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Pokelove: Umbre and Espey Chapter 10 part 2

by Gustavo Paredes

Gustavo Paredes
As the date continued to linger on, Umbre and Espey were walking to the theater but kept quiet and looked away from each other manly because they still were being glared by others which made them nervous. 4 minutes later, they arrived to the theater but the hardest part was to pick a movie. "What would you like to see today Espey?" Umbre asked. "I don't know, what do you want to watch?" Espey replied. The two thought how they can do this until Umbre had an idea. "I know how we can solve this." Umbre said with his paw pointing up. "How?" Espey asked with a question look on her face. Umbre explained to the confused Pokemon. "Espey, close your eyes and spin one turn then point at the poster of the movie and it will be the one we'll see." Umbre explained as she nodded and did what he asked. The movies showing mostly about action/adventure, comedy, and horror genres in multiple forms and only one romantic movie but what are the chances of getting that. Espey spun her one time and as that happened Umbre also closed his eyes to make it a surprise for him. It took Espey 20 seconds to pick the movie. "That one." Espey said. Both Umbre and Espey opened their eyes to see the movie pick but then quickly blushed with a surprise look as Espey pointed for the romance movie. The two looked at each other shocked but there was nothing they can do but watch it. The movie was called "Amore di Pokemon" which is about a Growlithe and a Vulpix falling for each other but their parent discriminate on how they do things in their families which will be the movie Umbre And Espey will be watching. Umbre went up to the ticket booth for the tickets. "Two tickets for A-A-Amore di P-P-Pokemon please." he asked the madam nervously asking to say that. The ticket lady Raichu, blushed at the sight of Umbre as she gave him the tickets. "H-H-Here you are s-s-sir." the Raichu said as she handed the tickets. "Thank you."Umbre said as he got the tickets which made Raichu swooned at the sight but that made Umbre nervous as Espey looked like she was about to commit first degree murder on Raichu with the rage on her face but then Umbre guided her to the theater which made her nervous as the two went in.

The movie began as both Umbre and Espey got to their seats which made them nervous as they sat next to each other. In the movie the two main character found each other in a field meeting each other. "H-H-Hi" said Growlithe as Vulpix said the same which made them both blush but their parent came to drag them away which made them both sad. while that was happening, Umbre was nervous to make a gesture towards Espey but did so by holding her paw which made Espey blush as well as Umbre but didn't made eye contact about it as the kept watching. Time has passed as the movie came to a climax. Both Growlithe and Vulpix have grown up, evolved into Arcanine and Ninetales and being apart for years and taught different thing had engaged in combat until they realized each other as they did they got along well but their families couldn't allow that so they were sad and confused. During the part of the movie, Espey noticed that a lot of couples in the theater making out. The thought of Espey making out with Umbre made Espey blushed as the idea rushed into her head while Umbre didn't make eye contact as he watched the movie. In the end the two Pokemon end up together as they lived happily ever after. As the movie ended, Umbre and Espey left the theater as they made their way to the park and as usual, they couldn't make eye contact nor spoke to each other.

As Umbre and Espey made it to the park, they had fun walking with each other as they noticed a lot of couple which made them blushed to think that they would be labeled as a couple but ignored it for a while. As the two finished their stroll, Espey felt hungry as well as Umbre. "There's an ice-cream stand there, would you like a cone?" Umbre asked. Espey lit up as she nodded for her answer. The two went up to the stand which was run by a Snover. "Hello, What would you like today?" Snover asked. "We would like two cones please." Umbre asked but as Snover looked, he announced the bad news. "I'm sorry but we only have one cone." he said. The two Pokemon were confused "Well, what are going to do?" Umbre ask but it only took 5 seconds for Espey to respond with her face red as she twiddled her paws together. "W-W-We could just s-s-share the c-c-cone." Espey said with a small smile which made him blush at the idea but agreed as he paid for the ice-cream. "Thank you for the purchase, please come again." the Snover said as the left. Umbre and Espey walked to a bench where they sat and ate the ice-cream but the two were bright red as they licked the ice-cream which was really cute to see. After they finished the ice-cream, they just sat on the bench some more. After a while, Umbre was nervous to say anything but wanted to confess his love to her as he spoke, "E-E-Espey" he asked. Espey was noticing Umbre as he said her name. "Yeah" she responded. "I know were childhood friends." Umbre said as Espey cut in "Of course we are, the best of friends back then and still." she said with a smile on her face brighter than any Litwick candle. "Well I see you more than that." Umbre said seriously as Espey was confused as to what he was saying. "You're pretty, nice, generous, funny, you always knew what to do and you have a great attitude and personality." Umbre exclaimed as Espey was blushing with every word she got. "Well what I'm trying to say." Umbre said as he got near her closing in on her and as Espey blushed. trying to say it Umbre said "I-l-l l-l-lo-" but then, it started to rain. "Oh it's raining, I guess we should find a dry place." Espey said as Umbre nodded with disappointment with his interruption. As they ran, they were near the city, finding a dry place but as soon as they passed an alley way, Umbre was dragged into the alley way. Umbre was shocked. "Okay, what's going on?" he asked with an angry expression as he saw who they were. "Look, it's our old friend." Hipmontop said exaggerating his word "Yeah, he embarrassed us back then with his tough guy act." Vigoroth said with anger as Machamp came up to Umbre. "It looks like fate brought us together so we can beat you for our revenge." Machamp said as the three brought weapons. Umbre was angry. "So you came to fight me with weapons." he yelled out but then smirked as Umbre yelled out "That's fine, I work better with a handicap anyway!" as Umbre ran into a fight.

Meanwhile, Espey found a dry spot as she said "Wow, that was really sudden," she laughed "right Um-" But when she turned around, Umbre was nowhere to be found "I wonder where's Umbre? I hope he's not in trouble." Espey said which made nervous and without a second she ran into the rain, trying to find Umbre, scared if anything happened to him. Ten minutes has passed as the fight went on as Umbre remained victor as the three Pokemon were in fear as Umbre stood tall but with a lot of blood, cuts, and bruises, it's weird to see him alive. Umbre looked angry as he walked towards them as the three were frightened as whispered to their ears "Run" the three did so but were stopped by the authorities. A Herdier shouted " You're under arrest for theft and harassment!" As the three had a bad history of theft, assault, and harassment but really didn't care as long as they got away from Umbre. Herdier was confused. "What are you scared of the dark" Herdier said as he looked in the alley. He couldn't see Umbre because his lights were fading as he got tired. As Herdier left with the three Pokemon, Umbre got up but just then Espey found him. "Umbre, there yo-" Espey stopped talking. "Oh hi Espey, sorry I wasn't there but I had a "reunion" with some friends." Umbre said but Espey was traumatized with fear of Umbre's appearance as she cried seeing her childhood friend."Espey, are you-" Umbre stopped his talking as Espey grabbed him and took off running. "Espey, where are we going?" Umbre said but no response. Espey took Umbre to her house but as they went in Umbre noticed it was a mess. Normally he would be shocked to see that but at this point, he was quiet about it. Umbre was put in the kitchen as Espey got the first aid kit. As Espey was mending Umbre's wounds, Umbre was concerned and asked "Are you oka-" but he stopped when Espey cried on him. "I was scared and cried when I saw you injured but you brushed it off like nothing, how can you be okay like this, I was worried to death about you." she bawled Umbre sighed as she kept crying. "Times have changed and I became stronger to help you." he said as he hugged her tight before he was going home "I'm sorry for making you worried you mean a lot to me. Espey stopped crying and blushed as their faces came closer as the shut their eyes and got closer until their mouths met as the kissed. The kiss send a sensation that gave them shivers down their spines as their minds went blank. A minute later, they stopped as they gasp for air amazed at what they did but Umbre and Espey were blushing as they said their goodbyes happy but confused with their feelings for each other as Umbre went home to his bed and Espey went to her bed and the two went to sleep.
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