

they were questing one day, when all of the sudden, it got really dark and they skies clouded over.
And then the last bulk of the demon army approached their group. this would be the last fight, and everyone knew it. Now was the time to prove themselves.

Sokudo drew his sword, looked at his group.
Keriere, Amai, Kasai, Koichi, Aizawa, Eiko, Deans, Aka, and Hachi.
They'd become stronger. Much stronger than when they began this quest, and not many noticed, but the question was whether or not they were strong enough.

Sokudo lead the charge on the demons,
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