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Pokelove: Umbre and Espey Chapter 12

by Gustavo Paredes

Gustavo Paredes
Umbre and Espey looked quite nervous as the two notice that their friends were looking at the creepily but then Umbre turned around. "What are you guys doing?" he said suspiciously. Max, Growly, Chu-chu, and Marie were caught off guard with the question nervously they tried to hide it. "W-W-We were looking at the uh um..." Marie said as Max interrupted "The stores." he said "Y-Y-Yeah there's nothing quite like stores items for purchasing." Marie said as she laughed "ha-ha-ha" awkwardly as the rest did the same which was uncomfortable "O-Okay then, now where should we go first." Umbre said as everyone pointed at a music store. Everyone entered the store as the came across a listening booth were they all listened to music but first they have to pick their music. Umbre was looking at the "Rock and Roll" section but notice to his side that someone was there as he blushed. "Espey?" he said as she looked at him as she blushed and look away and notice their friends were gone. "O-O-Okay Umbre" he said to himself "Talk to her, she's your friend after all." Umbre inhaled and spoke to Espey as well as he can. "So Espey." Umbre said as Espey looked up at him. "y-y-you like music like this." he said as Espey nodded and said "Y-Y-Yeah" which made Umbre smile as he was finally talking to her. "What else do you like?" he asked which made Espey's heart skip a beat as she beamed as the talked and listen to music together. Meanwhile their friends were hiding behind some music stereos. "Yes, things are going on as planned." Chu-chu said and everyone agreed. During their discussion a Monferno who worked there saw them with a flame of determination surrounding them. "I don't even what to know." he said as he backed away slowly.

After all that, they left the music store but during the time they had fun looking at products, buying stuff, and being silly as they hanged out as a group but at noon Umbre's stomach was growling "Boy I'm hungry, who else is?" he said as everyone's stomach began to growl all at once. Umbre smiled slyly "Well that answered my question." he said as everyone blushed. "Let's go eat at the food court." Umbre said as they all practically ran over there. As everyone got their food, they sat at two different tables; one for the boys and one for the girls so they can catch up with everything and discuss personal things. As they finished their food, Max had a thought about Umbre "Hey Umbre, can I ask you a question." he asked "What is it" Umbre replied as he was finishing his drink. "Well I was wondering, How did you and Espey met?" Max said which made Umbre surprised that he chocked his drink which made him cough which caught the girls attention. "Y-Y-You don't want to know." Umbre said as he got out of the booth but that made the two males curious "But we want to know." Max said as Growly grinned mischievously but at that moment, the girls got up and were clueless. "What's going on?" Marie said as Max replied "We asked how Umbre and Espey met but Umbre doesn't want to tell us." which made Chu-chu and Marie curious and Espey nervous as she blushed. "Tell us" Growly said "Yes, please tell us" Marie asked but Umbre wouldn't say but notice he was near a Magikarp Fountain and had an idea. As the group closing in, Umbre "accidentally" fell in the fountain; with a splash, he was covered in water which made everyone laugh and everyone else in the store even Espey. After he cleaned up, they still had fun at the mall as they forgot what they asked.

As the mall closed, the group went their separate way with Growly and Max going to soccer practice, Marie and Chu-chu buying groceries, and Umbre and Espey going home. As the two walked home together, they had a fun talk with each other as well as Espey discussing what happened at the mall. "You fell into the fountain on purpose so you couldn't tell our story didn't you?" Espey said as Umbre nodded with an ashamed look but Espey was hugged him "Thank you, I don't think I'm ready to relive what happened to us." she said "Me nether but made someday when we are ready." Umbre said as Espey nodded. As they got to her house, She was about to thank him for walking him to his house by kissing him on the cheek. Umbre was nervous as well as Espey but she did peck him on the cheek, which made them blush furiously and extremely happy but as soon as the atmosphere was romantic, she realized something. "Wait, what's today?" Espey said "Well it's February 13." He replied which made her eyes open wide "Holy Arceus, I have to get ready so I'll see you tomorrow okay?" she said as she hugged him and went into her home before she waved goodbye to him as he did too. Umbre was confused but was satisfied with today and will be really excited to see her tomorrow but meanwhile Espey got her cooking supplies, ingredients, and her cooking apron as she got ready. "Okay Espey" She said to her self "Let's get ready because tomorrow, school will become a battlefield" she said as she got cooking for tomorrow.
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