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Vent Letters. (Chap 1)

by DaVioletAce

DaVioletAce Emma Rolin's mother has been gone for Arceus knows how long. Now that her father's dead, Emma is itching for an excuse to not be sent to the orphanage. Her father's last words were to find some damned letters. So Emma does. Where does it lead her? Vent Letters.
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Chapter 1: Vent Letters.

Emma scratched Ella's head. Ella was a level 22 Kokuna. "Father is okay, Ella." Emma breathed. The Kokuna nudged it's head. Suddenly, a loud beeping sound came behind her. Emma's eyes snapped open. "No." she whispered. "NO!" she bellowed. She stood up, dropping Ella, and slammed the door. "FATHER!" She yelled. "FATHER!" Emma couldn't take being left in an orphanage. She couldn't. She couldn't be left. "FATHER - !" Emma dropped like a stone. "Give...her...letters..." Doctors voices issued outside.

"She mustn't be shown anywhere around the Vents' vents!" Of course, Emma knew what this meant. This meant these 'letters' were in the vents. With the capital letter, it meant the Vents, the pair of janitor's. A gasp issued from her lips. Before the doctors could see who gasped, Emma was already gone, leaving Ella sitting on the floor, staring up at them.

Emma's feet felt like lightning. She slammed inside the Vents' room, and slid in the vents. She coughed in the dust and dirt. "Oww.." she muttered. But through the dust, she saw an olden box. She pulled her arms out at it, threw her legs out the vent and stuck them to the wall. She reached for the box, and grabbed it. She fell out of the vent in reply. "Wow.." she muttered. She heard noises and ran to the back of a shelf. The box was dusty and old, and spilled all the letters onto Emma's lap. She grabbed the first one she saw. It read:

2873 Cerulean City, Kanto.
Austin Rolin
Aya Ladem
7293 Anistar City, Kalos.

Violet, like the whole of the Rolin family, knew 2873 Cerulean City, Kalos. Emma pushed the thought away and opened the letter.

Hello, dear! I hope you're doing wonderful. Just so you know, it was Emma's one month anniversary yesterday! I could have sent pictures for you, but the postal service was having problems and i could only send this. Maybe i'll hand you some when you come for Emma's birthday! I trust you to come this time, Aya. I'm sorry, but a mother needs her daughter. I love you. I need you too. The whole of the Rolin family is ready to protect you if some cops take you. Emma is getting smarter, and she will soon know. And when i die, Aya..i'll have to show her these letters. Please don't stop me.

Emma threw the letter on the floor. The rest of it was blurry and hard to read, and she took another one, deep inside. It read:

8732 Ambrette Town, Kalos.
Austin Rolin
Aya Ladem
7293 Anistar City, Kalos.

What are you doing, Austin. Stay. Away. I know the police are convinced of you, but you can't go anywhere near me. It will only confirm they're suspicions. Please..move away. I can't bear you...Emma...My sweet Emma...never tell her about me, Austin! Never tell her she is an Ladem! She will only be Emma Rolin! I saw the files, Austin! You named her Emma L. Rolin! NO ONE MUST KNOW! And now you must make excuses for your daughter while she continues to suspect ME! Don't...Just please don't...Take it away..Austin Santos Rolin, you must never tell Emma that she is related to me. NEVER.

It ended there. Emma noticed there were no more sound, but she did not move. She was related to Aya Ladem, the most dangerous criminal in Kalos. The old leader of Team Flare..She was Emma Ladem Rolin. Emma's breaths stopped short. Did anyone know? Did father answer? Quickly, Emma scoured for a random letter, and took it. It read:

8374 Aquacorde Town, Kalos.
Austin Rolin
Aya Ladem
7293 Anistar City, Kalos.

I have changed my number. Police keep finding me everywhere. You haven't given a single thought to me since that threat letter from you, right? Bounced off with another man. Well, Aya, just so you know, Emma got bullied today. They said she was a useless freak.

Emma stopped reading for a moment. She relived that moment in fifth grade when she was bullied by Cole Copper and Will Curdoroy. She stopped, i do not want to relive that. She continued reading.

They said the reason you left is because she was too ugly. But you're not going to do anything to help anyone. Right? Stop sending me letters. It's time i've done given you excuses. You monster of a mother. Never come near me and my Emma ever again.

Perhaps Emma should have been more surprised. But her father had just died, so anything could happen now. She stopped moving altogether. This was the truth. Though she heard loud noises and the quiet sounds of Ella, she didn't move. Not at all.

Sorry if it was short..
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