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UnderTales: UnderTales - Part 2

by OmegaNave

OmegaNave Looking for a job.

The next day...

"Alright, Papyrus." said Sans. "I'd better start looking for a new job. We've gotta pay taxes in a week."
"Good, Sans." said Papyrus.
"OK, let's see..." said Sans as he looked through the newspaper.
"There we go! I can work at a restaurant at the other side of town!"
"I'm not sure, Sans," said Papyrus "are you sure they'd hire you? Everyone believes that you poisoned that monster! It's all over the news!"
"How about this?" Papyrus asked "Car mechanic!"
"Maybe that would work." said Sans. He immediately ran out the door, and rushed down to the garage.
"I'd... Like... A job..." said Sans, trying to catch his breath.
"Name please?" said the man working there.
"Sans. Sans the Skeleton"
"Wait," said the man "are you the guy that poisoned that guy down at Grillby's?"
"Uhh..... No?"
"Yes you are! You're a skeleton named Sans! You're one of a kind! I'm not having you work here! You might ruin someone's car and, in effect, ruin my company!" yelled the man, obviously wanting Sans to leave immediately.
"Welp. Guess this isn't the job for me." Sans said as he left.
Sans spent the whole day looking for a job, and nobody would hire him. Someone must have framed him. That, or the monster was highly allergic to ketchup, which was unlikely, because he was a regular customer, and Sans always put ketchup on every burger.
"Papyrus. I'm home." He said as he walked through the door.
"Welcome home, Sans!" said Papyrus "How did it go?"
"Horribly. I can't get a job anywhere."
"Well, you'll just have to keep trying!"
"Why don't YOU try to get a job?" yelled Sans "I'm not the only one here who can work, and I deserve a rest after these years of working!"
"Alright!" said Papyrus "But the only things I've ever been good at are cooking and human hunting!"
"I'll be honest," said Sans "you're horrible at both of those. Your spaghetti tastes terrible, and you've never caught a human in your life!"
"That is true, but I could always try something new. I'll try in the morning."

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