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Pokelove: Umbre and Espey Chapter 9

by Gustavo Paredes

Gustavo Paredes
As the sun arise and morning came, Espey woke up tired and bushed but as she looked at her calendar to see that today was the race, she smiled brightly getting up. "Today's the day of the race where everyone will see our team run especially Umbre." Espey said blushing as she put her necklace on and got ready for school. As Espey got ready for school, she had trouble finding her things with the mess in her house. Espey's house was usually messy because she never had time to clean but either way she found her thing and walk to class. Meanwhile Umbre was awake with a smile on his face as he cleaned his bedroom. "I can't wait to see Espey's race" Umbre said blushing as he tied his neckerchief on and felt confident today as he said "I will ask Espey out with me tomorrow after the race" as he left for Espey was walking to school as she ran into Umbre on the way;"Hi" Umbre said blushing as Espey said the same; since they were kinda of use to talking to each other so it wasn't awkward. As Umbre and Espey were close to school, they discussed on the race. "You will be there right?" Espey asked with a blush on her face. Umbre smiled as he nodded which made Espey smile as they walked into class

School went by very fast as Espey thought all about the race she was racing and Umbre was thinking about the race as well and had an idea to ask her out but they way he was daydreaming freaked most of the Pokemon out."What do you think he's dreaming about?" said a Furret. "It's better not to ask."replied a Spoink. School ended and the race was in an hour and Espey was trying to look for Umbre but was nowhere to be found but her friends as she yelled. "Marie,Chu-chu" which the two looked back at her. Espey asked "Have you seen Umbre anywhere, I can't find him anywhere." The two Pokemon notice that she was worried but knew where he went as Marie replied "Umbre came to us to tell you he was going to run a quick errand but he said he'll be back soon." Espey was relived to hear that but still was concerned. 30 minutes later, Espey, Chu-chu, and Devie were warming up for the event and Espey was happy but both Chu-chu and Devie knew she wasn't happy. Devie went up to Espey and asked "Are you okay?" Espey smiled as she said "Yeah everything good." with a crooked smile but it was no point to keep asking her about it. As the sunset showed up, the events began and it was almost time for Espey's race. Chu-chu and Devie were getting ready in the locker room but Espey was slowly getting ready as Chu-chu went up to her while Devie watch. "Hey Espey, are you okay?" She asked as Espey turned her head showing tears in her eyes. "Why are you crying" Devie asked. "U-U-Umbre said h-h-he was going to c-c-come but he d-d-didn't show" Espey muttered but then something happened weird happened, Chu-chu screamed "Oh be quiet!" which made Espey surprised as Chu-chu continued "You know Umbre more than anyone and you believe in him, I know he'll be there and so do you!" Which made Espey stopped crying. "You're right, He's trustworthy and I know him and I believe he's there." Espey said and as everyone went outside to the track for the run.

The team went on the track and everyone cheered; most of the girls cheered their friends that included Marie and most of the boys leered at the girls as the instructor made ready."Okay ladies on your marks......get set.....Go! The whistle blew as they ran. There were eight girls and in the couple of seconds in the race, Devie was in first, Espey was in second, and Chu-chu was in fifth place which was interesting to say the least. As the race was getting near the middle of the track, Espey tripped as everyone passed her. "I give up I mean why bother finishing if Umbre's not here." she said as she laid down but then a voice yelled out from the crowd. "DON'T GIVE UP ESPEY, YOU CAN DO IT!" which made Espey got up and look into the crowd where she saw Umbre in the crowd. Espey blushed as she started to run when she came neck to neck with Devie as she pass Chu-chu who was in third place. The crowd cheered as the two fastest came down as Espey dashed a bit pass Devie to win the race where everyone cheered as Devie congratulated Espey and Chu-chu was happy that it was fine in the end. At the end of the ceremony, Umbre went up to Espey with a bouquet of roses and blushed "Congratulations Espey, I knew you could do it." He said giving her the roses. Espey blushed as she smelled the roses as she thanked him which made Umbre blushed at the expression she made as they walked home together.

As they walked home, Espey asked "What did you do after school before the race?" She asked. Umbre responded "Well I wanted to get a quick bite before I went to see your race but as I waked, I saw some flowers in a florist shop which made me think about you; so after I ate, I went to the flower shop to get you some flowers but it was so hard to find some special for you, I had to ask for help but in the end, I got you flower and made it before your race." Espey was happy and hugged him "Thank you." She said as Umbre smiled. When they arrived at Espey's house, Espey was ready to get in her house. "Okay see you later. She said as she prepared to enter but then Umbre spoke up "E-E-Espey?" Umbre nervously said which made her head turn "Yeah?" She said. Umbre scratched the ground as he asked. "I-I-I was wondering if w-w-we could go o-o-out together tomorrow?" closing his eyes waiting for a response. Espey's heart pounded with blush on her face and a smile as she answered "Yes." Umbre smiled brightly as he waved "Okay see you tomorrow at 1." Espey waved back and nodded as she went inside. Espey had her back to the wall as she had her paw to her heart with the feeling of seeing him tomorrow like if they were dating made her blush as she went to bed Umbre ran home with excitement as he went to bed making them both very excited for tomorrow.
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