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by Storybook

2016-08-28 18.31.00.jpg
Storybook Velvet.

"Somewhere in Velvet's genetics and upbringing, she had become more a wolf than a dog, more a beast than a pet, for the swift and utterly silent lope belonged not to her species but more to that of a Mightyena, and her steel heart and steadyness of foot, achieved often through acrobatic twists and calculated maneuvers, belonged more to Liepard than Herdier, and though her larger body could be attributed to the levels she had gained without evolution, the longer than average legs could not, and even, if you were familiar enough with the species, it became obvious that her snout protruded farther from her face than the chubby, pug-likeness normal to the line of big hearted dogs. Velvet was a queer creation in a species of domesticated kindness, for she was as wild as a wolf, as steady as a rock, and as silent as a shadow."