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Pokelove: Umbre and Espey Chapter 1

by Gustavo Paredes

Gustavo Paredes A Love Story
In a nice little neighborhood where Pokemon live happily, an Umbreon by the name of Umbre with a nice black coat and a beautiful neckerchief that complimented his luminous circles , was walking down the road minding his business, thinking about school and whatnot when suddenly a cute and happy voice called out his name. "Umbre" called out was an Espeon named Espey, a childhood friend with a wonderful purple coat and a small moon stone shaped pendent came up to Umbre. "Hi Espy, how are you doing?" he asked "I'm doing great, I even went to the salon to feel more beautiful" she said excitedly "So what are you doing" Espy asked curiously. Umbre blushed red and nervously said "I'm j-j-just walking around by myself." Can I walk with you" Espy asked politely. Umbre stood there with a blank expression and blush on his face not knowing what to say. "Umbre, are you okay" Espy said while tilting her head cutely. Umbre came to his senses after a second to realize it. "Of c-c-course I-I-I am and y-y-yes, I don't mind at all. Espy laughed at her friend's silliness and were both side by side walking with each other. Umbre was nervous because he had a crush on her ever since they were both Eevees but he had never had the courage to ask her out or confess but he still liked being friends with her even though they're completely opposites. Umbre was a kind Pokemon but is always timid and scared of talking to others but Espy on the other hand, she was happy, energetic, and full of life which is a surprise to see that they became friends for so long. After a whole afternoon of walking, it was night time and both were silent through out the walk and by the time they realized the time, they were by Espy's house. "Thank you letting me walk with you even though were were silent, I had fun" said Espy happily hugging her friend. Umbre blushed and hugged her back "I had fun too see you at s-s-school tomorrow." Espy walked in to her house and smiled back "Bye" she said as she closed the door. Umbre was a bit sad that he didn't talk with her at all but he was just happy seeing her. As night approached Umbre went into his nice clean house ate dinner, brushed his teeth, and went into bed, leaving his neckerchief next to a picture of Umbre and Espy as Eevees. As he gazes at the picture, he felt tired he said to himself " I'll see her tomorrow at school and talk with her some more." Happily but tired he put the picture down and went to sleep, thinking about what will happen when he sees her again.
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