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Thorns: Twenty to Eleven

by Apocolythe

Apocolythe Part 1
Hopefully lots of angst in this short story of 3 or 4 parts?? Also Fire Emblem Fates spoilers.
Wow this is my first time writing in forever, and my first time writing angsty things. I HOPE TO ANY GOD THAT CAN HEAR MY PLEA THAT THIS IS TOLERABLE AND NOT CRINGEY IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM

alternate title: kamui the impatient starring stalker joker and mr perfect AKA my Miiverse friend's husbando tsubaki
Letting out a puff of air, Kamui frowned. The days had grown colder as they marched through the lands, with frost dusting the branches of each bare tree they passed. With the addition of her sharply-pointed ears {being
exeptionally sensitive} flicking at every white flake cascading from the sky, one could simply say she wasn't enjoying a moment of this Winter.
Her ears twitched again, and she made a mental note to tape her ears down before the march at noon.

"My lady, Princess Sakura mentioned that she needed assistance inside the medicine tent. I'll be back shortly~." He had nonchalantly sung, drifting his {surprisingly enough} soft hands along Kamui's swollen stomach.

That was hours ago.

"Lady Kamui!? ...What, pray tell, are you doing out here? Won't the cold weather be harmful upon your health, not to mention your unborn child?" A voice rung out, slicing between the harsh winds.
The Dragoness sulked, wishing she'd moved from the location she'd last seen Tsubaki in.
"L-Lady Kamui! Joker and I have b-been looking for yo-"
As hastily as she had arrived, Felicia crashed into Kamui's retainer-butler's back, fell clumsily to the floor, and leaped back up to dust herself off.
Kamui attempted to distract herself from her worrying thoughts, only increasing as she spoke wobbly,
"Joker, Felicia? What brings you here?"
Her overprotective butler had a noticeable frown on his face, that may or may not have been placed there because of Kamui's "antics" outside. Who could blame her; she spent most of her childhood trapped in the confines of her so called home, with her negligent little brother, Leon, being the only person she could properly converse with.
"Ah, that cur Nishiki wanted to spea-" He began in a taut voice, until he was delayed by
a disembodied, shrill voice from the silvery woodland.
"Sister! Joker, Felicia! We need you here as soon as possible! The camp, it's..."
Kamui had already sprung up from her previous position, fumbling at her belt for her sword. Ears jolting upwards, she dashed for the camp, acknowledging the fact that the voice belonged to Sakura.
She advanced through the dense woodland as her mind then began to wander. She winced as a loose strand of her lengthy, chalky hair caught a stray sprig and harshly tugged at her skull.
All she could hear was the gravel crunching at her feet.
As a swift arrow whizzed past her head, hopefully intended for another, she assumed the worst.
  1. Apocolythe
    Woo finally
    Aug 31, 2015