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cruelty of love: two friends

by Lord Of Pain

Lord Of Pain this is my first chapter of my tragic story, I hope you like it!
long ago, in a village there was a king, his son, alton was friends with sebal, the son of the war troops general, sebal and alton where the best of friends and would often run of and hang out in a nearby forest,
"when I become the next king ill make sure you get the highest rank among the generals" alton would often say, to which sebal would reply with "and I shall protect you with all my life, long live king alton!".

as the years passed they grew up together, alton became a great tactician and became one of his fathers generals, sebal became a great worrior, participating in gladiator fights not one did he lose, and always sparing the life of the loser, one day sebal and alton had met infront of the town blacksmith, "sebal! my old friend! its been a while since we last met!"
it sure has! how's it going?" was the reply that alton herd, "good! in fact I've been smitten by the beauty of a gorgeous girl!"
me too!" replied sebal, "even now we still have a lot in common" said alton.

years had passed, alton was 25 and sebal was 23 and yet alton was surprised by his childhood friends skills at fighting with a sword, he thought to himself how lucky he was to be the future king, having such a friend, and hoping that his secret love shared the same feelings for him, little does he know that his life shall soon take a dark turn......

to be continued