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Elections: Vote for President!

by Kawaii Unicorn

Kawaii Unicorn
Here you vote for the president of the Shiny Company, where Pokemon work.

Here are the candadites
Tafari Royalle is a male Slowking with a game for power, he is a descendent of an African king and he will stop nothing to keep up his power. He does have a kind heart when you think of it.

Drake Wings is a male salamence who has a soft spot for children, he has seven children of his own and is mainly running to help out his family, he hopes to become president.

Pari Puff is a female jiggylpuff who is super energetic and wants to win so she can turn everything pink! She loves all Pokemon exept the meanies and she really likes pink!

Borna Punch is a make mienfoo who is exited to be running and plans to make boxing a huge thing for the company, she has a whole group of fellow fighting types following her so she can win.

Ling Ghost is a male gengar with spooky plans for the company, he wants to create world domination! He is a very scary man, and hopes for many votes. He has a history of eating others so watch out! (he will be disqualified if he eats someone)

Tallula Ribbon is a female sylveon who loves everyone. She is a sweet person and has a daughter of her own. She wants to gear the company towards the people and create a nicer enviroment for everyone. She loves everything!

The Shiny Company is a company that manufactures all things in the region of Londonia, they are made up of Pokemon with human like minds that are good. This company was founded by Shiny Tang the shiny pichu and they hope to make good for man and pokemon kind. Please vote to get the new president so I can make a series about the Shiny Company, and there will be more boting for other possisions, see ya then!
  1. Shauna23
    I can't see the choices! I hate ads
    Mar 14, 2016