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Pokelove: Umbre and Espey Chapter 13

by Gustavo Paredes

Gustavo Paredes Sorry for making this one late, but I had to leave town for vacation but now, I'm back and we'll see how it goes.
The next morning, Umbre woke up and got ready for school but as he got ready, he noticed the calendar on his wall that today was Valentine's day. This made Umbre miserable "Another day of the year to break heart." he sighed. Umbre wasn't big on Valentine's day mainly because every year, girls at his school would give him chocolates, letters, and anything else he'd like but Umbre felt bad because if a girl confessed to him, he would have to reject her and he didn't look forward to it but then he thought to himself "Maybe I'll get chocolates from Espey" Umbre said. The thought of Espey giving him chocolates that symbolizes affection made him excited so much that he left his house without cleaning his room. Meanwhile, Espey was getting ready to go too as she looked at her chocolates she thought to herself " I hope Umbre will like my chocolates." She said as left for school. As Espey was walking to school, she noticed that Umbre had left already which made her pretty sad. " I wished Umbre was with me so I could have gave him my Valentine gift in private." she said but kept her head held high as she continued " No matter, I'll give him this Valentine no matter what." Espey said as she ran to school.

As school began, It was pretty normal work kids do but at passing period, It got crazy with every girl giving their crush Valentines. As Umbre was walking to class he was ambushed by lots of girls with Valentines like if he was washed away by an ocean of girls but to him, it was more like a tsunami. One by one, Umbre received gifts of candy, food, letters and anything else you can give a guy. Umbre smiled to all the girls as he thanked them which made them blush and happy but most of the guys were so jealous that Umbre felt their presence from a mile away. Umbre had a lot of presents but he wanted to find Espey "I wonder where's Espey, I hope she's not sick." he said but little does he know, Espey watched what happened which made Espey pissed off but luckily she noticed Umbre all alone and it was a good thing too because if she'd stayed angry, most of the school would've been demolished by now. Espey clutched her chocolates in her hand as she walk to Umbre "Okay, no backing out now, let's do this." she thought as she got closer but then suddenly a voice came up from behind Espey. "Yo Espey, What's up?" the voice said which shocked her to no end as Umbre gave up and went to class. Espey turned around and saw Marie and Chu-chu as she turned red. "Hey is that chocolate?" Chu-chu questioned Espey. Espey was so embarrassed, she forgot she had them. Marie nudged at Espey "Were you going to give those to Umbre?" Marie said smiling slyly. Espey got mad at the two she tried to defend herself. "N-N-N-No, absolutely not s-s-s-stop asking me, l-let's go to class." she said marching to class. Marie and Chu-chu felt bad but were to struck by how cute she acted. Espey calmed down but was sad she couldn't give Umbre chocolates as she went to class.

Through out the day, Umbre never saw Espey and she never gave him chocolates which made them sad but at the end of the day as school ended, Espey was walking to the exit but stopped halfway "I couldn't give Umbre chocolates or my affections, maybe it was never meant to be." Espey softly said which made her cry as she clutched the chocolates in her paws. Espey cried her eyes out in sadness but then a paw caught her tears which made Espey surprise; she looked up and saw with her red eyes she saw Umbre with a concerned look. "Hey are you okay?" Umbre said which made her blush which made a scene around them. Espey could have said anything but all she wanted do was to give him the chocolates as her paws trembled, Umbre noticed the chocolates and asked "are these for me?" as Espey nodded. Umbre opened the box; the chocolates were badly shaped into hearts but it didn't matter to Umbre as he grabbed a chocolate and ate it. Everyone was scared mainly because everyone knew Espey was a bad cook even she knew that. Umbre ate the chocolate but stared at Espey which made her scared too. "That was delicious!" Umbre screamed as everyone was jaw-dropped surprise but Espey beamed with delight as she blushed "r-r-really?" she said "Yeah!, thank you it was the best chocolate I ever had." Umbre said as he hugged her tightly as Espey hugged him back with tears of joy. "Now let's go home." Umbre said as Espey nodded. As they walked off, most of the students didn't know what happened and probably never will.