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Undertale AU!Tempo: Undertale

by Il Fantasma

Undertale.png Undertale 2.png
Il Fantasma I made my own sprite! This here's Tempo, my human Undertale OC!

This actually didn't turn out half bad, considering it's my first-ever sprite... wow. I'm proud of myself. xD

I might end up making some other sprites of Tempo. Y'know, for all the other AUs there are for Undertale. Believe me, I won't be doing all of them, but some of the major ones, I'll definitely do, like Underfell, Underswap, and Underfresh... man, I love Underfresh... xDD

Oh, and here's Tempo's character form~!

Name: Tempo
Species: human
Age: 16
Soul Colour: a maroon-ish/red
Text Font: Broadway Copyist Text Ext
Fight Levels:
  • Atk: 30
  • Def: 20
  • LV: 0
  • Exp: 0

Description: Freakishly skinny and pale, Tempo's bright red eyes contrast greatly against her snow-white hair. Her hair has a right-side part, bangs that fall to the middle of her eye, and it's oddly-cut just down to her shoulders. She has a large scar that stretches from just above her right eyebrow to beside her nose. Here's a picture. Oh, and here're her outfits. (She'll be wearing her pjs.)
Small Backstory: Tempo was born into a family of criminals. When they learned that she feared committing crimes for her life, they instantly began to harass her. That's why there's a scar on her face- from her dad, who didn't hesitate to beat her the first time he saw her in a dress. When she turned 16, Tempo knew she had to get away from her family members, all of them- her mom and dad, her two brothers, even her sister. She packed only a few things, those being her phone {which is a hand-me-down slide phone- y'know the ones with the hidden keyboard?}, and her wallet. If she wasn't going to use these things, nobody would. She headed to Mount Ebott, a mountain she had seen a few times on car rides, but otherwise had only heard about. What she had heard about this place wasn't very pleasant, which is exactly why she went there in the first place. She had heard that whoever dared do to the mountain never returned. {Maybe she could be there when the barrier opened? Like she was the first human the monsters saw above ground?}
Relationships: She honestly wishes that she was never born into her family. Poor Tempo hates every single one of her family members and would report their crimes to the police the moment she had the chance.

Credit for Undertale goes to Toby Fox.