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Victory Fire crew.

by Claude the Absol

Claude the Absol
Kasai the Victini is the captain of the crew. He is bold, enthusiastic, brave(a bit too brave if you ask me), and determined. (cue Undertale comments) I'm the second in command. I'm quiet, calm, and logical. I can tell when disasters will happen, and I can warn the others. Rei the Gardevoir is a crew mate. He is fun loving, cheerful, and optimistic. He's alright with looking like a girl. Jay Wizz the Hoppip is another crew mate. He's quirky, awesome, and very smart. He does have a quick temper though. Reginna the Mew is Another crew mate. She is shy, kind, and is a bit of a scaredy cat. (or any cat pokemon) Swee the Shaymin is another crew mate. (I've said another too many times today) She's calm, elegant, and is a bit of a drama queen. Shinzu the Darkrai is the final crew mate. He is quiet, mysterious, and a little threatening if you get on his bad side.
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