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Uh oh.......

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox Very bad news....
So.... you may have noticed that FD and AP's second chapter is.... not out yet. Why? Well,..... Theodore, my brother, has been in the hospital for a while, after being attacked by a(It's very ironic) wolf. Why is it ironic? His original name was GreenWolf. Guess wolves liked the first nickname, cause when we found him, he had a broken arm and leg. Pinkie was really shocked, and has been kinda un social. Green is alright, but Pink won't be on here for a while. So, FD and AP's second chapter will be coming tomorrow, and after that, some new SS! Megaman vs Sonic time! First, Sonic(Blue Blur) vs. Megaman(Blue Bomber). Second, Roll(Model 0.3) vs. Amy(Rosy Rascal). Third, Bass(Black Blaster) vs. Shadow(Dark Fury). Fourth, Knuckles(Crimson Crusher) vs. Protoman(The First Robot). And finally, Tails(Two Tailed Trouble) vs. Rush(Canine Crusader). Hope you enjoy the upcoming battles and two new chapters! Heres a preview!
"Char, FLAMETHROWER!" Red yelled. His fire powered monkey breathed a long stream of flames at Green's Elekid, as the static racoon like fighter looked at his trainer frantically. "Double Team." Green said, two clones of Elekid being made, the attack hitting the fake, while Elekid snuck behind Char and Thunder Punched the ape. "MACH PUNCH!" Red ordered, and Char countered, the electrical and physical attacks colliding.
For Stat Stadium, let's see Sonic and Megaman's preview!
Megaman charged up a shot, while Sonic Spin Dashed at the robot. Sonic stopped the attack, but Megaman hit him with the Flame Sword. Sonic used the Flame Shield, but was hit by a Crash Bomb. Megaman hit him with the rolling cutter, Sonic's arms and legs now bleeding a bit. Sonic pulled out the Chaos Emeralds, while Megaman- also pulled out the Chaos Emeralds? Probably cloned them. Super Sonic glared at his rival, Super Armor Megaman, and while Super Sonic charged up a yellow blast, Super Armor Megaman readied the Sonic Shot.
  1. PokemanCraft
    I know who all these people are. (Not saying who they are, except BlueFox, who is Kevin.)
    Mar 31, 2015
  2. Thieving Fox
    Thieving Fox
    Yeah, Pink needs some time, but she'll be okay. She's missed some days of school, though. Green is coming home from the hospital in April. So if you ever see Green commenting on something until then, it's actually me or Pink. I'm going to my best friend's Hoogen's today, so FD and AP will (I PROMISE!!!) be out tomorrow. Pinkie, also, we found out she had Hyperactive Disorder, just like i have anxiety and Green has Eating Disorder. He's not fat, somehow, but eats ALOT.
    Mar 7, 2015
  3. AzureEdge
    I hope green and pink are ok!
    But,I kind of feel the same thing as green right now. I have a broken foot, so I'm currently using crutches to walk, but still I hope that green and pink get better~
    Mar 7, 2015
  4. Azur
    Sweet Arceus, that's terrible! I'm glad to hear that he's ok, however. I wish you all luck in this time and with writing those chapters.
    Mar 6, 2015