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by NightRaven

NightRaven I draw with a new brush now! Also, here's a character in an upcoming story: his name is written in two different ciphers— the A1Z26 cipher, and the Caesar Cipher.
With the A1Z26 cipher, you transfer the letters to numbers (ex: A1 Z26 [in it's name]).
With the Caesar Cipher, you take the letter and then the letter which is three behind it (ex: A-X, Z-W), or "three letters back".
This character is rather mysterious, and unknown. He wears a mask at all times and speaks in reverse or writes using the Caesar or A1Z26 cipher. He appears out of no where and vanishes in thin air.
His fur is white, as is his fox-like mask, and has bandages on his arms and legs. He has a stitched scar across his chest. He stands rather tall, and doesn't seem to have a weapon. No one seems to know him at all, but few have mentioned him...but they didn't seem normal at all.

(Pretty much, to figure out his name, it's written in the two ciphers. Transfer them properly and you get his name [even though he doesn't even represent the actual thing...]. )

Also, I no longer draw in color for now if I'm using this brush...