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PMD AU Characters: Villain dude for my PMD stuff

by Kittythewhitehairedone

IMG_20200905_174928844.jpg IMG_20200905_174940646.jpg
Kittythewhitehairedone Hi everybody, I made some new stuff. This guy over here is Axel, he's the main villain of my PMD adventure comic, which is about a bunch of Mews trying to stop him from doing some really bad stuff that may or may not involve him screwing over the world for his own benefit

Basically he's just really, really bad. I don't want him to be redeemable or anything, I don't want him to have a change of heart, I want his arrogance and lust for power to be his downfall. I want Axel to be Ghetsis bad where he would kill a child for getting in his way. Axel knows when he's doing something morally wrong but he just doesn't care because he sees morals as something that gets in his way, the only time when he does something right is when it benefits him. He's a monster hidden behind a cloak of charisma. This is type of villain I want
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