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Umbreon Mourns Too

by Danitza

Red shard glows under the ethereal moonlight, blissful aura powerfully shining out from the lavender colored fur. Spiky. When someone attacks, its fur bristles, eyes glisten and claws dig deep into the dark moist soil. It has always been like that. Now, just listening, it sits in peaceful tranquility. Lake also glistens at night. A soft, eerie fog appears friend to the water, very close, almost like a lover, kissing the sweet, silky lips of cold covers.
Espeon waits. It waits with the patience of Buddha, immobile, eyes closed, in a grave state of meditation. Inside itself it walks along paths of curved emotions, its subconscious holds the quintessence of its power. But it is a dark place to be in. So obscure, everything is real and has a vessel, therefore everything casts shadows. The Sun inside the lavender cat-like pokemon's mind is to blame. The more light, the more darkness. It has always been this way.
But there she sees her brother. It had been an Eevee, just like her. But know time and affection had changed their paths, appearances, and powers. She, daughter of the Sun, with all its miraculous energy. He, son of the Moon. A dark knight, a messenger of a force that only appears once the former has gone. She speaks to him in thoughts, the only real reason she summoned her conscious sleep.

To be continued...