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Universe Crossed

by EeveePlaysPC200

EeveePlaysPC200 The Mario, Sonic and Legend of Zelda universe cross! No its not smash brothers, they team to defeat each of their enemies once and for all!
Sonic dashed through Green Forest. He was thinking about how he just defeat the unknown figure, Shadow the Hedgehog. But, Sonic had more things to worry about. Eight minutes! Got to get with Tails' Tornado 2.0 and get out of here Sonic thought. As Sonic hurdled over enemies and made risky jumps, he finally reached Tails. As Tails tried to start the Tornado 2.0, Eggman appeared. Sonic held up his fist and shouted" What is it Eggman!"
He said nothing just held up a remote flew into the sky and pressed a button. All of Green Forest had blown up. Sonic and Tails were no longer in existence...

Mario had jumped up and hit a block. A Fire Flower popped out. He grabbed it and Shot fire at the Goombas below. Great! he thought. He could see the flag pole ahead. Now he had to make a few jumps. First one was a piece of cake. In mid air across the second pit, a brave Goomba jumped from the other side and head-butted Mario. He fell into the pit and died. Bowser watched from afar, and laughed...

Good Ganondorf is down! Link thought. Link jumped to the center of the room and swung the Master Sword with all his might! Finally Zelda had been let free. The castle started to rumble. Link grabbed Princess Zelda and ran down the stairs. Link saw the light shining through the doors. As he approached, a piece of rubble was going to fall on them! Link pushed Zelda outside and before Link could move, the rule fell and crushed Link...

Each of these brave heroes were put in shells until they awoke...

Link awoke and sliced through his shell. He just floated in space. He looked around and saw two other shells. Maybe Princess Zelda and Impa are in there! He thought. He chopped them open. Sonic came rolling out of his shell. Mario had the hand position of trying to grab a ledge. Mario woke quickly and shot a fireball at Link. Link used his shield and quickly repelled the attack. The three were quickly teleported to Doomsday Zone. Sonic had been here before...

Sonic ran ahead of the other two. They stayed behind. Mario held out his hand. Link put away his sword and shield and shook Mario's hand.

"Hi, I'm Link the hero of Hyrule!" Link said.
"I'm Mario from the Mushroom Kingdom." Mario replied.
"Now who's that blue blur?" Link questioned. Mario just shrugged his shoulders. The two watched Sonic jump of the ledge of the run way. They gasped. Suddenly, Sonic flew back up in a yellow form. Sonic started chasing a huge robot holding a large green emerald. Link and Mario were confused. Sonic kicked a missile back at the robot and grabbed the emerald. Sonic took it down to his planet and quickly returned to Mario and Link.

"So fellas' I'm Sonic the Hedgehog an animal savior, alien savior, Lyric stopper and evil scientist stopper known as Eggman. By the way, that was Eggman who stole the Master Emerald." Sonic said. He quickly shook Link's and Mario's hand.

"Your fast aren't you?" Link asked.
"They don't call me Sonic for nothing." He replied. The three floated in the air. They landed inside a Bowser's Castle. Mario jumped up and his a block. He grabbed a star.

"Doesn't that hurt your hand by hitting blocks all day?" Sonic asked. Mario shook his head and ran quickly throughout the castle. At the end Bowser waited for Mario's arrival.