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Unfinished/unposted sketch dump

by Maiden of Ghosts

test (small).png main dump 2 (small).png main dump 3 (small).png main dump 4 (small).png main dump 5 (small).png
Maiden of Ghosts On a whim I decided to compile a sketch dump of a bunch of unfinished/unposted stuff I've done over the past while. Since uh, I start a lot of things and do a lot of sketches but they uh. don't always get finished :'D

(not even going to /try/ tagging this stuff, there's too many species haha)

(WHOOPS the two last images are all from 2016, i just. screwed up the dates on the images ugh)
  1. Shiny mew 247
    Shiny mew 247
    So many pieces of art :o:o
    Jun 9, 2016