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Vocaloid: The SIRENs: Vocaloid: The SIRENs--Chapter Two

by CrazyUmbreonLady

CrazyUmbreonLady Here it is, the second chapter of the story! I actually had to do research regarding the airports of Tokyo and New York City, so I apologize if I was inaccurate.
Piko woke up the next morning, the sky tinged orangish pink in the early dawn. Slow from grogginess, he kept to his normal schedule--get the clothes for the day on, make bed, etc. But he also remembered today is when the Vocaloids go to New York. Making sure he hadn't forgotten anything, the black-and-white clad android headed out to the lobby, rolling a black suitcase behind him.


He was apparently among the first to wake up, as only two other Vocaloids, Oliver and Len (who took advantage of this by indulging in bananas). The British Vocaloid's pet finch, James, was being fed sunflower seeds. Overall, it was dull for the next forty-five minutes, only made interesting when Oliver and Len made small talk, on which Piko eavesdropped while fidgeting with his USB cord tail.

Finally, the lobby gradually became more lively as the others awakened. Everyone was excitedly discussing what they would do once they got there.

Finally, it was time to go. But before they all left, the Master gave this instruction.
"Try to appear as normal and human as possible. We wouldn't want any fans swarming all over you," the Master chuckled.
Heeding his advice, Piko immediately hid his tail up his shirt, and the others similarly concealed any robotic features.


Lead by the Master's assistant, the Vocaloids went to the Tokyo International Airport, and everyone was gaping at how big and bustling with activity it is. Tourists from other countries as well as those indigenous to Japan were walking in all directions, sometimes in a neat fashion and sometimes completely chaotic. Piko heard Akita Neru make very loud whistle in amazement towards the back.

It was a long wait to get on the Solaseed Air Boeing 737-800 plane. By the time they all got to go on, it was around eleven in the morning.
"Alright, you will all be on your own for the flight," said the assistant, "but a friend of your Master's will be there to pick you up at the John F. Kennedy International Airport."
Everybody bade farewell to the assistant and boarded the plane.


In the shadows, a person with cold ice blue eyes cursed as she saw the titanic vehicle become airborne.
The stranger spoke to a walker-talkie, "We're too late."
"What!?" yelled a feminine voice through the static, obviously furious.
"I apologize, ma'am, but it appears that your plan is a failure."
"No, it isn't. We're booking the next flight to New York," growled the voice on the other line. "We will get rid of them, no matter what it takes."
  1. CrazyUmbreonLady
    Since I'm given only an hour on my phone Mondays through Thursdays (assuming it's a normal school week), and the fact I kind of took a break from writing today, updates will likely be slower. But never fear! I promise I'll work on Chapter Three during the hour I have, as well as keep in touch with you guys both in that time and at school.
    Nov 9, 2015