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Pokemon ORAS 2: Regigigas is Awoken: Vs. Melanie

by JC111414

JC111414 After talking to a strange Couple, Uriel and his newly found friend, Melanie, head on to Fall Town, for their next badge.
"Loudred use Echoed Voice" Melanie said. "Go Pokeball" Melanie said as she captured her next pokemon. "What pokemon do you have now" I asked. "I have Manectric, Loudred, and now Corphish" she said happily staring at her pokeballs. "What do you have" she asked curiously. "I have Medicham, Cacnea and Monferno" I said. "What a nice team, not as better as mine" she said. "Let's see about that, Go Medicham, Go Manectric. "Hey isn't that from Birch Labs" Melanie said. "Yeah, isn't that one as well" I said. "Yeah, I have raised so well" she said "Let's see, Use Fire Punch, Use Spark. Medicham hit Manectric but wasn't as effective as Manectric's attack. "CONFUSION" "DISCHARGE". Medicham's attack was dodged and Manectric defeated Medicham. "Return, Go Monferno use Fire Punch" Monferno ended up finishing Manectric. "Return, Go Loudred use Echoed Voice" Loudred's attack made Monferno dizzy. "Monferno quick use FIRE PUNCH, Use Thunder Punch" Monferno manage to make decent damaged but was knockout. "Return, Go Cacnea use Pin Missile". Cacnea managed to go first and knockout Loudred. "Return, Go Corphish use Ice Beam". Cacnea dodge the move. "Cacnea use Razor Leaf, Corphish Ice Beam". Cacnea attack but it missed and Corphish get the upper hand and finishes off Cacnea. "I lost to a girl" I got to said, in my knees. "You feel bad" she said. "Of course I do" I said. Melanie then continue walking and I followed behind hoping of one day becoming better than Melanie, and I know I can called her my new rival...