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Ultimate Combat: Luigi(Super Mario Bros) vs Diddy Kong(Donkey Kong)

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox The ultimate Nintendo sidekicks are ready to battle it out to the death!
Fox: In the world of Nintendo, there are heroes, villains and heroines. Wolf: There's also sidekicks, but who cares about those guys? Fox: Today we will be seeing who the ultimate sidekick is. Wolf: Luigi, the Green Capped Plumber. Fox: And Diddy Kong, the Super Spider Monkey. Wolf: He's Fox and I'm Wolf! Fox: And it's our job to analyse their weapons, powers and skills to see who is the Ultimate Combat.
Fox: Luigi is the younger brother of Mario, and one of the seven Star Children. Wolf: Including Bowser, the Turtle, Peach, the Damsel, Yoshi, the Dino, Mario, the Superstar, Donkey Kong, the Monkey, and Wario, the.....uh........Other One. Fox: Though born with incredible power, Mario is clearly braver and the one who basically owns Luigi. Wolf: It isn't as brotherly as it is like a Man and his mustached, green dog. Fox: Luigi is faster and more athletic than his brother, able to run at sound speed and can jump much higher. Wolf: Luigi even outran Yoshi! Fox: Luigi also has plenty of abilities he has learned, like the Thunder Hand. Wolf: I'm guessing that's because Mario has fire, Waluigi has water, and Wario has ground. But one question remains. Who's the last Airbender? Fox: Luigi knows powerful techniques modeled after his brother's, including the Luigi Cyclone and the Super Jump Punch. Wolf: One makes you throw up, the other is the Mario Bros' version of a "SHORYUKEN"! Fox: Luigi also created some of his own moves like the Green Missile and the Flutter Jump, and has other weapons like his hammer and the PolterGust. Wolf: The hammer can crush anything from Wood to Steel, and the PolterGust can suck up anything! It was designed to kill ghosts. Yeah, it kills which is already dead. Fox: Luigi has other moves like the Lightning Jab, the Ground Pound and the Emo Kick. Wolf: Luigi is one mean green incredible......Italian.
Diddy Kong
Fox: Born with incredible strength, speed and durability, Diddy Kong is DK's young nephew and sidekick. Wolf: I thought Batman was the only one who used kids as sidekicks to fight deadly enemies... Fox: Diddy Kong, though very young, is probably the 2nd strongest and smartest Kong. Wolf: This dude head butted the moon into the earth! Fox: He also built his own jetpack, gun, bombs and Go Kart. Wolf: Why do they call the Monkey version of Pr. Oak the smart one? Fox: Diddy can perform many techniques like the Monkey Flip, Hand Slap and Ground Pound.
Supper Break
  1. Fraseandchico
    where's The Fight?
    Apr 12, 2017
  2. PokemanCraft
    That was the best fight ever! Especially the part where they had supper! :O
    May 25, 2015