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Umbreon Fights

by Peachy Ace

Peachy Ace An Umbreon Fight: Remastered
Midnight, a Shiny Umbreon, gasped for air, receiving a fatal blow to his chest. The Umbreon was wounded all over, and it looked as if he were to faint, but yet he stood. “I-Is that all you got, punk?!” Out from the shadows appeared an Umbreon, it’s rings golden. “Hmph, have I ever told you that gold i-is a terrible look on you,” smirked Midnight, despite it being a dire situation. The Umbreon said nothing, instead, firing a Dark Pulse at Midnight; to this, Midnight fired a Shadow Ball. The Dark Pulse would prevail against Shadow Ball, and in turn hitting Midnight; drastically damaging the Umbreon. The smoke would then clear, revealing Midnight, on all fours. It was all or nothing. “Heh, I’ve seen Magikarp stronger than you,” said Midnight, followed by a snarky glare.

“Persistent One, aren’t you,” said the opposing Umbreon. The Umbreon would fire a far weaker Dark Pulse, which only pushed Midnight to fainting as he jumped out of the way, falling to the ground. He was too tired, and injured to carry on the fight. “Well, turns out you aren’t even worth my time. This will be an easy take.” The Umbreon approached the exhausted Umbreon, each step feeling making Midnight fee less and less wary, fading closer, and closer to fatigue. “Such a shame as well, I’m sure the Boss would enjoy having a punching bag, but then again, he does want you dead… Oh well,” it smirked, biting Midnight’s tail. Nothing was heard from Midnight, who had come to the term of defeat. “Now, guess I’ll drag you to the base. Hmph, if I saw this coming, I would’ve brought Corrupt to do the job.”

“You lay your paws off him,” shouted a voice coming from behind the Umbreon. Out came an Espeon, in battle stance. “Get away from him,” she commanded.

To this, the Umbreon scoffed, “Midnight, I don’t recall asking you to bring me an Espeon,” said the Rival to the now unconscious Shiny.

“You won’t like how she’s given to you,” cried out the Espeon. The Espeon dashed forward, using Quick Attack, simultaneously her tails lit up, before being coated in an form of metal; Iron Tail. The Umbreon, not given enough time to realise the Espeon came her way, charged an Dark Pulse all too late, resulting in a nasty blow to the Umbreon’s chest, knocking it away from Midnight. “Stay away from him,” cried the Espeon, shooting out Swift moments after.

The Umbreon gasped, jumping out of the way. Of course, the stars followed it, unknowing to it, and so it was hit from the back. The Umbreon sighed, “well well, looks like the Espeon seems to put up a fight. Good job, but we’ll have to end our fun here and now.” The Umbreon charged a Dark Pulse once again, and fired.

Thinking quickly, the Espeon used Reflect, a screen barrier rising up. The Dark Pulse hit the barrier, reflecting off of it, right back at it. The Umbreon would use Dark Pulse again, which collided with it’s reflected Dark Pulse, and creating a cataclysmic explosion. The smokescreen of the collided Dark Pulses could be seen from far off, in fact, it took around a whole minute for the smoke to clear. The Umbreon had readied an Iron Tail, if it were to be attacked in the midst of the smoke, but there was nobody.

“What? Scared already Espeon? You ran off like a coward would! Now I’ve got-” The Umbreon cut itself a few seconds short, turning back to where it had left Midnight’s body, finding it gone. “Oh. Would you look at that, the cat outsmarted the fox. Well played, well played indeed,” the Umbreon smirked. Almost nonchalantly, the Umbreon walked off, as if it nothing happened. It wouldn’t of been smart to stick around regardless; what not other Pokemon lurking around after the explosion, it was the right choice.


Meanwhile, the Espeon limped off with Midnight in toe. She dragged the Umbreon back to the nearest town possible, with her tail wrapped around his, gripped tightly. Midnight mortally wounded, and the Espeon a bit drained herself. Fortunately, Midnight came to, finding himself being dragged along. With what blurry vision he had, he tried to spot who has been dragging him though the dirt. He was only able to see a short glance, a… butt? The fur was a bright magenta, but that was all Midnight could infer, before slipping back into unconsciousness.


Meanwhile (again), the Rival Umbreon had left towards a cave in the middle of the forest. It camouflaged, hiding within the cliff side. Entering the cave, it was met with silence, and before a word was spoken from the Umbreon, a Zoroark revealed itself to it. “Eclipse. I assume you were out looking gems, for your little pet,” said the Zoroark, his raspy voice set the already dark atmosphere, ever darker.

“No, I just payed a quick visit to our little friends,” the Umbreon smiled, admiring it’s paws.

“You fought Midnight?! Eclipse, how many times must I tell you?! Do not engage the enemy,” growled the Zoroark, yanking the Umbreon by its tail, lifting it into the air. “We’ve been over this!”

Being yanked by the tail, and then lifted into the air, dangling by it was not the slightest comfortable. “Ack. Be gentle, is this the generation when men truly disrespect woman in every form imaginable.” Eclipse thrashed violently in his grasp, forcing the Zoroark to let go of her. “Well I’ve got a story for you, Mister. That “Midnight” you speak of was of no threat to me. He didn’t even land a swing at me before I took him down,” scoffed Eclipse, turning her back to him.

“Well, may that be the case, where is he,” asked the Zoroark.

“His Espeon friend came and dragged him off, I couldn’t stay, otherwise I’d be caught up in a commotion,” Eclipse sighed.

“You let them get away?! Eclipse, your recklessness has caused the worst for this team, now they know we’re going to- Gah, forget it! It’s only a matter of time before we get the Shimmering Sapphire he’s acquired. We’ve already got the Rigorous Ruby, afterwards, we’ll have to find the other three. So I inquire, do not attack the Umbreon unless I command it,” shouted the Zoroark.

Eclipse, intimidated, took a step back, looking down, “yes sir.”

“Good, now leave me, I need to devise a plan for the next stone,” said the Zoroark. With a snap of his fingers, curtains draped around him, obviously his Illusions.

“...” Eclipse left silently, “whatever Shade. Whatever.”
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  1. Peachy Ace
    Peachy Ace
    So in turn: Reflect does absolutely nothing to a incoming Dark Pulse. So: Why would I have it do nothing, when it could do something?
    Sep 21, 2018
  2. Satokuye
    The first thing that comes to my mind is "Reflect is for physical moves not special REEEEE" actually but whatever I guess hahaha but seriously though, a "barrier" that appears and greatly reduces a move's power (as in: the black energy thingy from the Dark Pulse hits the barrier and only a smaller, weaker black energy actually hits) is how I usually picture the screens to work in my mind, though it doesn't sound as cool as completely reflecting them back I guess
    Sep 21, 2018
  3. Peachy Ace
    Peachy Ace
    @Satokuye I know, but... What's the first thing that comes to your mind when a Dark Pulse and Reflect Connect? I'm pretty sure it's not halving damage done to the Pokemon.... So reee -3-
    Sep 21, 2018
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  4. Satokuye
    Reflect doesn't work like that REEEEEEEEE
    Sep 21, 2018
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