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Pokemon Trainer Adventure: Unova Chapter 2: Gym #1

by Flame the Trainer

Flame the Trainer Characters/Pokemon before:
Flame- Eevee, Oshawott
Mal- Braixen
Evil People:
Harlin- Litleo
Casey- Tyrunt
Side People:
Aspen- Quilladin, Litleo, Skiddo, Cyndaquil

Oshawott- Tackle, Water Gun
Braixen- Fire Punch, Ember, Flame Charge, Fire Spin
Litleo- Tackle, Ember
Tyrunt- Tackle, Stomp
Quilladin- Tackle, Vine Whip, Pin Missile, Grass Pledge
Litleo- Headbutt, Leer, Ember, Fire Fang
Skiddo- Tackle, Vine Whip, Pin Missile, Grass Pledge
"Looks its another pokemon." Flame said.
"Oshawott I choose you." Flame said. "Oshawott use Water Gun." Blitzle was weakened.
"Pokeball go." Flame said and it was caught.
"Oshawott return." Flame said. They went to the first gym in Striaton City.
"Pansear I choose you." Chili said.
"Oshawott I choose you." Flame said. "Oshawott use Water Gun." Pansear was weakened.
"Pansear use Incinerate." Chili said and Oshawott was defeated.
"Oshawott return, Blitzle I choose you." Flame said. Blitzle use Shock Wave." Pansear was defeated.
"Pansear return." Chili said.
"Pansage I choose you." Cilan said "Pansage use Vine Whip." Blitzle was defeated.
"Blitzle return." Flame said and have lost the battle. They went to the pokemon center and chatted.
"Welp my first gym here and I lost greatly." Flame said.
"The problem was only having two pokemon that is able to battle." Mal said.
"True, but i need to go hunting for another pokemon then." Flame said.
"Your pokemon are healed." Nurse Joy said.
"Thanks." Flame said getting his pokemon.
"I think we should go hunt for pokemon before going back to the gym, and maybe battle while we are there." Mal said.
"Sounds cool." Flame said.
"Thats settled then, we hunt tomorrow." Mal said.
"Why tomorrow?" Flame asked.
"Because its night time." Mal said and the went to bed.