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Pokemon ORAS 2: Regigigas is Awoken: VS Satoru Iwata (In Memory)

by JC111414

JC111414 I found out that Nintendo's President sadly passed away. I wanted to do something in memoery of him. I quickly thought of putting him in my story to battle my character, Uriel. His team is Jynx, cause Psychic, Charmeleon, in honor of Pokémon Red and Blue, Onix, cause of Rock, Bayleef, in honor of Pokémon Gold and Silver, and Porygon2 cause is a computer virus, and Satoru was a programmer.
Satoru Iwata is from Japan, so he will speak Japanese, you can go to Google and translate what he says.
I saw the president of Nintendo coming my way. "I'm glad to have a battle with you" I said. "私はあまりにも、のは、私はいつも覚えているだろう戦いを持ってみましょうので、あなたなります。" Satoru said. "I will always remember this" I said. "GO Metagross, GO ゴールージュラ, he said sending out a Jynx. Metagross use Hammer Arm, つららクラッシュを使用. Metagross hit first and Jynx took it well, but used Icicle Crash and Metagross fainted. Return, GO Monferno use Flame Charge. Monferno managed to knockout Jynx. 、移動Charmeleonを返します, He said sending out a Charmelon. Monferno use Thunder Punch, 使用ドラゴン怒り, he said. Monferno and Charmelon went hand at hand and both fainted in at instance. Return, GO Cacturne, ゴーオニキス, he said sending out an Onix. Cacturne use Razor Leaf, 使用地震,. Onix went first and used Earthquake and then aturne managed to beat Onix with Razor Leaf. 、移動Bayleefを返します, ポイズンパウダーを使用して, he said sending out a Bayleef that poisoned Cacturne. Bayleef then attacked and Cacturne fainted. GO Medicham, Fire Punch. Medicham then knockout Bayleef.
戻り、移動Porygon2は、トライアタックを使用します, Satoru said sending out Porygon2 and knocking out Medicham. Return, GO Heliolisk use THUNDER. Heliolisk managed to move first and Porygon2 fainted. "Great battle" I said. "ええ、私は実際にそれを楽しみました。いつかまたお会いしたいです" he said floating away. "YOU WILL BE REMEMBER" I YELLED...