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Undertale Guide

by Sylvious

Sylvious Undertale has been one of the best games in 2015, and it still is one of the best of 2016. Back in the games launch, I found an early guide to Undertale. It was very effective, but wasn't finished. Now, I want to finish the job. If you are perhaps new to Undertale, or need a refresher to obtain a certain ending or learn a mechanic, this guide will help you!
Warning! This walkthrough contains some spoilers of the game, Undertale. This game is best played blind, if you accept the warning, read ahead.

Thanks for reading Sans X's Undertale Guide! Please Like if you think this Guide is Informational!

When you first launch Undertale, the intro will play. Once the intro has finished, you name the fallen human. If you name the fallen human Frisk, the game will enter Hard Mode. This walkthrough will not cover that, so if you are going to play Hard Mode, find another walkthrough containing that.

Now, I will be covering all of the mechanics in this game. First, controls:

The Arrow Keys will be how you move your character, Z is the confirmation button for menus, while X is the exit button for menus. And C will pause the game and show your stats, health, inventory, and everything you need.

Now, the encounters:

The encounter's work like a normal roleplaying game. A good example for the encounter interface is Earthbound. You encounter an enemy mostly by walking, which the enemies are random.

Battles are turn-based. When it's your turn, you have four options: Fight, Act, Item, and Mercy.

Fight - In most battles when you open the Fight menu, the game presents some kind of gradient with a moving bar. When you click Z, which stops the bar, it will do damage to the enemy. To do more damage, you want to stop the bar close to (or at) the middle. The amount of damage also depends on how much damage your weapon increases, but I'll cover the weapons later.

Act - The Act menu creates a more peaceful route for the game. The Act Menu has a lot of options. Almost always the menu has a "Check" option which gives you the enemy's stats and sometimes a tip on defeating it. And if you choose the correct option, you can spare the enemy, which means you don't have to kill it. Some options result in earning it's trust, lowering it's stats, and irritating it.

Item - As the name suggests, this menu allows you to use an item while battling. Typically, you can only use healing items, which increase your health. You can only carry ten healing items at a time.

Mercy - The Mercy menu is key to a peaceful and friendly route. You have two options in this menu, Spare and Flee. Spare allows you to "Spare" the enemy, but you can only spare the it if the name is yellow. Some enemies are impossible to spare, and you'll have to find more ways to defeat it. And Flee allows you to "Flee" from the enemy. You can mostly flee, but sometimes you can't.

After you used any option (Except fleeing or sparing when you can), it's the enemy's turn. If you used an act command, the enemy will respond to it before going to it's turn. Now, when it's the enemy's turn, it will (mostly) attack you. To dodge the enemy's attack, you need to use the arrow keys to move your heart (Named SOUL). Every enemy has a different attack, and some attacks come in different colors. This is important:

White - If the enemy's attack is white, touching the attack will result in losing HP (Health). These are default attacks.

Blue - To avoid losing HP, you have to not move when it comes toward you. If you move when it comes toward you, you will lose HP.

Orange - Orange is the exact opposite to Blue. When you move when it comes toward you, you won't lose HP, and so on.

Green - Green attacks restore HP, and you should try to touch these attacks. Remember, Green attacks are good!

An encounter will end in four ways:

Kill Enemies - You will obtain both EXP (Experience which can increase your level) and Gold (You can buy things with it).

Spare Enemies - You will obtain Gold, but not EXP.

Flee - You don't obtain anything.

You Die - It's game over and you will respawn from the last save point.

Also note that there is different endings in the game. I will be first covering the Neutral Route, then Genocide, then True Pacifist.

Stats, EXP, and LV are very important things in Undertale.

To gain EXP, you have to kill a monster. EXP can let you level up if you get enough. It is called LV (LOVE), but it actually stands for Levels Of ViolencE later in the game. So, LV increases your stats. It will increase your HP, and your stats.

To view your stat's, you pause the game (C) and press STAT. It will show

LV (LOVE Or Levels Of ViolencE)

HP (Health) You can heal HP by using a save point or using a healing item. Health is very important, as if you lose all your health, you die.

AT (Attack) The attack stat allows you to do more damage when facing an enemy. Weapons can also increase your attack stat.

DF (Defense) The higher the defense, the less damage enemies can do to you. Armor can also increase your defense stat.


NEXT The amount of EXP you need to increase your LV.

WEAPON And ARMOR The current weapons and armor you have equipped.

GOLD The amount of gold you have. GOLD is the main currency in Undertale, you can buy healing items, weapons, armor, and other things with GOLD.

REMEMBER: The game doesn't depend on stats. You can beat the game without gaining any EXP, armor and weapons are good enough to beat Undertale.

Saving the game is VERY IMPORTANT in your adventures. To save, you need to interact with a Save Point. These Save Points are scattered around the game. It looks like a star, and when you interact with it, you're HP will be maxed out and you will have the option to save. You should save whenever you can as the game get's very hard at times.

Now, this section will explain how to complete the Neutral Route. This route is the route you'll get if you don't meet the requirements to a Genocide Run, which will be explained later in the guide. This Neutral Route guide leads to a True Pacifist Route, too.

The Ruins (Neutral Route)
You will start as a small child laying in flowers. Head right and enter the next room.

You will end up in a dark room. Walk ahead and you will find a flower. His name is Flowey, he offers you an introduction to the Underground. Then, you will be in your first encounter. He basically explains a tutorial about encounters. After he shoots "Friendliness Pellets" at you, just hit them. If you keep dodging them, he will get irritated and you can't go forward. It turns out that the "Friendliness Pallets" are just bullets, as they knock you down to 1 HP. After, he mocks you and attempts to kill you.

Although, Toriel knocks Flowey away, saving you, and offers you a guide through the Ruins. The encounter with Flowey will end and Toriel will walk away. Follow her and enter the gate.

The room has the first save point in the game. Interact with it and save. Then, go through the north door. Toriel will welcome you to your new "home" and tells you that the Ruins are full of puzzles. Then, she steps on switches, opening the door.

To be honest, Toriel is right. Undertale is full of puzzles. Be reminded while playing this game.

There is nothing other in the room other than reading the sign. The sign says:

"Only the fearless may proceed.
Brave ones, foolish ones.
Both walk not the middle road."

This hints of the different endings in Undertale. Now, follow Toriel and she will give you another lesson about the Ruins. You click labeled.... Switches? Anyways, go to the next room and you'll find a dummy. Toriel says to practice with it by "Striking a friendly conversation". Examine the dummy (Z) and you will encounter a battle with it.

This is the first real battle in Undertale. You can't get hurt by it, but you do have the option to use all four options. Use the ACT option and press on Talk (Z). Toriel will be happy with you, but you won't gain any EXP or Gold.

Go to the next room, and head right. You'll encounter a Froggit. Use any ACT option, and Toriel will glare at it to stop the encounter. After, keep going right and talk to Toriel (Z). She will guide you through the puzzle, and you don't have to worry about solving it yourself.


Toriel will challenge you with the toughest task ever in the game.... Walking to the end of the room by yourself!!! Well, not really. Just keep heading east until you find a pillar. Toriel is standing behind it, and says that she is testing your independence.

Out of nowhere, she gives you a cell phone and walks away. Now, you're by yourself. Walk east to the next room, and Toriel will immediately call you warning you about the puzzles ahead, saying that you should stay where you are. You can't continue the game without defying, so you gotta do it. Talk to the Froggit, which will tell you about sparing, and interact with the save point. You have a high chance of encountering Froggit here, so time for your next real battle!

To complete the Neutral Route (Which we aiming for in this section, go to another section for other routes), we need to not kill any enemies. If you encounter Froggit, open the ACT menu and threaten or complement Froggit and you'll spare it. After sparing Froggit, head north and you get Monster Candy. Obtain 4 pieces, the maximum amount you can get. Then, head through the bottom right exit.

The next room has cracked tiles. If you step on it, you will fall. Just do it and go through the exit on the right. You will be on the other side. You also have a chance of encountering Whimsun. Just open the MERCY menu and click Spare. Because of it's shyness, you can just spare it right away. Head to the east room.

Toriel will call you asking for you're preference; Cinnamon or Butterscotch. It doesn't affect the game in any way based on what you choose, so just choose one. Immediately after, Toriel calls again asking if you don't like the other thing that you didn't choose. Then, push the rock to the switch and go to the east room.

In the room, there is lots of cracked tiles. Some tiles don't make you fall, but you wouldn't know which path to go without falling down. Once you fall down, you will find a path. For an easy reference, here is the path you need to go.

Now, head through the upper room and to the right. You will find three rocks and three switches. Push the first two rocks to the switches and interact with the third rock (Z). Just skip his dialogue (3 times) until it finally goes to the switch. Then, go to the spikes and it will come off the switch. Interact with the rock for the fourth time and it will stay there.

Cross the spikes and go to the next room. You will find cheese and a save point. Interact with the save point and you should save. Then, head to the east room. There, you will be find a ghost laying on the ground, blocking you're way. The dialogue will ask you to move the ghost with brute force. Select "Yes". If you select "No", you cannot pass him.


Napstablock is the first Mini-boss in Undertale. The Monster Candies you picked up can help if your HP is low. In terms of attacks, Napstablock will rain tears down from above, so it would help if you stayed low. He also rains tears that spiral around the attacking box. Try and avoid touching all tears. Every time it's your turn, open the ACT menu and press the Cheer option. After cheering for him three times Napstablock will put on a top hat, after he puts on a top hat, cheer for him one more time and you'll get the option to spare him.

After sparing Napstablock, I recommend going back and saving at the last save point again. After, proceed right. You will enter the Spider Bakesale room. If you have at least 7G, you should buy a Spider Donut. To do that, interact with the left web and leave 7G. Spiders will give you the donut. Do NOT use the donut though.

Now, head north and and just walk east, don't interact with the Froggits as they don't help that much. Once you head towards the next room, Toriel will call you saying that you shouldn't pick up too many, as the maximum item limit is ten.

In the next room, there are four new enemies.

First, Loox. His attacks are just flying circles. You can easily dodge them. To spare him, open the ACT menu and click "Don't pick on". He will attack but after his turn open the MERCY menu and spare him.

Second, Migosp. He uses cockroaches that attack on the sides of the attack box. Nothing hard. To spare him, when he is alone, open the MERCY menu and spare him.

Third, Vegetoid. As soon as you encounter him (It will be your turn), open the ACT menu and select "Dinner". Touch the green food (Not the other foods) and then open the MERCY menu, and spare him.

Lastly, Moldsmal. Just open the MERCY menu and spare him right away.

So, there are multiple holes that you can fall through. To avoid monsters (That appear in some holes), just go through the bottom left hole, which has the Faded Ribbon, press C, and equip the Faded Ribbon. The armor can really help. After equipping it, go through the upper middle hole. Then, interact with the switch (Z) and go back up. The spikes blocking the exit is now gone.

In the following room, just ignore the switches and advance to the next room. Inside the room, face towards the top pillar. Interact with it, and there is a switch! Select "Yes" and the spikes will disappear. Then, advance to the next room.

Click the red switch, which is easy to find in the room, and select "yes". The spikes will be put down and you can advance to the last room. Finally, hit the green switch, that is located behind the left middle pillar. Now advance right.

Yes! You have reached the end of the Ruins! But there is still much more to do in the area. First, head east, then north and grab the Toy Knife. This weapon won't do much use early game, but equip it anyways as you will fight end game.
Then, head back and towards Toriel's Home. Toriel will invite you to her house. Once she heads inside, save at the save point and follow her. She will say that she's baking cinnamon-butterscotch pie for you (Thus why Toriel asking our preference). She expects that you'd live with her and heads east. Follow her, and she'll announce that she set up a room for you. She then heads back. You can just follow her and continue the game but I'd recommend to take a nap first. Go inside your room, and interact with the bed.

You randomly wake up, and cinnamon-butterscotch pie is sitting on the floor.
Grab it, and then follow where Toriel went. Also, do NOT use the butterscotch-cinnamon pie unless told to.

Talk to Toriel in the living room (Z) and she'll ask you if you'd like to hear the book she is reading. You can, but you have to eventually ask how to exit the Ruins and go "Home". She'll say that she has to do something, and leaves the room. Follow her and exit down the stairs.

Head east. You will find Toriel, she says about you want to know how to return "Home", and says that she'll destroy the end of the ruins. She then tells you to go upstairs. She'll head east once again. Follow her again.

Head east once again and Toriel will talk about the previous humans who left the Ruins and died. She says that if you leave the Ruins, "Asgore" will kill you. She then says to go to your room, and heads east for the third time. Follow her.

You will find her again, and she gives you you're final warning, and heads north. Head north after her. When you find Toriel again, she will say the only way you can go outside the Ruins is to prove yourself to her. Then, you'll enter the first Boss battle in Undertale.

Toriel has to be the first serious battle in Undertale. She is super strong. The battle starts with her epic fire magic. It sways back and forth, meaning that you can sway along with it. It also twirls in a double helix. Sometimes, a hand will sweep across the box, shooting fire at you. To avoid this attack, move to one side, and move to another to trick the hand. Sometimes she even uses two hands.

To spare Toriel, you have to open the MERCY menu, and keep sparing. Keep sparing repeatedly until she lets you go. Also, you cannot lose this battle. When you have low HP, her attacks avoid you. So don't waste any healing items fighting her.

Now, you have officially defeated Toriel. Or should I say spared...? Anyways, she'll let you go through the door, but says to not come back. This is really sad when you first play the game. Even after she walks away, you cannot find her no matter how hard you try. She'll give you a hug, and you'll leave her.
Now, go through the gate. Wait... Flowey is here! He comments about how you spared everybody, and mocks you. Then, he disappears under the ground. Now, head through the gate, and you have entered the next area in Undertale.

Snowdin (Neutral Route)
After exiting the Ruins, you will be in a dark, spooky, forest. If you examine the bushes, you find a hidden camera. There is something going on! Head east. Keep going even if some noises happen, such as a branch breaking. Eventually, a mysterious figure stops you. He'll ask you to shake his hand. Oh! The old whoopee cushion in the hand trick! This is Sans. Don't worry, he won't harm you. He'll tell you that he doesn't bother with capturing humans, and warns you about his brother, Papyrus.

Sans will push you past the bars, and into the next area. There, hide behind a "conveniently shaped lamp". Then, Papyrus comes and scolds Sans. He reminds him why he wanted to join the Royal Guard,
and yes, there is so many skeleton puns it's sansational.
Anyways, Papyrus leaves and you can leave the lamp there, and head east. In the room, you will find a save point and a box. Save, and put the cinnamon-butterscotch pie and spider donut in the box (Z). If you put something inside the box, and open another box later in the game, the items will still be there. After doing that, head right to advance in the game.

You'll see Sans and Papyrus once again, and Papyrus is thrilled seeing a human. He declares that he wants to capture you, And dashes off with Sans to prepare. Also, you might encounter two new enemies. Snowdrake and Ice Cap.

To spare Snowdrake, if he says an ice pun, open the ACT menu and click "Laugh". Then, open the MERCY menu and spare him. His attacks are long snake things and boomerangs.

And to spare Ice Cap, open the ACT menu, click "Ignore" twice, and then click "Steal". When he turns into an ice cube, click "Complement". Then, open the MERCY menu and spare him. His attacks are where the top and bottom of the attack box are covered in a wave pattern. Find a spot in the middle and let the waves move around your heart, and he also uses an attack where he shoots ice at you that will fall down.

Move east and go to the next room. Keep heading east and you'll be stopped by a dog that has anxiety by moving things.

This is Doggo. He is very easy. His attacks are a blue sword, which you just stay still to dodge (This is a blue attack, mentioned in the encounters section), he also attacks with worms made of snow. To spare him, open the ACT menu and click "Pet", and then open the MERCY menu and spare Doggo.

After you spare Doggo, head east and meet with Sans once again. He'll educate you by saying that you should stop when blue attacks come towards you (Mentioned in the encounters section). Remember, blue stop signs! Then, head north and examine the snowman (Z), take a part of his body, and then head east.

Now you will meet Papyrus and Sans with his magnificent, invisible, electric maze!!! Just skip through his dialogue (Unless you want to read it) until he puts an orb on your head. Follow the footprints he made, Papyrus is shocked you passed the puzzle, and he'll run off again. Continue you're journey by heading east.

The room will start with a Nice Cream Guy, where you can buy a healing item if you have enough gold. Sans will be there too, he will offer you fried snow, but he doesn't even have it, and the price is unbelievable, so you can't obtain it. There is also the Lesser Dog enemy. He is easy as you just stay still to avoid is blue attacks. Just open the ACT menu and pet him. Then spare him.

After sparing Lesser Dog, head through the southeast exit.

Sans and Papyrus have another puzzle for you! The word search!
Oh, you walked past it. Papyrus and Sans argue about if the word search or cross words are harder. They leave the decision up to you. It doesn't matter what you choose, so just choose one. Then, head east.

You'll find a save point, which you should save at, and some spaghetti that you can't eat, which is depressing. Head east to continue your adventure.

A sign says that there is dog marriage nearby. That sounds... Weird. Head down and you'll find some sort of treasure map buried under the snow. Once you found that, head up and east. When you find a certain area, interact with the switch hidden under it (Z) and select "Yes". When ready, head to the exit. You'll be stopped by two dogs sniffing you down.

Also, there is an enemy called Jerry. His attacks last longer, making it very annoying to fight. To spare him, wait until he is alone, and ditch him through the ACT menu.
Now, the dogs are Dogamy and Dogaressa, a couple of dogs. They will attack with axes. Move between them, and sweep underneath them when they lift upwards. They also have an attack when two dogs bark out hearts. Dodge between them, or just find a way where they don't come towards you. Some of these hearts are blue, so remember to not move when you see them. To spare the couple, you need to roll in the dirt using the ACT menu to smell like a dog, and then pet both of them. Then spare them.

Once spared the couple, advance south. You'll find rocks and X's. The sign says that turn the X's into O's by walking on it, then press the switch. Do as the sign says, and head to the next room. Papyrus will be there, and he shows you a more complex puzzle than the last. The puzzle isn't so complex, and there is many different solutions to it. Here is one solution:

Even if you couldn't solve it, if you talk to Papyrus he'll help you do it. When you finish the puzzle and press the switch, head east.

There is another puzzle Papyrus has for you. It seems very hard. He'll tell you a very long list of instructions, and starts the puzzle. Even if this puzzle should be hard, the puzzle doesn't work again. If you tell him you don't understand the instructions twice, he'll just give you the instructions and let you go. Then, continue heading east.

You'll find dogs making snow dogs. Just go east. You'll find an X and O puzzle. Here is instructions:

Head east and you'll find two paths. Head east and you'll find lots of snowballs. Continue east and you'll be stopped by the last snowball. It's a Greater Dog!

This dog is very hard at times, it took around three times for me to beat him. His attacks are when he launches barks at you that are very fast, so you'll need to not keep your guard down and keep moving around and dodging them. He also uses a spear which changes from white to blue. This is the hardest attack he has. Move backwards when white and hold still when blue. To spare him, open the ACT menu, beckon to him once, pet him once, play with him once, and pet him two more times. Then, open the MERCY menu and spare him.

After sparing Greater Dog, head east. You'll find a puzzle set by Papyrus!! He doesn't use it, though. Skip through his dialogue as usual (Or read it if you want as usual) and head east once more. You'll enter the town of Snowdin.

There is lots to do at this town before continuing your journey. First, save at the save point, and then check out the shop. You can obtain some good items, look at the boosts and what they do and buy them if you'd like. All players should buy the bandana, though for a good defense boost. Also buy some healing items, these will be very useful in later battles. Equip the bandana or any armor or weapon using C. Also put healing items and stuff you don't need in the box.

Then, sleep in the inn. It doesn't cost any gold, despite what the inn owner tells you. The inn will also give you a temporary HP boost which will help you in upcoming battles.

You don't really need to check out Grillby's, unless you want to see some new monsters. You can also check out the library if you are interested in Undertale's story. You can't check out Papyrus's house. So, when ready, continue east.

As you walk away from Snowdin, the area will fill with snow. Papyrus confronts you in the shadows, and wants to be friends with you. But then he turns on you instead, so you have to face Papyrus!!

Now, this battle is a hard one. Papyrus turns your heart blue! When your heart is blue, you cannot move freely, as it makes you stay on the ground. The only way to dodge his attacks are by jumping!

So, Papyrus starts with easy to dodge bones, as they are short.

But also he starts using blue bones! Remember, if you see a blue bone stop. Take what Sans said as advice: Blue stop signs! Now, try sparing him through the MERCY menu. Then; he'll start his long string of bone attacks.

To jump, press Z. The longer you hold, the higher you jump. Use this to dodge the bones. Bones will also come at you from both sides of the screen. You'll also need to jump through small gaps in the bones. Get the timing down! Think of how high you need to jump, and think how long you need to push the Z button to dodge the bones. You also need to leap over bones like pyramids. You don't need time for your blue heart to fall down, you can just jump right away!

To spare him, just keep using the spare option using the MERCY menu. Like Toriel, it doesn't matter if the spare option is yellow or not. Just keep sparing, and dodging his bones. He'll be ready to use his special attack, but a dog will steal it. Don't keep your guard down though! Papyrus will launch a huge attack forcing you to jump way over all of his bones. Then, you can actually end the battle.

You can't actually lose this battle. If you lose, he'll capture you, but it's easy for you to escape. Once you lose to him enough, Papyrus will just let you through. Also, if you choose the date option in the ACT menu, you'll be on a date with him after the battle. Learn what happens below.

Okay, Papyrus will be mad he didn't capture you, but offer to be his friend to cheer him up. He'll give you instructions to exit the Underground, namely crossing the barrier. Then, head east and enter the third area in Undertale.

Date With Papyrus
If you want to date Papyrus, or hang out with him if you insulted him, go back to Snowdin, where his house was. He'll invite you inside and lets you explore it. Examine the couch (Z) for 20G. Papyrus will tell you a lot about his home and history as you examine things. If you run in and out of the kitchen quickly, he says you're giving him a workout. You can't head into Sans room, so head inside his room. Examine his things has you wish and talk to him to start the actual date.

You'll enter an encounter to date Papyrus. He "Stole" an official dating guide to help you out! He'll bring up a dating interface. Appease him by answering positively to his questions until you get your "Date Power" to max. He'll change outfits and ask you what you think.


Pick whatever you choose, and then he'll tell you to find his secret. Examine his hat and its spaghetti, of course! unfortunately, he won't go on a date with you and instead wants to be friends. Although, you can now call Papyrus on your cell phone whenever you like. He says different things in different rooms, so call him often!

Once done with the date, proceed to the Waterfall area in the next section.

Waterfall (Neutral Route)
You'll find a save point and a stand with Sans behind it. Save at the save point, and talk to Sans (This is an optional mission/scene). He'll invite you to Grillby's. Sans will order food, you can choose between fries and a burger. Pick anything you like as it doesn't affect the game (As this is optional). He talks about a strange talking flower that has been following his brother, Papyrus. He'll say it's just an echo flower (What you saw at his stand), but it sounds a lot like Flowey. Maybe it is!

After the meal, head back out of Snowdin and back to where Sans was. Save again if you wish, and when ready, head east. You'll find a waterfall with rocks falling down. Just cross the waterfall and avoid the rocks that will push you down. Head east and the area will be dark. As you head through the grass, you'll see a scene between Papyrus and a knight like figure. Papyrus said he met you, but hasn't captured you. The knight is Undyne, the head of the Royal Guard. She says that she'll take your soul herself, which is frightening to say the least.

As you head out of the grass, a monster kid will run out with you. He's obviously a fan of Undyne. He'll run ahead, and you should head east, following him. Save, and when ready, go onward.

In the next room/area, you'll find four seeds, called bridge seeds. When aligned, they form a bridge which allows you to cross the water. This puzzle is easy. To grab a bridge seed, press Z. And to put a bridge seed down (Must be in water), press Z once more. The first puzzle is easy, and doesn't need an explanation. After completing the first puzzle, walk across the bridge into the next area, which contains the last puzzle.

The last puzzle is a little more complicated. If you use the bridge seeds to parallel to the bottom right shore, you'll find a quiche under a bench, which you can grab as an item. To proceed, align the seeds as in the picture.

As you head north, Papyrus will call you asking what you're wearing. Don't worry, it doesn't change anything.

The north room (Named the Wishing Room) contains a lot of Echo Flowers. To continue, examine the far northern wall, opening a door.

In the next room, there are two new monsters:

First, Aaron. This monster is very weird compared to other monsters; but that doesn't matter! To avoid his "Handsome" attacks, stay high in the box and move side to side to get around his arms. To spare him, keep flexing at him using the ACT menu until he is "Out-flexed". Then you can spare him using the MERCY menu.

Lastly, Woshua. To avoid his attacks, move in a circle. You can easily learn his attack pattern, so once you learn it, you can easily dodge it. To spare him, pick Clean using the ACT menu, and grab his green water. Then you can spare him.

Now that you know how to spare the monsters in this room, this room is called the Wishing Room. Examine the signs (Z) to learn about the story. When ready, step on the last piece of land to ride across using a boat-like object.

When you reach the next room, Undyne keeps throwing spears at you!

Keep running forward. If you touch the spears, you'll have to dodge it in an encounter, which the spears do a lot of damage. To dodge the spears from initiating an encounter, its best to stay low, and move up.

When you reach the next room, Undyne will still throw spears until you run into the grass. She will comes toward the grass, near you, but don't worry! She will grab monster kid, not you. Monster kid will dash out ahead and Undyne will walk away.

In the next room, you'll find a save point. Save there. This area allows you to relax before continuing. If you want to go back to Snowdin (I don't recommend unless stocking up on healing items, which is very important in upcoming battles), head back left, and use the ferry monster on the dock near the grass.

Up ahead, you'll find Sans, who offers to let you look at the telescope. Knowing him, I'd know he'd pull a pra-Oh! I looked. Yes, as I thought, it's a prank. Anyways, if you head north, you can buy Nice Cream, that is very important or upcoming battles (Which defeats the point of going back to Snowdin). You can also use the box here, which you should use to get back you're healing items (If you put any. Yes, I said to put healing items in the box in the Snowdin section). You can't go anywhere east, so head south instead.

This area just stands out from the rest of the game. There are echo flowers everywhere, and the water somehow glows. Head south, and there will be a fork in the path. Go east, and you'll get the Ballet Shoes, which is very good if you are doing a genocide run or any run that involves killing monsters. After equipping it (It's optional but I recommend), go back to the fork in the path and advance south. Papyrus will call you again saying that he told Undyne what you're wearing; yay. Head east, then north.

Onionsan! All praise the Onionsan! We love Onionsan! Okay... Onionsan is here to spice your life up. Appease them for a bit and you don't need to stay there. Once appeased, keep heading east.

Yay; another fork in the road. Read the signs and the'll give you more information (If you don't already have enough). Go east and you'll find a weird statue. When further, you'll find umbrellas. Take one (Z) and take it to the statue. A music box will play a melody. After, go back, then north and you'll find a room with a piano. Use the piano (Z) and enter the inputs: Z, up, right, Z, down, and right. To enter the input, hold the arrow key, and then press Z. When you enter the inputs above, a door will open, leading you to a treasure. Press Z, attempting to obtain the treasure, but the text will state that you have too many dogs, which is weird enough. When you attempt to release the dog from your inventory, it will steal the artifact and give you dog residue. The residue is weird, using it will fill your inventory with more dog residue, but also gives you dog healing salad, which is a very useful healing item. You should put the dog residue in one of the boxes (Once you find a box).

Once ready, continue east, passing the umbrellas. You'll find a nice corridor with lots of puddles. Later in the path, you'll meet up with monster kid, still telling you about his love for Undyne. Keep following the path, and you get a nice view of the king's castle!


There are also a new monster: Shyren. She is ashamed of her singing, but you can encourage her. Hum at her using the ACT menu and you can spare her. If you keep humming, you'll preform a concert with her, and Sans selling tickets, which is very funny. Her attacks are music notes.

Once you head forward, there is a ledge that is preventing you from proceeding. Don't worry, the game hasn't ended yet; monster kid will help you! Don't worry about him, either. Once on top of the ledge, head forward.

Save in the next area and you can check the signs for more history lessons!!! Make sure you're HP is full, because things are going to get really hard.

When proceeding, everything will get dark. Yep; Undyne is here! This time, she'll strike spears at you from below, which is hard to dodge. Quickly run. You need to head southeast, but try to not head to dead ends. Once again, you have to avoid the spears in an encounter if they touch you. Once you head to the right way, you'll head to a dead end and you'll be forced to face Undyne. She'll cut the dock, sending you down.

When landed, some sort of voice will speak to you, or so it sounds. You'll wake up before you hear their name, which is annoying. You landed on golden flowers, which is a lot of nostalgia. You're in some sort of dump, covered with garbage. Head east and you'll find a save point. You should save as many upcoming battles will occur. Inspect some garbage and you can obtain Astronaut Food, which is also very useful because of upcoming battles. Oh; there's a dummy! It looks very similar to that dummy to faced and talked to in The Ruins. Try to leave, and the dummy will come to life! He is actually a soul inside of a dummy, and the dummy in The Ruins were actually the soul of his cousin. Now, you'll face the Mini-boss: Mad Dummy!


The cousin of the first enemy in the game!!!! Okay; this monster is very hard. You cannot attack him, as he just repairs himself, and talking to him doesn't do any good. He'll attack you with magic, shooting it from other dummies. To defeat this maniac, you need to guide the magic to the dummy. Don't worry, this doesn't affect a neutral route (Which this walkthrough is aiming for right now). Move to the opposite end he's shooting magic from, and make sure to stay at the top of the box when he's shooting from below. Eventually, the Mad Dummy will start to move around, meaning you need to time where the magic goes. The other dummies will sometimes turn red and fall toward you, so move out of their way. Try to launch the magic by moving from one end of the box at the last minute, dodging the magic and let it fly out to the dummy. Also you can also attempt to move across the side of the box.


Eventually, the Mad Dummy will start using missiles, instead of magic, but it's basically still the same. The missiles will circle around your heart, so swirl close to the top of the box and aim them toward the Mad Dummy. Yes, it's still the same concept. Once you have dodged it enough, he'll start the hardest attack yet: many missiles at the same time! You should use the Astronaut Food at this time if your HP is low. As a last resort, he'll throw a knife at you, which is easy to dodge. He doesn't have another knife, but he is still thrilled that you will be in the fight forever, never continuing. Unfortunately, Napstablock saves you from this devastating battle.

After the Mad Dummy is gone, Napstablock will invite you to his house. There is a save point (Where you should save) and many directions to go. If you head west, a small duck can carry you across the gap, letting you enter previous areas, such as Snowdin and previous parts of the Waterfall. I don't recommend going back unless you are in need of healing items, you will need it. Straight north is Napstablock's house. You can visit him, listen to his awesome music, lay on the ground with him, fun stuff! If you turn on his music, then leave, you'll encounter Woshua and Aaron, which is a bad thing since their hard to spare. To the northeast is Napstablock's snail farm, where you can participate in a snail race. Beating the race is impossible, so it's not worth wasting your gold. Northwest is obviously Undyne's house, as it is a fish house. To advance in the game, head east.

In the next area, you'll find another box, which is useful if you have any healing items you want to take out. If you have any, you should take out all of them. You'll also find a shop owned by Gerson, a turtle. He can teach you an Undertale history lesson if you want to hear it. You can also buy some items. You can buy the Cloudy Glasses if you prefer more invincibility frames. I recommend buying the Torn Notebook as you won't be using weapons much (Since you can't kill a monster for Neutral route), and the Torn Notebook gives you an invincibility bonus. When you have healing items, the Torn Notebook (If you choose), and full HP, continue east.

You can read the signs (With you guessed it, more history lessons) if you want. Ahead, you'll find an area with lots of mushrooms that light up when touched (Z). The area will be dark, so light all the mushrooms up and follow the path to the next area. This area is also where Temmie Village is, which is a major area later on. See the section below if you want to enter the secret area.

In the next area, there are new enemies:

First, Temmie. You probably noticed Temmie Village has Temmie in it. You'll know in the section below. Anyways, to spare it, talk to Temmie using the ACT menu. Then you can spare it using the MERCY menu. If you flex, Aaron will take it's place. I don't recommend it, as Temmie is an easier enemy. Try to avoid it's legs, rash movements will get you hurt.

Lastly, Moldbygg. This larger version of Moldsmal will emerge when facing a normal Moldsmal. To spare it, unhug it using the ACT menu. If you hug it, it will cover you in slime and slow your movements. Moldbygg's attacks are easy, just dodge it's circle attacks; you'll know the pattern quickly enough.

Now, the next area will turn dark unless you hit the lanterns on the walls. Try to move fast so you won't get lost. Aim for heading east.

You'll end up in another dark room. Head east until you find an echo flower. It will say "Behind you." And..... It's Undyne!!! She talks to you for once, saying that revealing that Asgore is the king who seeks the seven human souls. Wait... Toriel said that he would kill us in The Ruins! She'll charge and you, but monster kid interrupts and saves you. Undyne will pull him away, allowing you to escape. Head back west, then north.

The next room has a lot of echo flowers which tell a wish for some monster to reach the top of Mt. Ebott. The sign ahead tells that the angel from the surface will save the monsters, which sounds like you! Continue east.

Cross the bridge and monster kid appears. He'll ask if you are a human, and asks you to say something mean to him so he can hate you. The choice doesn't matter, but I like denying. He'll leave, but he'll trip and fall down the bridge. Undyne will confront you after. Run forward to save the monster kid and use Z. If you don't, Undyne will save her. After, if you don't save the monster kid, Undyne and monster kid will remark on your "cowardliness or lack of sympathy". If you do save the monster kid, he'll confront Undyne and make her retreat. Such braveness!

After, continue to the right. Head east until you reach a big cave. At the top is Undyne. Yep, this is it. The battle we've been waiting for!
Asgore has six souls already, meaning that you are the remaining soul. Undyne won't tell you much, because she challenges you. Save at the save point behind you, and head back up. Get ready for the hardest battle yet!!!

The battles we've been waiting for..... Undyne!!! At the beginning of the battle, she will turn your soul green. While green, you cannot move your soul. You're only option is to block her attacks using the spear she gave you. You need to move the spear in the direction of her attacks (The arrows) by using the arrow keys. It starts easy enough.

But it gets harder and faster. To learn to block these attacks, you need to look ahead, anticipate when her attacks will come to your soul, and judge their speed and get into the pattern. Eventually you will learn the it.

After a while of blocking Undyne's attacks, she will swipe her spear at you. Move down, dodging her attack. Then, flee. After fleeing, she'll turn you green again, meaning that you have to survive another round of attacks.

After once another round of attacks, move down once again, dodging her attack. Your soul is red again, meaning that you can flee again. After fleeing, Undyne will turn you green for the last time, meaning that you have to survive another round of attacks.

This time, there are backwards arrows. The backwards arrows come toward the opposite side they came from. Predict what side they will come towards you, and block them.

After the last round of attacks, move down for the last time, dodging her attack. Flee again, but she'll catch you again. Although, she doesn't turn your soul green. Keep fleeing until Papyrus finds you, and says that you should hang out with Undyne. Run past Sans and over the bridge. Congrats, you have defeated Undyne! It took around 30 times for me to beat her, and if you beat her in less than 5 times, you have surpassed me. Well, I suck at Undertale; so I don't really care. Anyway, when you cross the bridge, Undyne will attempt to follow you but collapses from the heat. Head to the cooler and grab some water. Then pour it on her. You HAVE to do this for a neutral (And Pacifist) ending.


She will leave, and you don't have to fight her anymore, which is a good thing. Now, you have multiple options: Go back and gang out with Undyne, as Papyrus suggested, or proceed through the story. I will be covering the Hangout with Undyne!

Hangout With Undyne
Head back to Undyne's house in Waterfall using the River Guy, who can transport you to previous areas. Papyrus will meet you there. Talk to him to start the hangout (Z). Undyne will let you in, and Papyrus will ditch you, leaving you and Undyne to talk. She'll make friends with you, eventually. Just play along and try to be nice. Feel free to look around her house, too. Sit down at the table to continue. You have to choose what drink to choose. Undyne will smash the table if you try to get up, so choose with her spear. You have to pick the tea, though because the tea is Asgore's favorite, and she used to train with him.

Since Papyrus isn't here, Undyne will make you cook instead. You can cook gently or roughly. It doesn't matter, but I like cooking roughly. Follow her instructions on the vegetables and the pasta. Press Z to stir the pot, then hold right on the arrow keys. Keep holding it until the whole place burns down! Undyne will challenge you again in an encounter! Don't worry, though, you don't need to fight. Use fake hit in the ACT menu to show you mean no harm. Even if you fight, you can't hurt her.


Now, you can call Undyne whenever you want. Head out and continue the game where Undyne collapsed, or go to Temmie Village with the instructions below.

Temmie Village
Temmie Village is a secret room found in the area with the light up mushrooms. Instead of heading northeast like you usually go to continue, go southeast to the corner of the room. Although you cannot see the path, you can still walk on the darkness and into the next room.


The village is home to
Temmie's. They're quirky creatures that are very weird; nuff said. There is a save point here where you should save and a box, that you don't really need right now.


If you head north, you can buy things at a shop owned by Tem, called Tem's Shop. You know that Dog Residue you got by the piano and told you to put in the box? Go into the box and grab the Dog Residue. Keep using it until you have a bunch of Dog Residue. Sell all the Dog Residue except one of them. Then keep using the Dog Residue until you have a bunch of Dog Residue again. If you keep using this technique, you can obtain infinite money. Use this as many times as you want. Well, there is more to this village than just infinite money. You can also buy Temmie Flakes, which only let you recover 2 HP. But you can use Temmie Flakes to spare a Temmie. The important part, though is to pay for Tem's college tuition. It's 1000G, but you can use the technique with the Dog Residue to buy it. REMEMBER: This takes a lot of effort and time to farm the Dog Residue. If you really want to do it, then keep selling the Dog Residue.

After paying for college, you unlock the Temmie Armor. The problem is it's 9999 gold. This is almost impossible unless you sell the Dog Residue 2000 minimum, which takes around 2 hours to achieve. But every time you die, the price is reduced. 1 death reduces the price to 9000G, 23 deaths reduces the price to 750G, and so on. When ready, proceed back to where Undyne collapsed.

Hotland (Neutral Route)
Head to where Undyne collapsed if you haven't already, and head east. Save at the save point. You can't do anything with these guards, as they don't recognize you are a human, so continue heading east and enter the laboratory. It's dark at first, and you can't examine anything. Further ahead, you'll find that you were monitored. Who monitored you? Continue walking further, and you'll find the answer.

A small monster will enter the laboratory. Yes, that is who monitored you. Dr. Alphys! She's the current royal scientist. Remember that hidden camera in the bush and the beginning of the game? That was her monitoring you! She'll tell you that she originally was going to capture you, but is now on your side. Alphys will tell you about a robot she created, Mettaton. This robot was programmed to destroy humans.

As soon as Alphys mentions him, Mettaton bursts a hole in the wall. Well, it's time for a game show! You'll enter an encounter with him. You can't actually fight Mettaton, so just spare him or use ACT commands to end your turn. To avoid losing HP, you have to answer questions! Although, these questions are unfair and almost impossible to answer on your own, so Alphys is here to help you! She'll flash the answer to you with her hands. If you somehow don't know the answer's, here it is.

D, C, B, D, A, D, Any answer for "Would you smooch a ghost?", C

When Mettaton asks about the anime, "Mew Mew", Alphys will interrupt, giving you the answer. Once answered that question, Mettaton will ask an odd question:

Feel free to ask whatever you like, as it doesn't really do anything. Once done with the game show (Which is actually just the pilot), attempt to leave the lab by heading east. Alphys will stop you and upgrades your phone. Now, your phone has two boxes, meaning you can obtain items whenever you'd like, not worrying about filling up your inventory. Feel free to put the remaining Dog Residue in the box, as you don't really need it other than money making. You also have the option to receive texts on your phone. That doesn't really do much, later in the game you'll see that texts are the opposite of good. Anyways, you can look around the lab if you wish. Examine the fridge (Z) to obtain a healing item. Namely, Instant Noodles. When ready, continue right.

Alphys will immediately text you. Why texting is bad? Because Alphys texts you very often throughout your journey. Anyways, head north. You'll encounter two new enemies:

First, Vulkin. Just encourage her using the ACT menu to spare her. Vulkin's attacks are very easy to dodge, so no worth telling her attacks.

Lastly, Tsunderplane. To spare it, approach it using the ACT menu, and then touch the green zone in it's attack. Then spare it.

Walk along the left conveyor belt and the next left conveyor belt too. A save point is ahead, so save there. There is also multiple vents that lead to different places. To continue, head right, then up, then right again. Then head south to enter a new area. There are still vents, but this time, they flip to different directions. Step on it when pointing left to get the Burnt Pan. I don't recommend equipping this as you can't kill any monsters, and if you bought the Torn Notebook back in the Waterfall area, you should keep it as it's more useful than a fighting weapon. Go back north, then keep heading north along the arrows. Alphys will attempt to call you but hangs up.

Before you reach the lasers, Alphys will call you again saying that blue lasers, like blue attacks, don't hurt you when not moving. Orange lasers, like orange attacks, let you walk right through. Just walk through the orange lasers ahead, then stop to let the blue lasers pass over you. If you hit a laser, you have to dodge one in a encounter. At the end of the room, hit the switch (Z) to deactivate the lasers, letting you go back without dodging them.

Alphys will call once again pointing out that you need to do more puzzles to go further. Oh great; she suggests that you go right first, so lets follow her orders. Head east, and enter the door. Touch to sign-like object to start the next puzzle. To solve it, you have to shoot the arrow on the other side. When one black block is on the side, and another black block is on the top or bottom, shoot the block on the top or bottom and then shoot the arrow. The hard part is you only have two shots, so you can't mess up.

After solving the puzzle, head back to the "Lobby" and head left instead of heading right, like you previously did to start the puzzle. In the next room, there is a blue laser that doesn't move. That is impassible, but not for Alphys! She hacked "into th-the Hotland laser database and take it out!" Then, pass the deactivated laser and enter the door. This puzzle has the same concept, and you have the same amount of shots, but there is more blocks. To solve this puzzle, align the blocks (They align itself actually) like this and shoot twice.


After solving the last puzzle, head back, and east to the "Lobby", and head north to the big door. Go east using the steam and head right. You'll enter a dark room. Alphys will call you and hacks into the light system to "Brighten it up!" You'll be in some sort of cooking room. Oh, Mettaton once again!


To make the cake, you'll need sugar, milk, and eggs. The ingredients are found in plain sight, on the table. Grab all the ingredients by pressing Z and put them down on the counter by pressing Z again. Oh- We're missing the most important ingredient; YOU! Mettaton grabs a chainsaw and attempts to kill you. But Alphys calls Mettaton, interrupting it, and tells it to have a substitution as an ingredient, because what if the human was a "Vegan". When you head east and attempt to grab it, the counter blasts off into the sky. Luckily, Alphys does it again! Your phone also has a "Jetpack" option, which sounds awesome enough. Alphys already turns the Jetpack option on, even without you accessing your phone. Now, you will blast off. Mettaton is above you throwing the ingredients. Avoid the ingredients and get to the top in less than a minute. Use the arrow keys to move left and right.

Once you have reached the top, it turns out Mettaton already baked the cake, and lets you go. Then, head east. There's a save point ahead, where you can save, and a good look at the core, one of the last areas in the game. Alphys will explain what the CORE is over the phone, and you can proceed right. Head inside the elevator and Right Floor 2. The Left Floor 1 will take you to the beginning of the Hotland, so no use going there. In the Right Floor 2, there is a new enemy: Pyrope. His attacks are bombs that make huge explosions, so stay away from all of them. To spare him, "Crank Up The Heat" twice using the ACT menu and then use the MERCY menu to spare him.

Proceed left and you'll find Sans (If you haven't killed Papyrus, which you shouldn't have if you were following the neutral route walkthrough) who sells hot dogs. You should buy a couple if you have the money, as the extra healing items are useful. When you reach a fork in the road, head south and you can obtain a Stained Apron, which I recommend equipping. Once ready, head west and proceed.

You'll find a conveyor belt, Alphys will explain that you need to hit all three switches in three seconds. You can hit a switch by pressing Z. Unfortunately, Alphys interrupts you before hitting the last switch, but you can still proceed.

The next area is a huge puzzle with steam vents. It takes a very long time to complete, but with these instructions, you can complete it very easily:

Left, down, down, up, down, left, up, up, left

Ahead, there is a save point. Save there and head west. Ahead, you'll be stopped by two guards, who finally recognize you as a human, unlike the beginning of Hotland. Time for a battle!


These Royal Guards are an enemies not hard, but not the easiest enemy you'll face in the game. They use an attack that moves from the top and bottom. They bounce from side to side. There is a rhythm that is easy to know. Once learnt, you can easily dodge their team attack. To spare the Royal Guards, clean R2's armor using the ACT menu, and then move your soul into the green armor piece that flies around until it's cleaned, and eventually, R2 will take his armor off. Then, whisper to R1 and they become a couple! Then, you can spare them.

Head left, up, and around. It'll be dark again. I just know it's Mettaton, and it is! This time, you're on a news broadcast.


He'll ask you to find something to report on. Walk around and find an object. You have two options after examining an object. Report on it or find something else. You have to report eventually, though. Mettaton will tell you that the object is a bomb, and you have to defuse all the bombs. Alphys saves the day again! You have a Defuse program on your phone, but you don't have to use your phone, once again. Just examine the objects and you'll be in a encounter. Use the ACT menu and select "Defuse Bomb" when the bomb is inside the green line. You don't have to do this in two minutes, unlike what Mettaton says. The time cannot run out.

Once defusing all the bombs, Mettaton will instead make the big bomb blow up in two seconds. And yes, Alphys helped us once again with her expert hacking skills! Mettaton will run away and Alphys will hang up. Continue the path and into the next room. You'll get another good look at the Core, and you can head keep heading left until you find the L2 elevator. Head up to L3. To the right there is a spider bakesale- like station where you can buy things. Don't bother as the prices are big (Unless you want to go back to Temmie Village and farm more gold). Just head east and you'll find a steam puzzle. Attempt to head up using the steam vents. Then, head north to the door, entering a puzzle room.

You know the concept of these puzzles, so here is the solution:


After completing the first puzzle, head to the steam puzzle and head south to the second puzzle. The second puzzle has lasers, and you'll have to dodge their blue and orange attacks when the lasers light up. Head forward and enter the door. Now the last puzzle! Here is the solution:


After finishing the three puzzles, head left to go back to the steam puzzle by conveyor belt. Then head right using the steam vents and head through the door. There is a save point ahead where you should save. Take the Spider Donut out of the box using your phone, you'll need it for the next battle. Then, head into the building. You'll find lots of cobwebs and spiders. You'll get stuck in cobwebs and Muffet, the spider queen, will confront you. Get ready for the easiest battle of your lives!

Eat the Spider Donut, and she'll let you go. Thats all. If you didn't have the Spider Donut, you'd have to face a very hard foe. But since you have your Spider Donut (Which you should still have if you followed this walkthrough) you can skip the boss battle entirely. Well, you have skipped one of the hardest battles in the game. Good job reader!

Once Muffet lets you go, head east, entering the door. You'll find a poster featuring Mettaton, and that probably means Mettaton is nearby, yes. It's Mettaton time! Continue right and Mettaton will interrupt you. The robot will trap you with lasers, and you're only option is to wait through Mettaton's performance. Eventually, they will put you in the dungeon. This dungeon has a puzzle, the colored tile maze. This is similar to Papyrus' puzzle in Snowdin. Mettaton will somehow remember you faced this puzzle in Snowdin, and doesn't explain the rules, assuming you already know. They will actually make you do the puzzle this time, though. Don't worry, you can't lose this puzzle. It's extremely hard to complete the puzzle, although it is possible. Once you fail, Mettaton will throw the fire at you, but Alphys interrupts and stops the fire from killing you.

Alphys turns off the fire entirely, and tells Mettaton to go away, as the puzzle is over. Mettaton interrupts reminding that the green tiles trigger a monster encounter, and that monster is Mettaton himself. You now have an encounter with Mettaton! Don't worry, this isn't a real battle. Alphys put another feature on your phone, allowing your soul to be yellow and upside down. Once you activate the feature using the ACT menu, you can now shoot at Mettaton like a classic arcade game (Space Invaders, actually). Mettaton will (Sarcastically) remark that you defeated them and leaves. After the battle, Alphys will briefly call you. After she hangs up, head past the puzzle and up the stairs.

You'll end up in an area with a Nice Cream Guy. After his depression, he'll sell you Nice Cream. Buy this if you'd like. To the left is the stage, and to the right is an elevator, so the only interesting thing is to head north and proceed to MTT Resort, the only area blocking us from the Core, as Alphys says.

MTT Resort (Neutral Route)
If you examine the note, it will say to go up to the alleyway on the right for some "Great Deals". In the alleyway, there is a shop run by Bratty and Catty. The items are very expensive, such as the empty gun and cowboy hat for 350G, there is also an important item called the Mystery Key, available for a large 600G. This key allows you to enter another room in Napstablock's home. The room is home to Hapstablock, a ghost who befriended Alphys and later decided to become Mettaton. Yes, Mettaton is a GHOST! This room doesn't do much besides giving the information above, so it's not worth buying (Especially when I gave the information in the room, making the room useless when knowing the info). You can also buy Junk Food for 25G, that heals 17 HP. Feel free to buy this, and using the Dog Residue trick, you can easily farm a decent healing item for upcoming battles (Junk Food heals more HP than Nice Cream, although in Snowdin and Hotland it sells less money than Junk Food). Once ready, talk to Sans and he'll invite you to dinner.

He'll take you inside the resort and will talk to you about the end of your journey. In fact, you are close to the end of the game. There are only two area blocking you from the barrier. Anyway, he'll suggest you should reconsider leaving, and tells a story about how he met a woman behind the door in The Ruins by telling knock knock jokes. That sounds like Toriel, could it be? She told Sans to protect any human that exits the ruins. If she didn't...

Very creepy compared to regular Sans. Once he lets you go, you can freely explore the resort. If you head northwest in the resort lobby, you can stay inside a room for 200G. If you choose to spend the money, you can obtain more HP than the maximum. Also, if you knock on the rooms of other guests, they will ask you for items. If you give them the items, you'll be rewarded with gold. There is also a fast food place run by a monster, called Burgerpants. This is the last vendor and the game and also has the most expensive healing items. Using the Dog Residue, you can also obtain many very useful healing items for the upcoming battles. I'd recommend buying a Legendary Hero or perhaps a Steak in the Shape of Mettaton's Face. Like the text says: Don't ask. Please.

Once you have done all that, you'd explored all of the MTT resort. Head north by the resort lobby and head to the Core.

Core (Neutral Route)
Immediately, you'll find two shadows walk into the Core. Who are they, who knows? Alphys will briefly call you asking the same think we're thinking. After she hangs up, follow them and enter the Core. Alphys will suggest to try to elevator, nope, it isn't working. Alphys will suggest to head to the right. The right will have a dead end, so the last thing to try is the left. The shadows will confront you, and you'll encounter a Madjick. Madjick creates two orbs and they shoot crosses at you. Stare at one of the orbs twice or stare at both of the orbs using the ACT menu, and you have to option to spare it.

After sparing Madjick, the shadows will disappear and you can continue forward. Ahead, the area has a switch and lasers. Alphys will say that the
lasers will come in the order:

Orange, Orange, Blue

Turn on the switch and the lasers will come at you. Once you attempt to follow Alphys' instructions, the laser's actually come in the order:

Blue, Blue, Orange

No matter what, you'll be hit by it and will have to dodge it in an encounter. Once you cross, Alphys will call you and is shocked that you got hurt. She'll forget about the incident and will tell you to proceed right. Do what she says and in the next area there are three paths. Alphys will immediately call you again telling you to head to the right. She'll change her mind and tell you to go up. Once you head up, the shadows will be standing there and you'll be in an encounter with a Knight Knight. It will fall asleep if you hum or sing to it. If you sang with Shyren in Waterfall, you can put it to sleep in just 2 turns. If you didn't, you'll have to hum 3 times to put it to sleep. It's attacks differ on whether it uses the moon or sun. If it uses the moon, it will rain on you, and if it uses the sun, the heat will move in circles surrounding you.

Once you have spared Knight Knight, the shadows will disappear once again. Head right, like Alphys previously suggested, and you'll find lots of lasers. Alphys will hack into the system and turn them off for you, but they will immediately turn back on. To avoid damage, quickly run forward once she turns them off, and then stop, as the lasers are blue.


Once you cross the bridge, head north to the next area. You'll find a save point with three paths and signs to tell you where to go.

There is also three new enemies in this area.

First, Final Froggit. To spare it, mystify it using the ACT menu. The attacks are the same, but do more damage and are faster.

Second, Whimsalot. It will use butterflies to attack, some are green. You should move very quickly. To spare it, pray to it using the ACT menu.

Last, Astimagtism. Pay attention to what it says, it will depend whether you should pick on it or not. Pick the ACT command that it suggests.

Now, there are two ways to get past this maze like area. If you want to fight some enemies (Which I recommend this path, as it's easier and with the enemy guide it will be easier to fight the enemies , you should head north as far as you can in the center of the core until you find a bridge leading east, which you'll get past it. You can also head down the left side of the Core and find a path leading west, which has a puzzle in it. Here is the solution:


When you complete either of these, head back to the area where you saw "The End". The easier way is to just head back to the save point and go east.

When you pass where the electric gate was, you'll find a long bridge. Cross it. The bridge might contain some monsters. Once crossed the bridge, you'll find an elevator, a door, and a save point. Save NOW, there is a huge battle incoming. Enter the elevator if you want to go back to the beginning to the Core. Once ready, go through the door.

Head north, you'll find Mettaton waiting for you. He explains that Alphys wanted to be in your adventure, and sure; Mettaton is TIRED OF IT! He locks Alphys out, leaving you and him to face each other for the last time.


Check: 8 ATK 999 DEF His metal body makes him invulnerable to attacks. (By the way, I will edit this and put the check for all the enemies later. I just thought of putting this)

You probably noticed that your soul is yellow at the start of the battle. You used this yellow soul to blast Mettaton during your last encounter with him, but when you try to attack him with it, the attacks won't work! Like his check suggests, Mettaton is invulnerable to attacks. Just use it to end your turn, and begin it's turn. Mettaton will send blocks down on top of you. You can actually destroy his attacks though! Shoot the blocks using Z. When he uses an arm with a yellow block on it, shoot the yellow block to "Break" the arm. When there is a bomb and you shoot it, it will explode, sending a vertical blast across the box.

After a few turns, Alphys will call you on your phone. She explains one way to beat Mettaton, turning the robot around a press a switch. After Alphys' explanation, turn him around using the ACT menu. This will activate Mettaton's vulnerable form: Mettaton EX!


Check: Mettaton EX 8 ATK 1 DEF His weak point is his heart-shaped core.

Forgetting about whatever this is, you can see this rating meter on the top left. You need 9,999 ratings to spare Mettaton EX, so lets get acting! Here are things to raise your ratings:

  • Getting hit gives a violence boost of 10 to 50 points.
  • Shooting anything during Mettaton's turn.
  • Eating food sold by Burgerpants will give 300-500 rating points, but the Steak in the Shape of Mettaton's Face will give 700 points instead. Eating Junk Food gives the 'Eating garbage?!' penalty of 50 points. All other consumables have no effect.
  • Equipping a different piece of armor will give 1,500 points as long that piece hasn't been worn previously during the fight.
  • Using the Stick will cause it to be thrown at Mettaton. He will catch it in his mouth and ratings will boost by 700 points. Repeating this action will give 1 point. Using the stick after Mettaton has lost his arms and legs will instead give 1,400 points.
  • Using the Boast action will cause ratings to shoot up during Mettaton's turn, but taking damage will cost 100 points and stop the rating spike.
  • Using the Pose action will give 100-1000 points, inversely proportional to the amount of health the protagonist has left.
  • Using the Heel Turn action will increase the aforementioned violence boost to 100 points. This is more of a risk as it requires the protagonist to get hit.
Early in the battle, Mettaton will ask the protagonist to write an essay about what they like most about him.
  • Writing "LEGS" earns 350 points, which is the highest amount, being the 'correct answer.'
  • Writing "TOBY" earns 300 points, Mettaton saying that Toby sounds sexy.
  • Writing "DANCING" earns 250 points, Mettaton saying that he's self-taught.
  • Writing "VOICE" earns 200 points, Mettaton commenting that he has the voice of a siren.
  • Writing "HAIR" earns 200 points.
  • Writing anything that doesn't meet any requirement will earn 100 points.
    • Writing certain words like "fabulous", beautiful", radiant", and "personality" make Mettaton comment on them.
      • Writing nothing earns 80 points. Mettaton is not surprised that the protagonist is speechless.
        • Writing any curse word loses 150 points, Mettaton exclaiming that the show is family-friendly.
        • Writing a word that Mettaton deems insulting will prompt him to tell the protagonist that this is an essay about him, not them.
      • Writing a lot of letters with no sense will result in Mettaton being impressed that you wrote so much about him, even though he doesn't know what it means.
In terms of attacks, use your yellow soul to dodge them. Shooting it's legs result in them flailing back, giving you a chance to dodge them. Do not shoot bombs unless you need to get past.

When his heart is exposed, shoot it as much as you can. Eventually, he'll lose his limbs. When he uses a disco ball, shoot the ball so the lights will turn blue. The blue lights won't heart you when you don't move. When you see a bomb and an indestructible block together, you have to shoot the bomb, then move quickly to the right to let it explode and blow up the block.

He'll spare you when you reach 10,000 ratings. Congrats, you have beaten Mettaton EX. Your journey is about to end, but you still have to get past New Home. Alphys will rush in immediately. Mettaton hasn't died, though. It's just it's batteries. Head north, the only direction you can go at the time. You'll be interrupted by Alphys briefly, she'll keep talking to you as you head to the elevator. Once reached, open the elevator and Alphys will stop you. She'll say she lied to you. It doesn't take just a human soul to cross the barrier, you also need a monster soul. She'll declare that you need to kill Asgore to cross the barrier.

Perhaps there is another way? We'll see. Head up the elevator, and enter New Home!

New Home (Neutral Route)
As you step off the area, the area will look colorless. Ahead, you'll find a save point. Save there and head north. Weirdly, you aren't filled with determination when you save. Weird! You'll find a broken elevator and New Home. The area appears to be very similar to the area we got the Toy Knife in The Ruins. Proceed east, then north. You'll find a room very similar to Toriel's, but doesn't have to color in it. Feel free to save at the next save point, as there is many save points in this area. When you walk inside the house, you'll encounter monsters telling about the story about the first human who entered the Underground.


The prince of the Underground, Asriel, found the fallen human and befriended them. Grab the two keys, and feel free to explore the area. In the room where you previously had in Toriel's house, you can find two presents: The Dagger and the Heart Locket. Equip these items as you'll need them later. Open the basement using the keys to know more about the story.

One day, the fallen human became ill and eventually died. Asriel took the human's soul and crossed the barrier to bring the human's corpse back to its village. The villager attacked him. When he returned to the Underground with the human's corpse, he died, spreading his dust around the garden.

Proceed until you find an elevator. Head south and into the Last Corridor. As you cross it, you'll be stopped by Sans. He'll judge you on the progress you made in the game. If you followed this walkthrough, he'll let you pass. If you attempt a Genocide Route (Which is later in this guide), you'll encounter a big battle with Sans, which he is the hardest enemy in the entire game, even stronger than the final boss.


Sans will also comment that LOVE stands for Levels of Violence, which your LV 1 is a good thing after noticing this. You earned love, not LOVE. You made friends and stuck to your morals. He says you have two options: let Asgore kill you or kill him. Once Sans will let you pass, continue down.

If you wish, you can go inside Sans room at this point. Go to the end of this guide and check the secrets section.

Walk upward to another save point. Save NOW. This door on the north will lead you to the throne room. If you head right and down, you'll find coffins, each with a different colored soul. These are the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th human's coffins. The first coffin is yours. Asgore is ready to capture your soul. Once ready, head to the throne room. The throne room has lots of flowers. Head forward. You'll confront Asgore. He'll turn around and find you. Asgore realizes who you are and is prepared to fight. He'll say to go through the door to the next room to fight him. Make sure you have the best items for this battle. Make sure you have the Butterscotch Pie. If you have eaten it earlier, you'll have a much harder time in this battle. Also have a Legendary Hero or Steak In The Shape Of Mettaton's Face as a backup (You can obtain the items at MTT Resort by Burgerpants. If you don't have it, go back to Burgerpants before confronting Asgore).

Once ready, head through the door. The area seems identical to the one in the start of the game. Asgore will compare the battle to a visit to the dentist, and heads forward. Follow him until you find a door, the door that led to Flowey in the beginning of Undertale. Save at the save point, as it's the last save point you'll ever encounter. then, head through the door. The door leads to the barrier, as Asgore explains. But, you cannot leave just yet. Select continue (Unless you have more things to do before fighting him), and the six souls will rise up inside containers. One container is empty: thats for you. Asgore will become his serious form, and you'll start the battle; the battle you've been waiting for since you first launched this game.


Before the battle starts, Asgore breaks the MERCY menu. You're only way is to fight. Here are his attacks (From the UT Wiki)

  • Several waves of small fireballs from the top of the screen, which move in curving patterns. The protagonist must maneuver their SOUL between the waves as they undulate.
  • Smaller waves of small fireballs that move down the middle of the screen interspersed with massive clouds of projectiles that cover entire sides of the screen. Dodge the small waves, and get out of the way when a box marked with "!" appears.
  • Partial circles of fireballs that gradually spiral in around the Bullet Board. Find the gaps in each ring and move through them in sequence, but be careful - some of them spin faster than others.
  • His hands move along the sides of the screen, leaving behind large fireballs that move towards the protagonist's SOUL after all the bullets appear. Stay out of the hands' way and wait for the fireballs to begin moving before getting out of their way - they home in on the spot where the SOUL was when they began moving.
  • Rings of large fireballs fire from the top of the screen, gradually moving from one corner to the other. Weave between the fireballs as they come.
  • Asgore's eyes flash blue and orange randomly, followed by sweeping strikes of his trident hit the entire Bullet Board. This uses blue and orange attacks.
When Asgore's eyes flash blue and orange, remember the order! Move when he signals orange, then stand still when he signals blue. If you're having trouble, talk to him three times. This will lower his ATTACK and DEFENSE. Also note that his attacks will only knock you down 1 HP and won't kill you if your HP is higher. Overall, use healing items when you need them, and especially use the Butterscotch Pie if you have it to max out your HP and also lower his ATTACK and DEFENSE.

Continue to fight and dodge Asgore's attacks until he kneels in defeat. Congrats, you have beaten Asgore. It will give you an option to kill him or spare him. For a Pacifist ending (Which this guide is wanting you to do, so I really recommend), you have to spare him.
Spare Asgore, and he'll offer to keep you as a part of his family. But Flowey interrupts, killing him. He'll remind you that:


Then, the game crashes. Don't worry, your game isn't malfunctioning! This is intentional. Reopen the game.

You'll see that the game is different. The introduction is corrupted, and your save file is gone. The name is Flowey, the LV is 9999, obviously showing that Flowey's Level of Violence is 9999, and the play time is 9999:99. Open the save file, and you'll appear in a dark, empty room. Head north and you'll find a save point. You HAVE to save to continue the game. You'll once again not be filled with determination. Attempt to save, and the save box will crack. The second time it cracks, your save file has been erased. The save box will completely crack, and you'll find that Flowey was the one who erased your save file. Flowey will thank you for hurting him, and has obtained six human souls. He announces that when he obtains your soul, he'll become a god. He'll then transform into the monster that he is: Photoshop Flowey.

This final boss of Undertale is very different. The attack box is gone, so you have unlimited space. You also can't attack on your turn. Here are Photoshop Flowey's attacks. Once you learn all of it's attacks, you'll have an easier way to defeat him: (From Undertale Wiki)

  • Flowey shoots X-shaped bullets that cover a wide arc.
  • Flowey shoots X-shaped bullets in triplets on both of his sides.
  • Flowey shoots flamethrowers near his arms which throw a wave of short-lasting fire.
  • Flowey will shoot a large beam from his mouth through the center of the screen. This is warned with the mouth slightly ajar with the blue beam being charged.
  • A harmless red circle will appear around the SOUL; bullets appear outlining the circle, then close in on the middle and ricochet away.
  • Flowey shoots a bunch of vines that are concentrated at the protagonist's SOUL, marked by indicators.
  • Flowey can grow a venus flytrap out of one of his cactus hands, which will suck in flies that deal damage.
  • Flowey will drop nuke-shaped bombs with his face (As a flower) on them from the top of the screen in large amounts.
  • Flowey will grow small finger gun plant stems from the sides of the screen which shoot the fingers; the fingers have Flowey's face on their ends.
  • Flowey fires three cactus-like snake circles which richochet off the walls, the largest circle with a mouth.
  • During the third and fifth phases of the battle, Flowey will occasionally save a file before launching an attack. If the player dodges the attack, he will load the file, repositioning the protagonist's SOUL and his attacks to when the file was saved. If the player dodges the attack a second time, he will not load the file again. This can disorientate players, so they should watch for when Flowey saves.
  • After surviving Flowey's attacks for a certain period of time, a "WARNING" message appears on his TV head while a siren is heard from the human soul to be fought and teleports the protagonist's SOUL into an isolated area. Bullets are used, but they do not fully deplete the player's health. These points in the battle can be passed without using the ACT button, but it will make the following attacks more difficult and the battle will not progress.
    • The first soul uses numerous knives that spin and move around the screen in unison. One of the knives is replaced by the ACT button, and the knives turn into green bandages a few seconds after the ACT button is used. This attack supposedly represents the Toy Knife found in the Ruins.
    • The second has hands in a circular motion, that move around the screen together, spinning slowly and reaching out to hit the player. One of the gloves is replaced by the ACT button, and the gloves turn green a few seconds after the ACT button is used. This attack supposedly represents the Tough Glove found in Snowdin.
    • The third has a line of stars that limit the player's window of movement. Ballet shoes scroll in from the side, rising up and down. One of the shoes is replaced by the ACT button, and the shoes rise up to the top of the screen while the stars turn into green notes a few seconds after the ACT button is used. This attack supposedly represents the Ballet Shoes found in Waterfall.
    • The fourth has two lines of books on the side, with negative words scrolling horizontally from the books. One of the words is replaced by the ACT button, and the words turn into green positive words a few seconds after the ACT button is used. This attack supposedly represents the Torn Notebook that can be bought from Gerson in Waterfall.
    • The fifth has three frying pans that flip fire below them. One of the fire balls are replaced with the ACT button, and the fire balls are replaced with fried eggs a few seconds after the ACT button is used. This attack supposedly represents the Frying Pan found in Hotland.
    • The sixth has a gun which shoots bullets toward the protagonist's SOUL. These are marked by red targets. One of the bullets is replaced with the ACT button, and the bullets turn into four-leaf clovers while the targets turn into hearts a few seconds after the ACT button is used. This attack supposedly represents the Empty Gun that can be bought from Bratty and Catty in Hotland.
Now, use the ACT button by pressing Z when you're soul is on it. You'll call for help, and like the attack section above says, you'll have to continue the battle using the ACT button. You also need to use the FIGHT button with the same concept to attack Photoshop Flowey. Dodge his attacks as much as you can, as you can't use any healing item in this battle. Here is a strategy for some of the attacks:

  • Flowey's attacks are difficult to dodge:
    • Moving short distances to dodge Flowey's vines and bullets will save enough room to dodge effectively.
    • Try not to linger at the bottom of the screen as this may provoke Flowey into using his beam attack. That said, moving side-to-side at the bottom-center of the screen will help in evading the flamethrower attack.
    • The protagonist can touch Flowey's body without taking damage, so get as high as possible to avoid the explosions from Flowey's bombs.
  • During the attacks of the Six Humans, there will be an "ACT" button that can be activated using the "Z" key. The protagonist will then call for help, and the attacks of the SOULs will turn into green attacks shortly after, healing the protagonist. The SOULs' attacks deal damage, but they will not kill the player.
Once you called for help enough times, all of the souls will confront and heal you. The battle will go back to Flowey, but his DEFENSE is dropped to 0. The battle will continue as usual, but the souls will give you green attacks to heal you constantly. Once the fight option has appeared, use it and you'll deal a lot of damage compared to before. The fight option also appears constantly, so you can defeat Flowey easily. When his HP is all gone, he'll finally be defeated.....?

Flowey has loaded Save File 3, and has full HP. Damn...... He kills you, and loads the save file again, damn once again. He takes advantage of the Save Files to kill you: kill you forever. When he uses his pellet attack, he mocks you and gives you the ACT menu. Use the ACT menu, and nobody came. He attempts to kill you with his pellet attack, but you still survive, it seems kinda like the first part of the game, where Toriel saves you from Flowey. Could it be..? He loads the Save File again, but it failed. Has he perhaps lost his god-like powers? The souls are against Flowey, and is ready to kill him. The souls will make him restore to his original form, and you have the option to kill or spare him. Do as you want, but if you spare Flowey, he'll give you a little tip. This guide will show the tip, so it doesn't really matter.

If you spare Flowey, he'll eventually flee. If you kill him, he'll in fact, be dead. Head forward and enter the door. Congrats, you have completed Undertale.

Undertale Neutral Ending

You'll see some brief credits at first, then receive a phone call from Sans. He'll comment if you had the Snowman Piece with you at the end, then he'll tell you about what has happened in the Underground since you left. The queen, Toriel, returned to rule upon the death of Asgore. She has a policy that insists that humans will be treated as friends, not enemies. All the human souls are gone, meaning the monsters have little hope of escaping anytime soon.

He'll hand the phone to Papyrus. He's now captain of the Royal Guard, though they don't do anymore fighting. Undyne will interrupt if you befriended her. She says the Royal Guard was disbanded except for Papyrus. Her and Alphys are determined to find a way out of the Underground for the better of monsters. She is sad that Asgore died, thinking you killed him. Undyne talks about how she's reclusive and something is bothering her.


Hm... That isn't the best ending, is it? If you had spared Flowey, he'll show up saying that you didn't help the monsters, as they are now trapped for a long time. He'll give you a tip on obtaining a better ending. In the meantime, Flowey will suggest making friends with Alphys.


The game will reload, and you can play the game again. The section below is showing how to complete the True Pacifist Route. This route is a continuation of the Neutral Route, and is post-game. You can start the True Pacifist Route by continuing your save file. Instead of fighting Asgore again, attempt the instructions below.

Please note that you had to befriend Papyrus and Undyne, not kill any monsters, and of course, complete a Neutral Route. This route brings a happy ending to the game.

Date With Alphys (True Pacifist Run)
Go from New Home to the Core and to MTT Resort. Once you attempt to enter MTT Resort, Undyne will ask you to deliver something for her. She's in Snowdin, so use the River Person in Hotland to get there. To get to the River Person, head to the elevator and use Left Floor 1. Head down once you see the save point.

Talk to Undyne at Papyrus' house, she'll ask you to
deliver a letter to Alphys. Head back to Hotland and to the lab. Alphys thinks YOU want to go on a date since the letter isn't signed. You'll enter an encounter-like interface. She'll get dressed, and when the date is about to start, she'll give you items to increase you're "Affection Rating". All the items are useless to you, so she doesn't give you any and the date starts. The date starts very awkwardly. Alphys asks if you like anime, you can choose whatever you want, but Alphys likes anime, so I recommend saying yes. She'll invite you to a Garbage Dump, which apparently is her favorite place.

Once you and Alphys enter the dump, Undyne also enters the dump, too. Alphys hides, and Undyne will eventually go away. Eventually, Alphys will role-play with you. Undyne will interrupt, and Alphys will attempt to tell the truth. Undyne will throw her in the trash can.


Alphys thinks Undyne will train her, but no, Papyrus interrupts. Yes: Papyrus is going to train her. Undyne asks you if anime is real, and she actually loves it, despite what she said earlier. Then, she comes with them, leaving you in the Dump.

True Lab (True Pacifist Route)
You land into the flowers, like before you faced the Mad Dummy. Ahead has a save point, like usual. As you head out, Papyrus calls you saying that Alphys and him finished training. He also suggests that you go to Alphys' lab. Head out of the Dump and use the River Person to head back to Hotland.

Head inside Alphys' lab and Alphys will be nowhere to be found. Head into the elevator and it malfunctions. It falls and a black screen briefly appears. You'll be back in the elevator. Head outside and into the True Lab. As you head east, you'll find signs on the walls. If you read them, it will tell a lot about the history of the True Lab. Alphys attempted to find a way to break the barrier with monster souls by using a power called DETERMINATION. Yes, you've been filled with DETERMINATION this whole journey. Head north and you'll find a save point.

Buy the Potato Chisps by using the vending machine, and head left, as it's the only area you can enter currently. The panels as you go explain that fallen monsters were experimented on, injected with DETERMINATION. Turn all the sinks on and the last one is white and has a face. Oh, it turned into three Amalgamates, named.....
Blank, weird!

These enemies are actually called Memoryheads. If you use the Cell option using the ACT menu and Check it, it will display "Memoryhead." These Memoryheads have only one attack: Dots, which soon balloon into wiggling faces. The placement of these dots are random.


These enemies also have an ability to spawn an item in your inventory. This item is "Bad Memory". When you use it, it depletes 1HP, unless if you have 3 or less HP, which it will heal all HP. Just use it when you have the chance, as it doesn't deplete much HP. To spare the Memoryhead's, after using the Cell option, refuse to "Join Them" using the ACT menu.

After you spared the Memoryhead's, obtain the red key from the sink and head through the door ahead. Use the key on the button (Z), and go back to the lobby. Head through the northeast door, as the red key opened it. Head east. There will be more panels explaining that injecting the fallen monsters with DETERMINATION worked, bringing them back alive. There is an area that contains lots of beds. If you sleep on a bed with the covers on, a mysterious figure will tuck you in. Creepy! There's a bed on the right side in the middle row with messed up sheets. Examine the bed to obtain a yellow key. Head north.

The next corridor goes both left and right. Let's go right first. The room will be full of fans with a lot of fog in the air. Walk to the end of the room and use the switch to turn on the fans. Another Amalgamate will form in the room. Confront it for another battle.


This is Endogeny. Here is it's two attacks:

  • A sprite resembling the Annoying Dog (but with the Endogeny's signature orifice for a face) retracts its legs and reveals a rocket underneath its tail, using it to fly towards the SOUL in a straight line several times before the attack ends. This attack is capable of exiting the boundaries of the Bullet Board.
  • The dog appears to the right of the screen, first faceless but then developing the orifice. Then it stretches its legs, moving up and down while firing arrows towards the SOUL in a random pattern.
Don't stop moving and try to make abrupt turns so it misses you. To spare this monster, you have to do the exact setup of ACT commands as Greater Dog. Beckon it, then pet it. Play with it and finally, pet twice.

After you spared Endogeny, head back into the corridor and head west. When you see a door heading north, head inside. You'll find a bathtub and a figure inside of it. Examine the tub and obtain a green key. Then, continue west.

You'll find a large device in the next area. Head through the north door and use the yellow key on the button, and inspect the TV.

You can find a lot of the story at the TV. Once ready, go back to the large device. Use the save point, and it's an Amalgamate: Lemon Bread.

Lemon Bread has two attacks:

  • Widens the screen and inserts large teeth on the top and bottom, leaving a single safe zone. Bites down quickly.
  • Traps the SOUL with small teeth, leaving limited room to move. She fires flashing orbs from her eyes, located near the top of the screen.
Move to the spot with the missing tooth to avoid being bitten. After she bites down, move into the middle to be prepared for the next bite. To spare it, hum, flex, and unhug it in any order.

Once you spared Lemon Bread, go back and use the save point in the bedroom to heal yourself, then head to the left. You'll find a lot of fridges in this room. If you didn't turn off the fans, the room will be covered in fog. None of the fridges contain anything, even the moving one. When you try to head into the north door, one fridge will turn into an Amalgamate and attack you: Snowdrake's Mother.

Snowdrake's Mother is a hard enemy. Compared to the other Amalgamates, Snowdrake's mother puts up an underwhelming fight against the protagonist. She has various attacks, but most of them are harmless and occasionally impossible to touch due to them being outside of the bullet board. These attacks can vary from spinning blades starting from the top of the box and accelerating to the side, to the same blades falling outside of the box, to even blades that barely move, none of which will ever come into contact with the SOUL's starting position. The blades she uses are the same that Snowdrake uses.

Her most dangerous attack is where 1 to 5 spinning blades drop down from the top, but that doesn't even necessitate the SOUL to move to dodge and only causes one damage.

To spare Snowdrake's Mother, make a joke three times using the ACT menu. Then, she'll go away.

Grab the blue key Snowdrake's Mother dropped, and head through the north door. Insert the green key inside the slot, and head back to the beds. Save here and head right. This room has lots of flower pots, the same flowers you landed on before. When you read the panels, Alphys explains that she injected a flower with DETERMINATION. Perhaps Flowey? As you head through the room, an Amalgamate will stop you. This is the last enemy you'll face in the True Lab: Reaper Bird.

Although, this Amalgamate is once of the hardest. Here is their attacks:

  • Everyman appears to the right of the screen and has its head attacked by a swarm of butterflies, causing it to writhe in pain. The only way to be harmed by this attack is to intentionally run into the Everyman or the butterflies. (This is the first attack Reaper Bird uses and does not happen multiple times).
  • The Everyman, now headless, shakily walks to the left of the screen as the butterflies fly off.
  • The Everyman regenerates heads and tosses them, which hone in towards the player's SOUL.
    • Everyman appears to the right of the screen and has its head attacked by a swarm of butterflies, causing it to writhe in pain. The only way to be harmed by this attack is to intentionally run into the Everyman or the butterflies. (This is the first attack Reaper Bird uses and does not happen multiple times).
    • The Everyman, now headless, shakily walks to the left of the screen as the butterflies fly off.
    • The Everyman regenerates heads and tosses them, which hone in towards the player's SOUL.
To spare Reaper Bird, pick on it, pray, and mystify it in any order.

Proceed into the next room and use your blue key, then go back to the main lobby. You can now enter the huge door in the middle. Inside the door is what looks like an elevator, but it doesn't work. Instead, head left. The panels are turned off. Head into the next room, then turn on the power with the machine. A group of Memoryheads appear, but Alphys stops them. She explains how she discovered DETERMINATION and injected it into fallen monsters. The experiment failed, as the monsters eventually melted, and became a mix of monsters.


Head to the elevator, although you can read the previous turned off panels if you want. As you head inside, some unknown person calls you saying that everything has fallen into place thanks to you. Flowey...? The elevator closes on its own, and it goes back to New Home.

Back At New Home (True Pacifist Route)
The elevator is tied with vines, meaning you cannot leave New Home. Proceed to where you fought Asgore, as it's the only option you have. Save before entering the barrier.

Asgore is here, as usual. Before Asgore gets his spear, the same light that Toriel used at the beginning of the game
interrupts him. Yes, Toriel is here! She scolds Asgore for his actions. Undyne interrupts, too. Alphys interrupts, TOO! PAPYRUS interrupts, TOO!!!!! Then SANS interrupts, TOO!!!!!!!!!! Sans and Toriel have a big relationship. That person in the story in MTT Resort, that was Toriel! Mettaton interrupts briefly, too. They all say that you should stay in the Underground.
Alphys asks how Papyrus called everybody here? He says that a tiny flower helped him. Alphys knows that the "Tiny flower" is FLOWEY! Flowey grabs everybody and takes their souls. He traps you inside a tiny box and uses his pellet attack. Flowey attempts to kill you, but Toriel stops the pellets. Everybody stops the pellets! Not just Asgore, Undyne, Toriel, Sans, Alphys, and Papyrus, EVERYBODY! Although, Flowey takes their souls, and turns into Asriel, the prince of the Underground.

Asriel then turns into his real form. You better be ready, because this is the real final boss.

Like the text states, it's the end. This is the final encounter of your journey, and you need to finish it. You have two options in ACT: Hope, which heals 1 HP and reduces damage by 1 for the next turn. And Dream, which heals 3 HP and fills your inventory with Last Dreams, that heal 17 HP when consumed. Fighting is worthless, as you always miss, so use the ACT menu every turn. Asriel has many attacks, here are the many attacks Asriel uses:

  • Fire Magic: Copied straight from Toriel, Asriel uses this attack exclusively during the intro phase, before "the true final battle" begins.
  • "Chaos Buster": Asriel summons a blaster and fires waves of bullets telegraphed by lasers, and finishes with a charged beam. Dodge by moving when he fires three lines or the beam and remain still when he shoots four lines. The upgraded version, "Chaos Blaster", is faster, lasts longer, and adds an explosion of star-bullets to the final charged beam.
  • "Chaos Saber": Asriel hovers just above the battlefield and swipes each half with summoned blades, finishing by swiping both sides and releasing deadly sparks. Dodge by staying directly beneath him. The upgraded version, "Chaos Slicer", is faster and deadlier.
  • "Shocker Breaker": Asriel strikes the battlefield with bolts of lightning, which are forewarned by [!] boxes. The base attack simply strikes in an alternating striped pattern, first small than large. The upgraded version, "Shocker Breaker II", adds a series of targeted strikes after the small pattern, and then finishes by sweeping the battlefield left to right.
  • "Star Blazing": Massive stars rain onto the battlefield from above, exploding into rings of star-bullets when they touch its border, culminating with one extra-large star that releases three extra-dense bullet rings. The upgraded version, "Galacta Blazing", drops even more stars than before.
And... His final attack.

  • "Hyper Goner": Asriel's final attack. The battlefield expands to cover the whole screen, and a creepy goat-skull-face sucks in bullets and the protagonist's SOUL. Even if the protagonist does not dodge this attack, their HP cannot become lower than 1, and Asriel begins to use his full power.
  • Angel of Death: Asriel using his full power, however, his only attack is launching large fireballs from the sides of the bullet board that deals large damage.
Once Asriel uses his full power, you cannot do anything except Struggle in the ACT menu. Do this for a couple turns until you try to reach your SAVE file. You can't, but you can save someone else. Use to SAVE option that appeared, and select who you want to save. Once you select somebody, their lost soul will appear.


In order to save a lost soul, one must ACT to them three times until their memories come back. For Lost Souls that come in pairs, one can ACT four times towards one of the Lost Souls and the other soul's memories will come back too. Here are the attacks of the Lost Souls:

  • Undyne:
    • The Lost Soul throws arrows at the protagonist from all sides in Green Mode and they must shield themself from incoming spears.
  • Alphys:
    • Small rectangular Mettatons glide down on umbrellas and which toss hearts embroidered with the letter M as they reach the bottom of the screen.
    • Bombs marked with a plus sign moving downwards, which explode into lasers of a similar formation when shot with the yellow soul.
  • Papyrus and Sans:
    • The Lost Soul attacks the protagonist with a series of bones scrolling across the bullet box, which can be dodged by jumping. Blue colored bones are used, albeit seldom.
  • Toriel and Asgore:
    • The Lost Soul moves their hands along the sides of the screen and leave behind large fireballs that move towards the protagonist's soul after a moment.
    • Partial circles of fireballs gradually spiral in from around the bullet box.
Once you saved everybody, use the SAVE option one more time and select "Someone Else". Yes, you have called out for Asriel's soul. A cutscene will show Asriel finding a human and saving them. That is the first human. Use the SAVE menu to save Asriel again, but he resists. He uses the same attack, but is slightly slowed down. Continue to use the SAVE menu and save Asriel again. He'll explain that he wants to keep you in the Underground. Continue to use the SAVE menu until he unleashes his final attack.


Undertale True Pacifist Ending
But, you cannot die. Your DETERMINATION is too much, you are immortal with the amount of DETERMINATION you have. Continue to save Asriel as you're HP drops below 1 but over 0. Asriel will eventually be back to his normal form. He'll be weeping because of what he'd done. He'll reveal that the name you chose was the first human's name, and your name is Frisk.
You can forgive him for what he'd done, or don't forgive him.

Finally, Asriel destroys the barrier. But, he has to depart. Without Alphys, Undyne, Toriel, Asgore, Sans, and Papyrus, Asriel can't maintain his friendly form. He says goodbye, and leaves.

You'll be woken up by Toriel. They don't remember what happened, but know that your name is Frisk. Toriel suggests to take a walk. You should, as there are some changes. Here are a few:

  • Gerson has new stories to tell.
  • Toriel will send you text messages as you walk.
  • When heading to the start of The Ruins, you can find Asriel there. He'll give you information about the first human.
You can also talk to Toriel, Asgore, Undyne, Alphys, Sans, and Papyrus. They'll give you new text. When ready, head through the door ahead. Then, head through the next door ahead. The game will warn you that if you enter the door, your journey will really end. Head forward and exit the Underground.
You'll appear at the surface with your friends. The sun has just risen. Your friends talk about the surface, and Papyrus doesn't know what the sun is. Sans somehow knows, though. Asgore asks if you want to be their ambassador. I recommend being their ambassador. Papyrus wants a good first impression to the humans, and dashes off. Sans goes in the opposite direction, possibly creating a shortcut. Undyne follows Papyrus, and Alphys follows Undyne. Asgore goes away and you are left with Toriel. You can either live with Toriel or go away. Choose as you wish.

The credits will roll. Asriel will break the scene, and starts the Special Thanks. Try and dodge as many names as you can, as you can unlock a room if you dodge all of them.

After the credits, the game will show one final scene. This scene differs if you stayed with Toriel or not. If you stayed with her, this scene would play:


If you didn't stay, this scene would play:


When you reload the game, Flowey will talk to you about the nice ending and that maybe you should just leave Frisk and his friends alone. Resetting would just ruin everything. That's up to you, of course.

Well, you have completed the Neutral and True Pacifist ending. Look below for secrets, and another route!

The below is a guide for the Genocide Route. Unlike the Pacifist Route, you will kill every monster that faces you.


To complete this route, you need to kill all of the monsters. This means you must go through each area of the game until there are no monsters left. You must do this for all four areas in the game: The Ruins, Snowdin, Waterfall, and Hotland / Core. For each of these areas, you must keep killing until you get a message that says "But nobody came" before you leave the area. Additionally, your save points will say just "Determination." If you leave an area prematurely, you will lose the Genocide run and the game will proceed as a neutral route. You can Flee from fights, though, if you wish.

Because the Genocide Route goes through the same areas as the Neutral one, you should refer to the Neutral guide for help with puzzles. This guide is only for parts of the game that are different, like unique monsters and text.

Also, I recommend completing a Neutral and True Pacifist Route first. The Genocide ending will permenantly affect your game data and slightly corrupt future Pacifist endings. See the end of this guide for more details.

The Ruins (Genocide Route)
Kill Count: 20

The route starts off just like a Neutral Route. Check the Neutral Route section for help. In this case, you don't need to sparing
solution for monsters, as you need to kill them for a Genocide Route.


Kill all the monster's in the Ruins BEFORE facing Toriel, and kill 20 of them. You don't have to kill the Dummy or the first Froggit, or Napstablook. If you reach the kill limit before facing Napstablook, he'll disappear.

If you check the cabinets in Toriel's kitchen, the text will state "Where are the knifes."


Fight Toriel, and you'll kill her in one hit.


If you go back into Toriel's home after you kill her, the fire will be gone, the flowers wilted, and, if you check her oven, it says "No one will use this anymore..." If you sleep in your bed, you will get a message as if you've got a Game Over, and then the music will be very creepy in her house. If you look in the mirror, it says "It's me, [name]."

Leave the Ruins. Flowey will say you're not human. Head to Snowdin for more destruction.

Snowdin (Genocide Route)
Kill Count: 16

After Sans does the "Whoopie cushion in the hand trick", he notices you don't bother to laugh. You won't go behind the lamp when he tells you to, also. When you leave the area, Sans comments that you "Should keep pretending to be human", implying that you're not human.


In every save point, you'll find "[Kill count] left." You'll also find the kill count in your stats menu. The kill count shows how many monsters you need to kill to purge the area, or continue the Genocide Route. You don't need to kill Jerry, though. Don't fight Papyrus until you see the "But nobody came" message while engaging a battle.

Dialogue will be different in the Genocide Route, especially Sans' and Papyrus' dialogue. You'll walk right past the Electric Maze puzzle before Papyrus get's the chance to explain it. You don't need to do the X and O puzzles, and you also walk past the tile puzzle before Papyrus get's the chance to explain it. After the bridge and Papyrus' last puzzle, Sans says you'll have a bad time.

If you reached your kill count in Snowdin, everything will be empty except Monster Kid. Steal everything in the shop, and take the gold behind the counter. Head beyond Snowdin, and face Papyrus. He'll spare you. If you spare him, you'll end the Genocide Run. If you feel bad for him, and want to end the Genocide Run, spare him. Then, you'll no longer be a murderer. If you choose to continue the Genocide Run, attack him and you'll kill him in one hit. Papyrus says he believes in you, and he perishes.

Proceed to Waterfall.

Waterfall (Genocide Route)
Kill Count: 18

Sans is absent at his stand, and everybody's gone except Monster Kid. You have to all the monsters and get the "But nobody came." message before facing Undyne. When you proceed to the waterfall, the falling rocks are gone. Undyne will notice you, but not attack you. Monster Kid follows you, as usual. In the next room, the bridge seeds are already placed. Head through the hidden door and cross the water. Undyne will throw spears at you. Once again, if you touch the spears, you'll have to dodge it in an encounter. It's best to stay low, and move up.

Again, head into the grass and Monster Kid will save you from Undyne. Head forward. You can examine Sans' telescope, but you can't use it. Proceed through the shiny and light area. You should also get the Ballet Shoes for the damage bonus. Look at the Neutral Route guide for the location. Onion-San is absent. Continue.

You can still get the Dog Residue from the piano puzzle. Look at the neutral Route guide for the solution. Proceed east. Monster Kid will join you, too. When you get to the point where the ledge is, you'll climb on Monster Kid's back roughly, making them complain. But, he'll laugh it off.


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