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Unown Adventure ^1

by Zana Capel

Zana Capel This is just a story characters other than Pokémon are the soul property of Zana Capel and this doesn’t completely follow the Pokémon story line.
So I got up early today around 6:25 and looked around. Last night I made camp in The Ruins of Alph because I have recently been studying them and the Unown. Anyways I woke up to my Poocheyena licking my face and barking at something over the water. I looked over after untangling myself from my sleeping bag and I saw an Unown. Apparently they are fine coming out at night but don't like the sun it was very strange. After that I cleaned up camp making sure to put everything back how it was and set of. I went into a Ruin with a puzzle I had already salved this one it had made the picture of a prehistoric Pokémon. I made a wide path around the hole in the floor and went to the back. On the back wall was a panel that had Unown letters on it if I read it correctly and I believe I did it read escape. I had looked at this a day before and couldn't figure it out. I felt a tug on my scarf and looked down. Poocheyena was trying to climb up my scarf and into my bag. I sat down and help him into the bag where he started digging around. From the way he acted I almost took him outside to relieve himself when Pocheyena popped out holding an escape rope. I took at from him and he pointed to the panel with his muzzle. I gave him a good scratch, escape was what it said on the panel and we were going to use an escape rope to open it. I saw a slight indent around the edge so I place the rope carefully in the dent. There was a slight rumble and all of the sudden the panel was gone reveling a hidden room behind it. There were four items in the room sort of like prizes for whoever found a way to open the door. I gave a berry to Poocheyena for figuring this out. I surveyed the room there were markings on the wall and two statues in the back of the room with a hole in the middle of them. I called Poocheyena and returned him to his pokeball and tied the rope I had used on the panel to one of the statues. I went down the rope and found myself in another room with makings on the floor. As I got closer I saw that they were Unown letters. I went around the room and wrote down what it said using Unown lettering I would decipher it outside. Once I was done with that I looked around, it was bigger than the room above and there was another hole in the floor. I looked down it lead to were you could find the Unown. I climbed the rope instead I got out of the first hidden room and was back were the puzzle was. I let Poocheyena back out and left the building. I went over to the research lab and told them what I'd found. "Holy Milltank" was all I got out of them before they rushed off to study it. I went back to where I had camped it was around 12:00 now and Poocheyena looked kind of tired. I set up camp and cooked some food and let out the rest of my Pokémon Houndour, Polywhirl, Fearow, Ralts, and Kabuto. That’s where my story stops for now.
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  1. Zana Capel
    Zana Capel
    This is actually what I did in the Soulsilver game only more adventurous and detailed with some things you can't do in the game.
    Mar 21, 2014