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Umbreon's Destiny Chapter 2

by Shiny_Umbreon

Shiny_Umbreon A Journey through the eyes of an Umbreon
I woke to the sound of voices. It was the Froakie and that trainer from last night.I had no where to hide so I just pretended to be like I was still asleep.When they came infront of my nest I heard them speak
"Look froakie a shiny Umbreon It is still sleeping the prefect opportunity to catch it" the trainer said
I ears perked up at the word "catch it " I opened my eyes a little bit to see if he was serious he was going through his bag.I quikly got up and ran. No idea where I would go but I started running and never looked back.
I got to the fartherst side of the forest
"I should be away from them now" I said to myself
I remembered what happened to my old friends they got captured my trainers. They couldn't refuse... well they could but they would get really hurt. Laila the gligar and Curt the Skiddo.I was out of breath I leaned up against a tree.After I fainally caught my breath I decided I needed a new territory my old one was not hidden.
I spent the day gathering supplies to make my new nest while searching for a location.I found a beautiful tiny pond hidden inbwetween the trees (like hidden grotoes) With a spot on land for mynest and the perfect part is along the trees there is a whole bunch of berry bushes. I had all my problams solved.
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