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Turns Out Opposites Truly Do Attract... : A TodoDeku FanFic: Turns Out Opposites Truly Do Attract: Pt. 3

by -AlexTheMimikyu-

-AlexTheMimikyu- What will happen when Deku may just end up finding out about Todoroki's secret?

Midoriya: *walks up to Todoroki* “You were there. When it happened.”

Todoroki: “Who said so…”

Midoriya: “Todoroki, what’s going on with you?!!”

Todoroki: “I already said it was nothing, SO THEREFORE IT’S NOTHING!!!”

Todoroki: *hisses at Izuku but long enough for Izuku to notice his fangs*

Midoriya: “Todoroki...I-I-I...w-what did you do to me?!!”

Todoroki: “I-I’m sorry Izuku, I just… I’m sorry.”

Midoriya walked away.

Todoroki sat there, in the hallway, having disappointed the boy he loved.

Todoroki: “Dang it…” *gets up, punches a wall, bumps into Katsuki Bakugo*

Bakugo: “Watch where you’re going, Shouto!!!”

Todoroki: *throws Bakugo against the wall and bites his arm* “Ugh. Disgusting. Tastes like fire.” *walks away*


Midoriya: *calls Todoroki* “Todoroki-

Todoroki: “Meet me in the hospital”

Midoriya: “But Todoroki-”

Todoroki: “I said meet me in the hospital, Deku.”


Shouto is in the hallway outside his mother’s ward in the hospital, waiting for Deku…

Todoroki: *calls Midoriya* “Where are you?!”

Midoriya: “I’m almost there, todoroki…”

Todoroki: “You were supposed to be here an hour ago.”

Midoriya: *sends location*

Todoroki: “....Oh.”

Midoriya gets there, Todoroki introduces Izuku to Rei, Todoroki stays alone with Rei for a while, then leaves with Deku...


Midoriya: “Todoroki...I have to ask...why did you do it?

Todoroki: “Midoriya...I-I...I’m sorry.”

Midoriya: “Will I-I…“

Todoroki: *walks away*

Midoriya: “Todoroki.!! Come back!! Don’t….walk away…

Midoriya: “Todoroki..I’m hungry…”

Todoroki walked away….

Todoroki: “I’m sorry Deku....I’ve made you a vampire.”

--Next Day--


Todoroki: *calls Deku* “Midoriya?”

Midoriya: “Todoroki.-”

Todoroki: “Hurry up Midoriya!”

Midoriya meets Todoroki by one of the tallest and beautiful trees behind UA.

Midoriya: *hands Todoroki a bouquet of blood red roses* “These are for you…”

Todoroki: *takes the flowers and gets a deep smell of them* “Why thank you Midoriya...they’re beautiful.”

Midoriya: “Thank y-”

Todoroki: “Like you.”

Midoriya: “T-Todoroki...thank you-”

Todoroki: “You’re welcome, my majesty.” *walks Deku onto the tree and starts to caress his face*

Midoriya: “T-Todoroki...it’s almost midnight...1 more minute.”

Todoroki: “Midoriya…are you ready?” *leans closer*

Midoriya: “I don’t know....I’m not-”

Todoroki *leans into Deku and bites his lip*.

*clock chimes 12:00 AM*

Todoroki: “It’s worked, my darling.” *twirls Deku and carries him in his arms to Deku’s house*


Todoroki: *knocks on door of Deku’s house*

Inko Midoriya: *gasps* “Izuku! What happened to him?!”

Todoroki: “He just tripped, nothing too harmful. But I do suggest healing the cut on his lip.”

Inko: *hugs Todoroki* “Thank you, Shouto.” *closes door*

Todoroki: “Be careful, Inko. I don’t even know what he can do. But I can mostly control him.”

Shouto walked away to his house, knowing that both him and Deku would have to deal with the secrecy of the events that occurred in the last 2 days. But as long as they had each other, the other knew they’d be safe.