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Undertale Theory

by OmegaNave

OmegaNave Gaster's backstory...
I've heard online that fans believe that W. D. Gaster is a skeleton. Others believe other things, like him maybe being Sans' father. I don't believe either of these things. First of all, he doesn't look like a skeleton. Look at this picture:
Does that look like a skeleton to you? Well, you might be thinking: "He hasn't always looked like this. That's a ghost." I think he's always looked something like this, minus the cracks. But enough of that.

Gaster's backstory. You know how I said some believe he is Sans' father? Well my theory is that he and Sans worked together as scientists. Yeah, yeah, I know. BUT! Think. Sans' Workshop. He has a strange invention, and other assorted things in there. One of them is blueprints that you can't read. I believe that Sans is actually Ness from EarthBound. So either it could be one of the scientists (Watch Game Theory's Undertale theory) or Gaster's Wing Dings. Maybe they worked on Sans' Gaster Blasters together. Maybe Sans named it after Gaster, or he invented it to 'Blaster Gaster'. Either way, I think they once worked together on inventions, and one day Gaster died by one of his own machines.

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