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Pokelove: Umbre and Espey Chapter 6

by Gustavo Paredes

Gustavo Paredes
The next day, both Umbre and Espey were walking to school trying to avoid each other because of what happened yesterday and it made them both embarrassed to look each other in the eye. As they made it to school, they didn't talk to each other which made other scared because they are the best of friends and seeing them not together was more scarier than the apocalypse. As classes went on by they kept ignoring each other as Umbre passed Marie and Chu-chu. "It's depressing to see both Umbre and Espey apart; I wonder what happen?" Marie wondered. "I don't know but we have to talk with Espey about this." said Chu-chu as they walked to class. During class, Marie and Chu-chu caught up with Espey and talked about the situation "Both you and Umbre haven't been seeing each other, what happened between you guys?" asked Marie. Espey just blushed at the question as she knew what happened "I-I-I don't want t-t-to talk about it r-r-right now please" Espey said nervously. As the bell ranged, Chu-chu and Marie sighed as they started to leave "Okay but if you do want to talk about it we'll be here okay." Espey just nodded as they left.

As lunchtime rolled around, Espey sat alone by her lonesome as the was deep in thought but then a voice came out "C-C-Can I sit with you?" as Espey turned around she blushed as she saw Umbre with red in his face. "Okay" she said quietly as sat but for a while it was pretty quiet until Umbre said "Are y-y-you okay" with a nervous look. Espey just smiled and blushed "I-I-I'm okay" she said. As the bell ranged and as he got up, Umbre smiled as he said "good, I thought you were mad at me" Espey just turned her head in shock. "N-N-No I can never be mad at you in fact, you're a lot to me" Espey said as she blushed which also made Umbre blush as he moved. "Your my friend but it's more than that I----I--lo-" Espey was cutoff as Umbre slipped on a wet patch which made her gasp as she cupped her paws over her mouth. "U-U-Umbre, are you o-o-okay" Espey said as she helped him up but Umbre just laughed which surprised Espey "Ha-ha-ha I'm okay nothing to worry" Umbre laughed which made Espey laugh as well. All the other Pokemon were uncomfortable with the scene but Marie and Chu-chu were smiling "Well it looks like they resolved their problem." said Chu-chu as Marie nodded.

Throughout the whole school day, both Umbre and Espey got along better than before which felt right to others; they even got to walk home together. As the two Pokemon walked home Espey stopped to ask Umbre a question "U-U-Umbre" "yeah" said Umbre. Espey blushed as she mad gestures with her paws. "We have a r-r-race next week and I was wondering i-i-if you could c-c-cheer me on?" she said nervously. Umbre blushed and smile as he answered "Of course I would love to" Espey just beamed with happiness as she hugged him "Thank you thank you thank-you!!!" Espey cried out as Umbre hugged her back. After they broke up the hug, they said good bye to each other as they went home. Umbre just smiled and blushed at the day that happened while Espey just blushed and smiled as her heart pounded at the thought of Umbre being to her event as they both left home for the night.
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