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Competitive Pokemon How To: Type Advantages

by DManArt&RP

DManArt&RP You want to know how to prepare for an attack? Then here is where you start!
You want to know how to prepare for an attack? Then here is where you start! Welcome back to "Pokemon Competitive How To" the creative charms written work that explains the complications in Pokemon Battling.

So the first place to start in my opinion is with the basics, type advantages. So the first step in learning type advantages is to forget everything done in the anime, most of it makes battles look easy. During my early stages of battling I would use a type advantage calculator that helped me understand type advantages with duel types. This is completly O.K. to start with to get a general understanding of each type advantage.

The most important thing to try to get a grip of is singular types and their nuteral, immunites, super and not very effective types. If a Ghost type is immune to Normal type moves but is also Poison, like Gengar, then it is still immune to normal, 0 times 1 is still 0. Basic math is applied to advantages so it sounds easy there, but its memorizing types and their weaknesses that will throw you off.

I will bring this up later to further clear things up; but in a battle, if you are going to use Dragon Claw on a Dragon type Pokemon, yes it would be very effective, but the downside is that if the enemy switches into a Fairy or other type Pokemon that resists Dragon moves, you just made the wrong move, which will take us to "Predict the Predictions" that will be coming out later, but up next is "Stats (IV's and EV's)" and watch out, it will take a while to understand IV's and EV's.
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