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Vivianne Delmare: Wailord - Vivi

by limniris

Wailord - male, Serious, strong willed

Wailord is another pod rescue, although it has not been captured in a pokeball and doesn't belong to anyone. It was found beached on the shore of the bay, and after tagging it with a tracker, was put back into the water by Vivi's group.

While it is quite old and untrusting of ships, Wailord has repeatedly led its pod back to the bay. Researchers have a number of theories about this, although the foremost is that it believes it can hunt safely there and that humans will put it or its pod members back into the water should they trap themselves on the shore again.

Many solutions have been proposed to fix this behavior, but most would only be temporary (or downright unethical. I'm looking at you, Lawrence). In the meanwhile, cranes and large forklifts have been permanently stationed at the bay, much to the distaste of ranger officials.

Wailord itself is as large and buoyant as any Wailord, but its age is evidenced by the severe scarring on its body and tail flukes. Jellicent stings, Sharpedo teeth marks, Barbaracle scratches, and even the distinctive cuts of Samurott have all been spotted on it. It seems to recover from injuries with little effort (as is usual for its species) but researchers have been taking the opportunity to keep easy watch on it just in case.
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