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Underveil: Undertale AU - WIP Preview (Updated)

by kanarichan

fsfds3.png fsfds2.png UV_UTAU_FloweyPrev.png UV_UTAU_UndyneMTTmono_colourPrev.png
kanarichan because I'm impatient...it's taking forever...and I really like how Metta looks so far in that part.
Will remove the WIP whenever I get farther/finished with this.

Edit:// added another image 1/17/16
Edit:// staring at a black and white image for so long was driving me insane so I added some colours for my eyes to enjoy while I finish up the lines on the final 3 characters (in which you cant even see in these xDD) Also..Flowey.
  1. Asrizuma
    Excuse me, Underveil is the name of my AU I made last year. Would you mind changing the name?
    Jul 24, 2016
  2. voidaquariums
    *angrily tries to figure out cryptic writing on bottom*
    Feb 6, 2016
    kanarichan likes this.