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Umbreon's Destiny Chapter 3

by Shiny_Umbreon

Shiny_Umbreon A Journey Through The Eyes Of An Umbreon
It has been four days scene I had to move my home. It was quiet no trainers indtruding. I have made two new friends here.Steve the magikarp and Gloria the hoppip.
I heard voices. . . .it sounded like the evil trainer.I swam across the lake and on to the tiny island in the middle.I hid behind a rock just to be safe.To my suprise the evil trainer just walked into my home
" wow... look froakie maybe we can find new pokemon here" the evil trainer said looking around.
I got lower on the ground in fear they would spot me.The froakie swam across the pond and got on the island. My heartbeatd so fast like a motor starting up on a racecar.The froakie spotted me he signaled the trainer to come over. He sent out his fletchling and started to fly over I dove into the water and started running towards the trees. The evil trainer somehow caught up with me while I was swimming.He hit me on the back of the head with a pokeball. I was sucked into the pokeball to my suprise it was a luxury ball I tried to escape. I heard rumors that you only had the tries to jump out by jumping to a certain level on the wall.I jumped once and I got past the mark.I smiled I wasn't captured. I was out of the pokeball I was still a wild pokemon. I ran on the shore. The froakie ran in and made bubbles and sent it at me I didn't bother dodgeing because who thinks bubbles hurt. . .to my suprise they popped right in my face and that made a rippling pain go through my body. The evil trainer through another pokeball to atempt to catch me.Again I was sucked inside the pokeball.I jumped once and I didn't make it anywhere near the line.I jumped a second time I almost reached the line but not quite.My fianal jump my fainal chance for freedom. . . I jumped and I didn't reach the line at all.I was now not a wild pokemon I broke down on the ground of my pokeball crying.I was let out this was my chance to escape I started running to the forest but the froakie jumped infront of me and again sent bubbles to my face
"Good work foakie"the evil trainer said
The froakie carried me back to my new trainer
"Hi"the evil trainer started" I'll be your new trainer Reese welcome to the team"
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