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Pokelove: Umbre and Espey Chapter 4

by Gustavo Paredes

Gustavo Paredes
As lunch came around, Umbre couldn't see Espey anywhere so he sat down outside the lunchroom on a bench and sighed. "Maybe Espey is busy or maybe she forgot" Umbre said as he settled in the bench in which he opened his lunch. In his lunch was two sandwich sliced into triangles with homemade bread Umbre made three days ago with a nice grilled chicken breast seasoned with nomel berry juice. With in the tasty sandwiches,the had lettuce, tamato berry slices for spice and mayo; with them was a sitrus berries sliced into fries, a slice of chocolate cake he baked and cheri berry juice."Whoa that looks good" a voice complimented Umbre. "Hi have you been waiting long for me" said Espey. Umbre blushed as Espey sat next to him. Espey looked at Umbre an then his lunch and was amazed "Wow you're a really good cook because you lunch looks way better than mine"Espy said with a huge grin. Espy's lunch was just a convenience store sandwich with a mago berry and oran berry juice. As they're eating their lunch Espey notice more on Umbre's lunch than her own. "C-C-Could I try some of your lunch" Espey asked while she blushed. Umbre was blushing as well as he okay'ed the idea to let her have some of his food. Espey took one of the sandwiches and took a small bite and beamed brightly with happiness "Yummy!!! this is best thing I have ever tasted in my life!"Espey shouted outside. Umbre just blushed and smiled brightly along with her as they talked with each other; breaking some of Umbre's nervousness in the process.

Meanwhile in the distance, every other Pokemon of both males and females were envious of them. In school status Espey was pretty popular with a lot of friends that are girls and only one guy friend so she was more the outgoing type which most of the boys had a crush on so to see the sight of both of them together made them jealous. Umbre on the other hand isn't social as Espey but he is really smart as he is ranked number one in every class he is in he is also a good cook which made him unique but only a couple of guy and girl friends and was popular with the ladies even though he is unaware of this. Every girl in the school likes Umbre; if you asked every girl in that school "who would you like as a boyfriend," they would all say the same Pokemon Umbre as Espey is beautiful to guys and Umbre is ravishing to girls making things kind of confusion. Seeing the sight of both of them together made the girls envious of Espey. As lunch was over, they all went into class which Umbre and Espey went in together but was receiving glares from everyone which made them both nervous.

As they once again said good bye to each other, they went separate ways. As Espey went into her class(which was a free period), she spotted her two best friends Marie the Mawile and Chu-chu the Pikachu. As they talked to each other, Marie brought up something."We saw you and Umbre at lunch together today, are you both a thing?" Espey blushed hard "Come on Marie were just friends please don't describe us like that" Espey said as she tried to defend herself which made both Marie and Chu-chu smiled slyly to each other. "But you sat together and tried his lunch which you enjoyed so much" Marie teased as Espey blushed looking at her. "Yeah you yelled so loud that you could hear it in another region" Chu-chu said as Espey looked at her. Espey had enough to hear of it that she hid her head in embarrassment. "But really Umbre's a really great guy think about how you feel about it" Chu-chu said as Marie agreed to her words. As the bell rang, both Marie and Chu-chu said their good-byes to Espey as they left.

Espey was in thought "Those jerks got me embarrassed of my friend." As she walked to her class she ran into Umbre which she madly blushed at him "O-Oh hi Espey how are you doing are you okay?, you look sick let me feel you head." Umbre blushed lightly as he felt her head. Espey blushing really bad that her heart pounded fast as Umbre felt her head. "N-N-No I'm okay I-I-I'm not sick at all Espey said nervously "But your warm and your face is red" Umbre said as he looked at her with a concerned look on his face. Espey was flustered and ran away saying "NO I'M GOOD!" With that they leave once again and Umbre for once was confused at her than left the other way. Espey was embarrassed and just went in to her last class for the day.
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