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Pokemon ORAS 2: Regigigas is Awoken: Uriel vs Brendan (Champion Battle)

by JC111414

JC111414 The time has come. The Battle for Championship. Uriel has come all this way to gain the Title, and he won't give up...Not even for Calem, nor for Brendan
"Ladies and Gentlemen" A referee said. "Welcome to the final battle of the New Hoenn Regional Championship" he said. "I'll be your referee and host, LO" He said. "On one side of the field, we have, the Current Champion of New Hoenn, BRENDAN" LO said. "He won against Steve Stone, 5 years ago, and no one has ever beaten him or gotten to him until now" LO said. Brendan entered the Stadium. "I'm glad to be back another year to battle my favorite trainer, Uriel" He said. "On the other side of the field, we have, 12 year old trainer that travelled all the way from the Kalos Region, we call him The Unstoppable Kalosian, because of his power and title he brought from the Kalos Region, URIEL" He said. I entered the Stadium. "Is a pleasure to battle a friend of Calem, I say, a Friend of Calem is a friend of mine" I said. The Crowd went wild. We went to our positions. "Uriel go first" Brendan insisted. "Go Metagross" I said. "Nice choice, Go Raichu" Brendan said. "LET THE MATCH BEGIN" LO said. Raichu use Thunder, Metagross use Psychic. Raichu's attack did a ton lost while Psychic did nothing. Raichu use Knock Off, DODGE and use Hammer Arm. Metagross dodge the attack but Metagross got paralysis when the hit Hammer Arm. Knock Off. Raichu when as Lightning and defated Metagross. Return, Go Heliolisk use Dark Pulse. Raichu used Mega Punch. Both Pokémon fainted. Return, Go Primeape, Return, Go Sharpedo. Close Combat. Primeape knockout Sharpedo. Return, Go Monferno. Thunder Punch. Monferno manages to beat Primeape. Return, Go Jynx. Fire Punch. Jynx also faints. Return, Go Swampert use Surf. Monferno faints. Return, Go Cacturne use Razor Leaf. Swampert dodge and use Ice Beam but Cacturne resists. Cacturne used Razor Leaf. Swampert faints. Return, Go Blaziken use Flare Blitz. Cacturne faints. Return, Go Medicham use Thunder Punch. Blaziken faints. Return, Go Sceptile, MEGA EVOLVE, Medicham, MEGA EVOLVE. ICE PUNCH, DRAGON PULSE. A huge explosion happens and the winner is Uriel. "And we have a winner" LO Began. "A new Champion, URIEL" LO said. "YES" I said. "Your the new Champion, congrats" Brendan said. "Thanks Brendan" I said. We then went to a celebration that lasted hours and everyone of my friends and Melanie were there. "Uriel" Miracle said walking alongside Cynthia. "Accompany us to New Sinnoh, we have spotted Rigent there and he still has the Regis" Cynthia said. "Sure" I said...