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Undertale Rant

by BLOO Muffin

BLOO Muffin WARNING: Do NOT read this if you are a huge Undertale fan!
I warned you.
Undertale, a famous game that is all over the internet. Undertale is a game that has a nice story and interesting characters. If anyone ever tries to use the name Sans with no other word I bet the name would be taken by then. The main thing that makes me angry is not the popularity and annoying fanbase. It's the song Stronger Than You. That song was originally made by Rebecca Sugar and people think the Sans parody is the original. That is the thing that bothers me the most. If I ever watch the Sans version I won't even look at the comments. That whole thing disgusts me a lot. I like the game. I don't like (hate is a word I feel like I can't use) the fanbase. Undertale fans may look up the song Stronger Than You and see the Steven Universe version and they might go to the video and say "What the f*ck?! Why are they copying Undertale?!" these type of Undertale fans should look at the date it was uploaded before they show their ignorance publicly. I just looked it up and there are 1K dislikes. You can see how many Undertale fans are hating because of the Sans version. I couldn't even listen to it anymore so I clicked on another song. I really hope Undertale doesn't make a parody of It's Over Isn't It because you won't tell how angry I will be. I will hate on Undertale forever if they did that. This game has a bunch of love and that's great. What I hate the most is the Peridot laugh when over 100 people kept saying "OMG! That's Papyrus' laugh! I'm fangirling so hard!" and lots of love towards the people who stood and said "Who gives a crap about that damn laugh?" hats off to ya. Undertale is so famous that in Eddsworld "Saloonatics" video everyone kept saying "Catty and Bratty!" or however you say it. Most of the fans are annoying, ignorant, and over reactors. People will just see one thing related to Undertale and will immediately comment about it. Any Undertale Easter Eggs "Oh! I see Sans at 2:33. Like if you Sans." like my goodness! Who gives a damn? That comment would get a bunch of likes and replies maybe over 50. The most famous character is Sans and anyone would try to get that name or maybe someone would try to get the name Papyrus. Both of those names are bound to be taken. You can remember that when I had a Frisk avatar. That was when I had no anger towards that fandom. I made a Genocide vs Pacifist picture that I later deleted. I don't hate Undertale itself, I just don't like the fanbase. I made a Frisk picture that I will not delete just because I like the character. The only thing I am angry about is the Undertale fans watching Steven Universe and talking about Peridot's laugh and Stronger Than You. I've also noticed that others are getting annoyed of these fans too on Youtube. They literally say "I really hope Undertale doesn't copy another Steven Universe song." "Sans: He copied my song! Garnet: Ehem." <---- People actually say that. This is basically my whole rant. The rant is about... Pokemon GO! #TeamValor
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  1. Retribution
    Finally, someone who is sane. I used to be one of... those cancerous undertale fans, but now i've changed! I've made 4 undertale rants on my deviantart page, go check them out. My username is iamepiclol111, don't judge. Anyways... Great job with the rant. One day, Undertale will die, and we'll be watching from a safe distance...
    Mar 26, 2018
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  2. Cloudswift
    You go girl! Totally with ya on that one!
    Nov 12, 2016
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  3. Umaru!
    Nov 12, 2016
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  4. Star.Prince
    I so agree with the " Stronger Than You" thing. I hate the UT fandom, even though I am called Chara and I like it, it still is a very cringey fandom.
    Aug 28, 2016
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