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Life of an Idol: Unknown meeting

by Sparklespot336

Sparklespot336 Genres: Comedy, School, Slice of Life, Shoujo, Music,

This is about a girl named Akari Arakawa, as she walks to school she finds a long pink haired girl from another school, who looks familiar. Is she a relative, or an old friends of hers? How does she know her name?
My name is Akari Arakawa. I really like anime... She said quietly as she slept. Her sister started to run in her room and jump on her bed. "Onee-chan! Wake up now!" Akari rolled down her bed.

"WOW AM I LATE?!" She bent up and gasped. Her little sister looked at her. Akari sighed. "I am, right? Please forgive me." She stood up and kneeled down super fast. Her sister giggled, than sighed.

Akari started running to school. Her super long wavy blonde hair flwe in the air as some were in her face. She was about to bump into something, but she couldn't stop. "My legs are going too fast, help!" She screamed. She was about to hit a wall until she felt something grab her shoulders.

"Be careful, and don't rush!" A girl said. Akari started puffing as she sat down. The girl bent down and looked at her. Akari looked at her pink long thin twin braids that touched the ground as she bent down.

Akari gasped. She looks familiar! She thought. "Wait, I haven't seen you around here..."

"I'm in another school and just moved here! My name is Yuuki Kurosaki. Its wonderful meeting you here, Akari-chan!" She grabbed her hands quickly. Akari looked at Yuuki's thick black glasses. She was confused, since Yuuki knew her name.

Akari pointed at her without stretching her arms. "How do you know my name...?" She asked. Yuuki giggled very quietly and grinned. Akari stood up. Yuuki did as well.
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  1. Sparklespot336
    The title makes it sounds like a company anime, or with teachers to me... I think I did 55% better in my next chapter.
    Jul 16, 2016