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Umbreon's Destiny Chapter 4

by Shiny_Umbreon

Shiny_Umbreon A journey through the eyes of an Umbreon
I was at the pokemon center.I felt better from all the health I had lost.Along with the evil trainer's froakie.We were sent back to our trainer he sent us both out
"Hello today we start our training"The evil trainer said as he walked out the door.I had no choice but to follow him.
After a long day of training we camped outside during the night I went up a tree looking out at the moon,it's rays energizing my black and blue fur.
Meanwhile in the forest
I was searching the forest for my friend scence we were little.My fear is that he got captured my a pokemon trauner that is the main fear among wild pokemon.We were both shiny pokemon I was a shiny espeon and he was a shiny umbreon.We wanted to adventure and see the Kalos region together but then I had to move so the pokeon trainers couldn't catch us.I looked carefully through the trees and suddlenly I saw an shiny umbreon sitting in a tree his fur sucking up the moon's rays.I had a urge to run out there but there was a pokemon trainer behind him I didn't want to be caught but then I could be with him.I ran out infront of the tree,i th felt like someone was controlling me and made me run out.I looked up to the umbreon I knew instantly that he remembered me.The trainer stood up
"Wow a shiny Espeon"The trainer said
"Run!"The umbreon shouted
And I ran back into the woods no turning back.I knew I needed to find him again.

Sorry I haven't uploaded in a while hope you enjoyed!!
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