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World Of Wars- March: W.O.W Day 22- Queen Ametrine and Harley

by Finley Moon

Finley Moon Hello Everybody and today’s artwork is on Queen Ametrine and Harley. Harley is a admiral general as well as an advisor to the Queen and trains the teens/ young adults for battle. Queen Ametrine is a different story however. She and Sailor have an unspoken rivalry. Ametrine does not like the idea that Sailor is to become queen after her. After all only Desperan dragons (Rose, Sailor, Harley, Ametrine, Collins) can challenge for throne unlike th other kingdoms where eldest daughter (or most reasonable depends) can become queen. However two Desperans are male (Collins, Maximus) are male, one is currently queen (Ametrine), and two are most likely to become queen (Rose, Harley). That leaves Sailor. Harley does support Sailor but privately. Harley had no children or love affairs so Ametrine couldn’t threaten her
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