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World Of Wars- March: W.O.W Day 28- You Can’t Take Me Alive!

by Finley Moon

Finley Moon Hello Everybody and today’s artwork is on Finley, Cosmo, Dakar, and Star (I just realized that I’m using these characters a lot these month and they’re only minor characters). Remember how I said I was going to conclude the story I put on Finley’s last artwork later this month? Well here it is! This scene is when Cosmo threatened to hurt Star to get his son, Dakar to “behave” like some truly wicked wolf to succeed him next and stuff. A patrol was trying to cut through other packs territory to extend their own (The Volcanoe Pack is really evil this generation) and successfuly caught one of the Oceania (or Despealan pack I haven’t decided) pack patrols and bring some them back to base. At this time Finley is the second in command deputy and is leading the patrol (of course she didn’t give up without a fight, did you know in Urban Dictionary Finley means Warrior?) in the end she meets Dakar and Star as well as finding out the previous deputy of her pack, Dusk had only disappeared because he was also captured. I’m not going to actually spoil to much cause I want you guys to not know EVERYTHING in the series so yeah. Leave a comment on your opinion if you’d like.
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  1. Finley Moon
    Mar 29, 2018
  2. Baxter and Oliver
    Baxter and Oliver
    Yes i can i can pick you up and take you to the couch while your alive cuz your not dead Which means i can take you alive to your couch.
    Mar 29, 2018
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