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U got rekt by a Furret

by Gio20400

A Furret.png
Gio20400 I saw this video's thumbnail:

And I just had to draw it on my style XDDDD
  1. XxSkar36xX
    You asked Furret hahahahaha

    bad jokes :arr:
    Mar 8, 2017
  2. TheShinyRaichu
    Back in the Colluseum days, Furret was my star Pokemon. I remember DESTROYING with it xD
    Mar 6, 2017
  3. Manny-pokefan
    Lol I will admit it I actually got betean by a furret in pokemon
    Ruby lol.:'|
    Mar 6, 2017
  4. Gio20400
    Mar 6, 2017
  5. AceyPie
    I guess you could say "You asked Furret"
    Mar 6, 2017
    Manny-pokefan likes this.