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Unown Green-Pokemon Creepypasta

by Furiousclaw1234

Furiousclaw1234 A very creepy pokemon story. Don't blame me for creating nightmares. Based on Strangled Red.
Red wondered what the secret of Unown is. But one day, he found a ROM hack of a very rare gameboy of...LeafGreen. He went home and played this very game. Red opened it and it was called, "Unown Green" He also noticed the Venusaur on the cover had black eyes and Unown surrounded it. It started with the screen saying, POKEMON UNOWN GREEN. The player's trainer and a Venusaur beside it.
He first made a save file. Once he booted up the file, the creepy original high pitched frequency Green Lavender Town music kicked in. It hurt his ears. But he still had to countinue. Red played as a character called Wallace. He already had a Bulbasaur called Bulba. Wallace's brother was called Steven (Like Strangled Red). He seemed to be the rival.
Walllace progressed through the game. Unown kept appearing in his team and spelling out creepy messages, one time it was "KILL BULBA". When Bulba evolved into a Ivysaur, Wallace renamed him "Cate" as a memorial for his cat, Cate. But the Unown kept appearing in his team. This time it spelled, "SUFFO CATE". Creepy? Idk. Soon, Wallace battles Steven. Cate evolved into Venusaur and Wallace renamed him "Puzzle" for his love for puzzles.
But the Unown appeared in his team and spelled "SOLVE PUZZLE" before the whole game and save file rebooted. The game booted up again, and a few Unown tiles appeared. It was a puzzle. Wallace had to spell the word "UNOWN". But the tiles did not have the finishing "N". So Wallace failed, and the screen blacked out. Unown in red spelt this message, "WELL DONE. NOW SUFFER AND MOURN WHILE WE SET UP YOUR LIFE. WISE CHOICE, WALLACE. WE WILL KILL YOUR BELOVED. HE IS WAITING."
The gameboy screen had static appear, and then Wallace is seen mourning for Puzzle in the Pokemon Tower. In a desperate attempt to bring back beloved Puzzle, Wallace consults Missingno. (that HE). Missingno. statics the screen and Wallace's face was black with red eyes and a grin plastered on. Wallace's name now was W@!!@(E. W@!!@(E consulted Steven and treated him as a unknown person.
W@!!@(E's last words were, "WATER IS THICKER THAN BLOOD", leaving Steven in astonishment before W@!!@(E dragged him under the bed and suffocated Steven.
  1. Tatzu
    Pretty Creepy
    Nov 16, 2016
  2. TheAlanticWalrein
    Great! I love it :)
    Oct 22, 2016
  3. Furiousclaw1234
    Aug 3, 2016