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Vee Plays with Eeveelution's Tails (pt 1)

by Firox

Vee Pwaying with Veez Tailz 1.jpg
Firox Just something I did just for fun
a young Vee kit playing with the bigger Eeveelution tails
this is the first part,

  • Vappy tying to make sure it doesn't nibble too hard, kit thinks its fish
  • Jolty just happy that Vee likes the softness, waiting for the building to open (based on one I seen online photo in Belgrade), keeping the kit busy
  • Firox (Flarey) doing all possible to keep the kit warm while its snowing outside, asking what it likes, kit getting warm asking for hot chocolate
  • Espy doing what cats do best when relaxed, grooming it's front paw, Vee kit asks if it can bring some berries with psychic
  1. Firox
    how can anyone not let a playful young Eevee have fun, its not doing anything wrong....
    already have couple more planned out with this Eevee
    in my Deviant art, finished a quick sketch of it having fun with Mienfoo
    on Discord, already let my Lucario friend know that its 'going after his' next
    Apr 12, 2018
  2. Toast the flareon
    Apr 12, 2018
    Firox likes this.