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Clash of Code: Waddle Dee vs Jigglypuff! (Kirby vs Pokemon)

by Mechanist Gamma

Mechanist Gamma One day in Dreamland, conflict is brewing. A Waddle Dee and a Jigglypuff make eye contact. Let the battle commence!
[Jigglypuff wants to battle!]

In Clash of Code, two fighters from across the gaming universe will be pitted against each other in a no-holds-barred death battle. All moves, skills, attributes and powers will be taken from their respective game franchises. (And from fighting game spinoffs, if they exist.) Sources listed at the end of the Work. Partners in Coding: @SismicFlareCharmander, @Mewtwofan259, @Lord Of Pain, @Twilight Nova
Pain: Big things can come in small packages.
Sismic: And that's especially true for these two!
Twilight: Waddle Dee, the defender of Dreamland.
Mewtwo: And Jigglypuff, the singing puffball of DEATH.
Sismic: I'm @SismicFlareCharmander, and these folks are @Eeveechu151, @Lord Of Pain, @Twilight Nova, and @Mewtwofan259.
Eeveechu: Today, we'll be pitting these two against each other in a fight to the finish. An end-all battle. A Clash of Code.

Eeveechu: Waddle Dee, the heroic defender of Dreamland. This Waddle Dee has found the courage to fight the likes of the Grand Doomer, Landia, and even Magolor Soul. He will never hesitate to hop onto the battlefield for the sake of others. He can operate minecarts, sleds and boats, and can even operate complex machines.
Sismic: There are a lot of Waddle Dees out there, so we'll be using Bandana Waddle Dee, the best of the bunch.
Twilight: He may be cute, but don't let that fool you into thinking he's weak! This guy has managed to survive the same planet-sized explosion that Kirby did, escape mechanization, infiltrated the lairs of Queen Sectonia and the Haltmann Works Company, and even managed to tame a fourth of the Landia dragon.
Mewtwo: Waddle Dee also has quite a large arsenal of weapons! With Spear, he can take down enemies with Spear Barrage, Moon Drop, Triple Toss, and the Multispear Attack. Waddle Dee can also take flight with Spear Copter. His Spear attack can penetrate walls, and he can summon an infinite amount of spears when he needs them.
Pain: Parasol is a deceptively cute ability that is ferocious in battle. With Parasol Shield, Waddle Dee can block any attack (a la Princess Peach in Super Paper Mario), Parasol Drill can smash trough enemies, Parasol Twirl can obliterate grounded foes, and Circus Throw can destroy any foe left standing.
Twilight: And finally, Archer. With a bow, Waddle Dee can use Snipe Shot and Sharpshooter to attack from afar, the Magic-Star Arrow to set explosive traps, the Sky-Shot Shower to create a hail of pain, the Arrow Slash to slice through foes, and the Leaping Quiver to hit them where it hurts. He cannot, however, use the Camouflage that Kirby gets.
Sismic: And remember how Twilight said earlier that Waddle Dee tamed a fourth of the Landia dragon? Well, that very same dragon can shoot fireballs and streams of fire. It can also fly for an infinite amount of time, and can summon lightning. It can also create powerful gusts of wind and charge with gusto. We will only be giving Waddle Dee one of the Landia dragons for two reasons. If we gave him all four, that would be far too OP. And also, the other three Landia dragons were tamed by Meta Knight, King Dedede, and Kirby.
Eeveechu: Speaking of Kirby, Waddle Dee is said to be on par with the pink puffball in terms of Strength and Skill. This means that Waddle Dee is theoretically possible of achieving the same feats Kirby has. Waddle Dee's most impressive feat, however, is CRACKING POPSTAR IN HALF! From measurements done by ScrewAttack's Death Battle, Planet Popstar is approximately the size of the planet Shiver Star, which is meant to be a post-apocalyptic Earth. This means that at maximum power, Waddle Dee could crack the Earth in half... WITH HIS BARE FIST! No wonder this guy is so awesome.
Waddle Dee: *nods in agreement*

Pain: Jigglypuff.
Sismic: If you play Smash, you'll know why most people are scared of this thing.
Eeveechu: Jigglypuff may be cute, but this thing is a beast! Let's start with the basics. And by the basics, I mean its stats. Every Pokemon has six stats which can range from godly to horrendous.
Mewtwo: Seeing as I'm the guy who makes the Pokemon Death battles, I'll show off those stats. Her HP is BY FAR her best stat, being a whopping 115! This is SUPPOSED to make her a tank. However, her next best stat is a tie between her Attack and Special Attack, both stats being 45. A decent stat. Her next stat is her Special Defense, being a pretty bad 25. And then her Speed and Defense are in the pit, with both being a horrendous 20! Hey, at least it's not Sunkern-level! Wait, scratch that. It's WORSE than Sunkern.
Pain: Jigglypuff is a Normal/Fairy-type Pokemon, giving her a resistance to Bug- and Dark-type attacks, while making her full-on IMMUNE to Ghost-type and Dragon-type attacks. However, this does make her vulnerable to Poison- and Steel-type attacks. Wondering why I didn't mention her "weakness" to Fighting-types from her Normal typing? Well, the Fairy-type negates that, as Fairy-types only take half damage from Fighting-types. The weakness and strength cancel each other out. Go figure.
Twilight: Jigglypuff can have one of two hold items. The Polkadot Bow is an item which increases the power of her Normal-type attacks, and the Oran Berry can restore a bit of HP when used in battle. We'll be giving her the Polkadot Bow, since it's a lot more useful to her.
Sismic: Now, her moves. Jigglypuff has a variety of moves, but we let our trusted move specialist Lord of Pain identify and select the best moves. Rollout is a fast, continuous move with Jigglypuff can zoom across the battlefield at high speed. Rollout also becomes stronger if used after Defense Curl, a move that Jigglypuff can use to strengthen its own defense. Hyper Voice is a Special attack which can blast through physical defense. Gyro Ball is a move that does more damage based on the user's speed (Hey, good news for Jigglypuff!). Pound is a repeated combat move that is more powerful than regular punching and kicking and can be used in quick succession, but is far less powerful than any of her other attacks. Disable can stop an opponent from using a move, and Copycat can copy a technique or power. Now, however, come her deadliest attacks. Sing can be used to put a foe to sleep, Rest can restore Jigglypuff's HP at the cost of leaving her vulnerable for a short time as well as launching away any nearby foes, and then there's Jigglypuff's most dangerous attack. When Jigglypuff takes enough air into her body, she can Puff Up to massive sizes. While gigantic, she is invulnerable, and touching her during this attack will be deadly. However, Jigglypuff can only keep up this ability for so long.
Eeveechu: But that's not all the Puff is capable of. In the Pokemon Adventure Manga, the female trainer known as Green had a Jigglypuff who traveled with her. She could get this Jigglypuff to inflate to a moderately large size where it floated through the air like a balloon. We will be giving this ability to Jigglypuff as well. Also, in the Anime, Jigglypuff managed to put an entire city of people to sleep. Now THAT's impressive. However, after putting this city to sleep she proceeded to draw on the faces of everyone who fell asleep with what we can only assume is a permanent sharpie.
Sismic: That monster!
Jigglypuff: ♪♫♪ Jigg-a-ly-puff! ♪♫♪
*Everyone in the city has fallen asleep*
Jigglypuff: *Gets mad* Puff! *Pulls out her marker*

Sismic: Alright, the contenders are set!
Mewtwo: From Dreamland and from the Kanto Region!
Twilight: It's time to settle this... with a Clash of Code!

A bright, sunny day in Dreamland. Waddle Dee walked through the Green Greens. He then saw a pink puffball. Kirby?
"Hey! Kirby!" Waddle Dee said, waving.
Jigglypuff turned around. Her name wasn't Kirby, but there was no one else around.
Then they made eye contact. Jigglypuff tried to run away, but she couldn't.
The two got pulled into the dimension where all Pokemon go when they battle.
[Jigglypuff wants to battle!]
Jigglypuff kicked Waddle Dee out of the dimension, sending them back to Green Greens. Waddle Dee stood up, grabbing his spear.
"Alright, if that's how you want to do it... LET'S GO!"
Pain: Fight to the finish!
Waddle Dee charged towards Jigglypuff, stabbing at it. The puffball leaped out of the way and used Hyper Voice to blast at Waddle Dee. The warrior dodged two rounds of Hyper Voice, and jumped over the third. While in the air, he threw down a multitude of spears. Jigglypuff used Hyper Voice to blast the spears away from her. Waddle Dee guarded as the hail of spears hit the ground around him. Then he saw the pink puffball jumping towards him.
Jigglypuff Pounded on Waddle Dee, but the orange guy blocked every assault with his spear. He then jabbed at Jigglypuff, hitting her back. She ran behind a hill to try and get a second to strategize.
Then a spear stabbed at her through a solid wall.
Spears jabbed out from every part of the wall, so Jigglypuff stepped out of range. She then crouched into a Defense Curl.
Waddle Dee dashed around the side of the hill to try and catch his foe off guard, but he barely dodged the Rollout attack. The attack moved incredibly fast, and Jigglypuff circled him. The Rollout attack was getting faster, but was circling inwards. Waddle Dee started twirling his spear in the air, and used Spear Copter to hover up just as Jigglypuff smashed through where he was just standing. Waddle Dee then cut off his Spear Copter and Moon Dropped the Jigglypuff, smashing her into the ground. Waddle Dee then hopped up, but Jigglypuff squeezed out of the hole.
Then it took out a microphone.
Jigglypuff started to Sing, and Waddle Dee's eyes started to droop. The small warrior fell asleep.
Left vulnerable to Jigglypuff's assault.
The little warrior picked Waddle Dee up and smashed him with powerful Pound attacks. Then she stepped right beside him... and began to Rest.
Waddle Dee was sent flying.

Waddle Dee flew through the air, but awoke mid-flight. He realized he was flying through the air somehow. He thought of a strategy. He was pretty sure his foe had shown all of her tricks.
It was time for him to show off his own.
Waddle Dee took out his Parasol and opened it. It slowed his momentum to a crawl. The Waddle Dee felt that the wind was with him, so he angled towards where he had come from. He slowly drifted back.

Jigglypuff was resting in the Green Greens as she had been before. However, something happened.
An arrow fired right next to her.
The puffball woke up and dodged four more arrows. They were being fired from some bushes. Jigglypuff used Hyper Voice to blast away the bushes.
Standing in the bushes was the Waddle Dee from earlier.
The warrior notched another arrow. Jigglypuff dodged it, and a hail of arrows were fired at her. She dodged back... right into the middle of the trap Waddle Dee had set with his Magic-Star Arrows. Jigglypuff got blasted across the field, only to be smashed by a Sky-Shot Shower from above. The Puff got up and shook off the dirt. It used Rapid Spin, wheeling towards Waddle Dee. The warrior took out a parasol.
Waddle Dee hid under the parasol, and Jigglypuff flew into the air.
Waddle Dee jumped up and smacked Jigglypuff to the ground.
The Pokemon bounced off of the ground, twirling back to its feet. It used Disable to try and stop that archery.
Waddle Dee took out his bow and tried to fire, but he couldn't. He put his bow away, hoping the problem would remedy itself soon. His foe knew about his Spear, but it didn't know about his Parasol!
Jigglypuff used Copycat, and a glowing parasol appeared in her hand.
"OH COME ON!" Waddle Dee shouted.
The two parasols slammed against each other again and again. Eventually, Waddle Dee penetrated Jigglypuff's defense with Parasol Drill. Then Jigglypuff charged up an attack and sent Waddle Dee flying into a nearby mountain. The mountain collapsed.

Waddle Dee found himself in some sort of cave system. He looked around... and saw something very interesting.

Jigglypuff ran over to the mountain to confirm that her foe was down for the count this time.
Then the ground shook.
Multiple times.

Waddle Dee sprung out of the ground in a Robobot armor, picking up Jigglypuff and smashing her into the ground. The mech then started jetting across the fields. Jigglypuff took a load of punishment.
When the mech finally let up, it jabbed at Jigglypuff repeatedly, tossing her away with a powerful punch. Jigglypuff inflated like a balloon and Disabled the mech. The Robobot armor smoked and collapsed. Waddle Dee jumped out of the wreckage, flying up with Spear Copter. The two let go of their flotation methods and started to battle on the way down. Jigglypuff tried to Sing, but Waddle Dee shut her up with a slap from the Parasol. They countered each others' moves perfectly, but then Waddle Dee took out his Bow.
And the Arrow fired.
Jigglypuff was hit hard by the arrow, slamming into the ground hard. Waddle Dee then unleashed five Sky-Shot Showers to keep her down long enough that he could pin her to the ground with four spears.
Then he punched her as hard as he could.

Waddle Dee and Jigglypuff went careening through Popstar. They crashed all the way through the planet, going from Green Greens to passing through the core of the planet and eventually ended up on the other side of the world.

Then the planet split in half.

Jigglypuff was sent hurtling off into space. Waddle Dee floated. Then he saw a glimpse of orange.
It was Landia.
Landia picked him up and flew him away. The fire dragon smiled as Waddle Dee thanked it.

Then Waddle Dee saw something.
A glimpse of pink, soon approaching.

It was a puffed-up Jigglypuff.

Waddle Dee steered Landia out of the way. He then threw a multitude of spears at Jigglypuff.
The spears bounced harmlessly off of Jigglypuff, who was growing even bigger. Landia swooped around as Jigglypuff swatted at the flyers. As Jigglypuff grew bigger, it became harder for Landia to dodge out of the way. Eventually, though...

Jigglypuff began to deflate.

The puffball deflated back to normal size, and its eyes widened in fear.

"I got you now!" Waddle Dee said, as Landia zoomed towards Jigglypuff. Waddle Dee stabbed outwards with a spear, catching her on it. Landia then flew towards the sun. When they were close, Waddle Dee tossed his spear - and Jigglypuff with it - into the sun.
Waddle Dee and Landia flew up to the Halberd with Kirby, Meta Knight and King Dedede aboard it.
Jigglypuff's microphone floated in empty space.

Pain: That was awesome!
Sismic: Holy heck, that was BRUTAL! Me likey!
Twilight: Told you!
Mewtwo: Wait... WHAT?! Why did Jigglypuff lose?!
Eeveechu: Allow me to explain, Mewtwo. To start, let's measure the characters based on Strength, Endurance, Speed, Arsenal and Abilities. Let me pull up a chart... there we go.
Mewtwo: That's bull! How does Waddle Dee edge out ahead in almost every category?!
Eeveechu: Let me explain. Jigglypuff's Normal-type moves like Rollout may have gotten STAB and had their power boosted by the Polkadot Bow, but her Attack is only a MODERATE 45. Competitively and casually, that's considered pretty bad. Plus, Waddle Dee easily trumps whatever she could have with being able to crack the planet in half WITH HIS BARE FIST! Seriously! That's powerful!
Twilight: Also, in the ending of Triple Deluxe, Kirby gets caught in an explosion which eclipses the planet. Just before fighting Masked Dedede, Kirby receives an item from Waddle Dee. This means that Waddle Dee was in the same relative area as Kirby at the time of the explosion. However, he still made it back to the surface perfectly fine in time for Planet Robobot, which shouldn't take place that long after Triple Deluxe. This means Waddle Dee escaped the same explosion undamaged. This would FAR outweigh any natural defensive capabilities that Jigglypuff could have. ESPECIALLY seeing as her Defense stat is in the pit!
Sismic: Also, it's no surprise that Waddle Dee could out-speed Jigglypuff. But what about his arsenal? We gave Waddle Dee these abilities based on the commonly-found Parasol and Archer Waddle Dees. Since Bandana Waddle Dee is pretty much a super Waddle Dee, he should be able to use these weapons as well. Especially so since he's on the same level as Kirby. Jigglypuff would be able to keep up with one Ability at a time, but three? No chance!
Mewtwo: But what about when Waddle Dee used the Robobot Armor? He never did that in the games!
Pain: Well, he would be able to. The Robobot Armors change depending on the pilot, so we can't be sure of what it would be like. But it should be similar to Kirby's. Waddle Dee is also able to operate decently complex machinery, so he would be able to operate the mech. Hey, Kirby's a baby, and he used it flawlessly.
Mewtwo: Okay, fine. But Jigglypuff still beats him in abilities. The variety of moves could most often leave Waddle Dee off guard, and the abilities of Jigglypuff are more varied and more powerful than Waddle Dee.
Eeveechu: True, but that still doesn't change physical power. Waddle Dee's planet-breaking feat means he could easily overpower Jigglypuff. The only thing is that Waddle Dee didn't have anything to counter her Final Smash, Puff Up. However, Landia is fast and skilled enough to safely navigate out of a collapsing dimension. With Landia's help, Waddle Dee could easily dodge attacks from the Stay Puff 'Mon.
Pain: Jigglypuff may be one of the toughest, but she didn't have enough strength, endurance and speed to keep up with Waddle Dee.
Sismic: Guess you could say that the Puffball got punctured!
Eeveechu: The winner is Waddle Dee.

It's hammer time! We pit the dictator of Dreamland against the self-proclaimed girlfriend of the fastest thing alive!​

Special thanks: @Lord Of Pain, @Mewtwofan259, @Twilight Nova and @SismicFlareCharmander for helping with this episode, and Ben Singer and Chad James for inspiring the series with your awesome Death Battle show!

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  2. Mechanist Gamma
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    @DopeLeafeon470 I mean it collapsed with a single Disable. Judge for yourself.
    Oct 29, 2017
  3. DopeLeafeon470
    Then...shouldn't it be worn out?
    Oct 29, 2017
  4. Mechanist Gamma
    Mechanist Gamma
    Jul 31, 2017
  5. DopeLeafeon470
    I will admit all of that is true, but...
    why was there a Robobot armor there in the first place? Did Star Dream leave it?
    Jul 31, 2017
  6. Mechanist Gamma
    Mechanist Gamma
    @DopeLeafeon No, he does not use Robobot armor. But he DOES pilot the HALBERD, which is INFINITELY more complex than the Robobot armor. And you're logic for saying Kirby's not a baby is that he can do things the Star Warriors naturally do on instinct? That's like calling all humans infants because they can't fly. I won't deny that Kirby has more BATTLE experience than Kirby, but even with Waddle Dee's admittedly lacking-in-comparison experience he's STILL on par with Kirby physically. And he's not even a Star Warrior! If Waddle Dee and Kirby had been fighting the same battles, Waddle Dee would be infinitely stronger. It's mainly because Waddle Dee is a mature warrior (or at least more mature than Kirby) while Kirby acts on instinct.
    Jul 31, 2017
  7. DopeLeafeon470
    Yeah, well, you know what babies in the Kirby universe can do?
    Babies are no babies! And Kirby has WAY more experience than Waddle Dee does! Also, do you see META KNIGHT use Robobot armor? ERR!
    Jul 31, 2017
  8. Mechanist Gamma
    Mechanist Gamma
    @DopeLeafeon WRONG. This was actually a point of debate in our Clash of Code convo as well, but the point is that Waddle Dee is capable of activating extremely complex machinery with nothing but a glance. And think about it - KIRBY could activate it. And he's a baby! A BABY!
    Jul 31, 2017
  9. DopeLeafeon470
    "Waddle Dee came out in Robobot Armor!"
    WHAT?! One word: Bull!
    Bandana Dee, or ANY type of Waddle Dee, was trapped under the rubble of King Dedede's castle the entire time during the events of Planet Robobot! Waddle Dee NEVER knew about any Robobot. Sure, he could've FOUND one, but he wouldn't know how to use it! This is absolute nonsense!!!
    Jul 31, 2017
  10. Mechanist Gamma
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  11. Mewtwofan259
    Not to sound mean, but "Inspired by Chad James and Ben Singer." Is not the truth.
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  12. Mechanist Gamma
    Mechanist Gamma
    Now that was awesome! I had a lot of fun making this one. I've actually wanted to pit these two against each other for a long time now.
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