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My OCs: Twilight Reference Sheet

by Midnight Heart

Midnight Heart This is a Character Reference Sheet for my Umbreon Pokesona, Twilight. :) Also, I didn't draw her fighting form because her fur pretty much just darkens. :p

Also, here's what it says, in case you can't read it.
Name: Twilight

Gender: Female

Age: Thirteen

Personality: Cheerful, playful, sometimes quiet, and shy around new people

Family: Dawn (mother), Dusk (father), Berry (brother)

Species: Umbreon

Powers: None

Crush: None

Description: Usually shy around new people, and sometimes quiet, she prefers staying in her room and read, and hates parties. At night, she turns into her night form, and when fighting, her fur becomes darker and she becomes a fighting type. Her birthday is the 22nd of November.
@Pixilate Because Twilight was a Pokesona adoptable from her, and I kinda need her to make sure I got Twilight's night form right. XD
  1. Midnight Heart
    Midnight Heart
    I just noticed I messed up her ear on her night form... -.-
    Nov 6, 2017