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Unova Lifestyle: Plasma Affair: Unova Lifestyle: Plasma Affair- Chapter 4: Battles to Remember!

by SaiyanDakon

SaiyanDakon (Team Update:
Glacier: Zorua, Oshawott
Lillian: Petill
Iris: Buneary, Eevee)
Glacier and his new friends, Iris and Lillian, have made it past Route 1 and into Accumula Town. Then, a strange man was giving a speech about liberating Pokemon with men and women standing behind him in gray outfits. As they left, a young man appeared and introduced himself as N. He then challenged Glacier to his first Pokemon battle in the Unova Region. Will Glacier be victorious or will his battling spirit fade in him?
"A battle? Fine...You ready Zorua?" Glacier said, looking down at her. Zorua looked back at Glacier and nodded, glaring at N. "Hmm. Purrlion! I wish you out!" He shouted, calling out his Pokemon. A Purrlion appeared out of the Pokeball and glared at Zorua. "Zorua! Fury Swipes!" Glacier commanded. Zorua ran at the cat and unleashed her claws, slashing Purrlion with fury. "Purrlion! Stay strong and use Scratch." N simply said. Purrlion grinned and slashed Zorua hard, causing her to drop. "Zorua! I know you can do this! Try a Shadow Ball!" Glacier commanded, knowing Zorua would be hard to beat down. Zorua got up, injured, charged and fired a Shadow Ball at the Purrlion, causing it to faint. "We did it....we won our first Unova battle!" Glacier said, cheering for Zorua and kneeling down. Zorua turned and ran into Glacier's arms, nuzzling him affectionately and licking his cheek. N looked down at Purrlion, comforting him. "You did well." He said, recalling Purrlion then looked over at Glacier and Zorua. Those two seem really happy together...I wonder if they'll be considering to join Team Plasma...N thought. "I did not expect to hear such things from your Pokemon. But are they really happy in Pokeballs?" He said, getting up and walking away in deep thought. Glacier, Lillian and Iris looked at N Leaving before getting back on track. "Glacier! Doesn't Accumula Town have a gym here?" Iris asked. Glacier shook his head. "There is a gym in the next city though. Its Striaton City and the gym leaders there are triplets using Fire, Water and Grass type, depending on what starter Pokemon you chose." He explained. Lillian picked up Petill and looked at Glacier and Iris. "Time to get a move on then. To Striaton City!" She cheered, running to the Pokemon Center, "Of course before Glacier's Pokemon rest." She was right. Zorua looked tired and battle-worn from earlier. Glacier picked up Zorua and carried her to the Pokemon Center and trailing behind Glacier are Iris and Buneary and Glacier's starter: Oshawott. "Twice in one day. How many times do you need to recover?" He muttered to Zorua, smiling down at her. Zorua looked at Glacier and licked his cheek. The boy smiled lightly and had Nurse Joy look at Zorua and heal her when they were in the Pokemon Center. He sat down in a seat and looked at the TV News along with Oshawott, Lillian and Petill, Iris and Buneary.
  1. Shiny Blue Gardevoir
    Shiny Blue Gardevoir
    It's just a list of the pokemon I thought suited Iris best ^^

    I'm not the biggest fan of glaceon, I must say, but I chose it to act as a cool, calm foil, for Iris' panicky personality
    Aug 25, 2017
  2. SaiyanDakon
    Your team, in my opinion, looks like Cynthia's team, a little.
    Aug 25, 2017
  3. Shiny Blue Gardevoir
    Shiny Blue Gardevoir
    As it stands, Iris' team will remain the same, but just to re-cap, her future team will be:

    Lopunny, Altaria, Gallade, Cherrim, Milotic, Glaceon
    Aug 25, 2017
  4. SaiyanDakon
    @Lunar Emperor You can update your future team if you like because that's what I'll do. Here is mine:
    Zoroark, Samurott, Garchomp, Gigalith, Arcanine, Dragonite
    Aug 25, 2017