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Turns Out Opposites Truly Do Attract... : A TodoDeku FanFic: Turns Out Opposites Truly Do Attract: Pt. 1

by -AlexTheMimikyu-

-AlexTheMimikyu- Todoroki has kept the secret of being a vampire a few weeks...but can he keep it from Deku?

Todoroki: **internal dialogue** “Midoriya...what do I do? I have to keep it a secret from him. From everyone. But her.

Midoriya: *calls Uraraka* “Ochaco, there’s been something wrong with Todoroki lately.”

Uraraka: “What do you mean? He’s always been quiet, mysterious, and annoyed easily!”

Midoriya: “I know, but...he’s been not going outside, and I haven’t seen him eat as much.”

Uraraka: “I’d ask him, but...it’s Todoroki.”

Midoriya: “Thanks for listening to me Uraraka...”

Uraraka: “You’re welcome! *hangs up*


Shouto is at the hospital, visiting his mother. (Rei Todoroki)

Todoroki: “Mother...it’s getting worse.”

Rei: “How much?”

Todoroki: *shows fangs on the side of mouth*

Rei: Eating?

Todoroki: “Not as much as before.”

Rei: “How many more days?”

Todoroki: “Three more- less. 2.”

Rei: "Todoroki..this won't go as planned."

Todoroki: "Well...that's even better.'


Midoriya: *in bed, on phone* {texts Todoroki} “Todoroki, I looked up your symptoms and I think you have a fever.

Todoroki: “I’m not sick though…”

Midoriya: “Even if you’re not, you should be getting a lot of rest and energy.”

Todoroki: “Says you, the kid that used to break his arms, legs AND HANDS.”

Midoriya: “Used to! And stop changing the subject!"

Todoroki: "Why should I have to stop?"
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  1. Vacat1o
    Very nice.
    Jan 30, 2019
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